Handmade Angel Wings

 No wait list for these items but please read blog carefully as your questions are probably answered here or at FAQ&A. Please read and once you have an idea of what you would like you can email me order sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

All Angel Wings are handmade so no two although similar are ever exactly same. Double wing are now available this image shows them together as you would wear them and how they can be parted as they are not fused together. All handmade Angel wings can hold Ashes, Soil or Sand from Christian's Seashore. Images can also be placed into the back. Photos of you loved one, CarlyMarie images in the sand or Hand and Footprints can be placed into the back.
To see more about hand or footprints on the back of Angel Wings
click on this blog post finger hand and footprints

Prices of all Angel Wings will vary depending on the degree of personalization and if ashes are to be placed inside

Handmade Double Angel wings on a sterling silver chain with sand or ashes set inside $140
Double Angel wings with images set in back $155

Email to purchase sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Set of Angel Wings can be separated
Angel wing set separated one made to suit Dad and one for Mum these can be personalized just as other wings with hand or footprint in colour or pressed into the back as other wings shown in this blog post
Set cost as two separate pieces with the two chains

email to purchase as you will need to send me instructions for the back

Single Angel wing style
Handmade Angel Wing with sand from Christian's Seashore inside
$105 (made to contain ashes $165)

Email to purchase sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
(Single Angel wings in solid 9ct cannot contain ashes or hair but can have prints in the back based on gold prices June 2015 wing is $700)

Handmade fine silver Angel Wing with fingerprint or and and footprint in the back
Email to purchase sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Solid gold Angel Wing with prints in the back $700
(not suitable for hair or ashes due to making process all handmade to order)

available in fine silver or solid 9ct gold of any gold colour

Size 3cm long and 1cm wide at top

Footprints in the back of an Angel Wing.
Handmade fine silver Angel Wings can hold ashes, soil, sand from Christian's Seashore or an image of choice

A family requested to have a piece of jewellery somehow hold the feeling and meaning of the "Footprints" Poem so many of us know and love. This is what I came up with. A handmade Angel wing with footprints in the back $165 to order email sue@suellasignatures.com.au
To have an Angel wing of this style also hold ashes the ashes will need to be sent to me registered post. The process to seal the ashes in is quite complex so the price of a wing with ashes sealing is $165

CarlyMarie image in the back of an Angel wing with Christian Seashore sand inside

Email to purchase sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Handmade Angel wing with Christian's Seashore sand or inside no image in the back
$105 (made to hold ashes $165)
Email to purchase sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Solid 9ct Gold Angel wing $130
Angel wing in solid 9ct gold can not hold ashes it has just enough room on the back to have a first name or a date engraved a lovely simple keepsake
$130 (2.5m x 1cm)

Angel Wings for a Dad
on a black cord
can hold ashes or prints in the back
$165 with ashes $165 with prints
email to purchase sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

front and back with hand prints of an Angel

Styled for a man oxidized to darken (oxidization can be polished out)
to enquire about the ways and styles of these wing please email
handmade with ashes $165
sterling silver just with engraving on the back $55

Handmade fine silver Styled for a lady
containing ashes $150

Extra large Angel wings for engraving
3cm in length sterling silver
$60 with 70cm chain $80
 Price includes engraving

Sterling silver Angel wing with Mother of Pearl Tear drop
can be engraved on with a name on the back
$45 wing only with chain 50cm $60
price includes engraving

Simple set of Angel Wings is sometimes all you need to remember
these can have your loved ones name engraved on the back and are sterling silver
price with engraving $55 (sterling silver are Not Handmade and can not hold ashes or be personalised. Personalized version must me handmade if fine silver)
To Purchase email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
This style can also be handmade to order to hold ashes
To Purchase please email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au