Good bye 2016

Good bye from 2016

Its that time of year again where I say good bye and retreat with my hubby our dogs and friends to a very special place on a river. 

My heart always needs a rest from the jewellery as you know and this year has been no exception. 

This year has also brought me amazing news of miracle babies for some of the mum's I have helped over the years with the saddest of jewellery and now the most joyous celebration jewellery and I know of a few more miracles due next year and this truly makes me so happy 

Sending love light and blessing to all for the Holiday season however you celebrate and may your New Year be safe and happy. 

Love and kisses to Heaven to those that cannot be with us on earth xx

See you in 2017 I will be back mid January sometime and again only part time now as I continue to do less of my jewellery and work more with Mark in our property business. 


Christmas Cut off dates for orders 2016

Christmas cut off dates for orders 2016

As most of you would know I no longer dedicate myself full time to my jewellery.
I will always help those that find me and need me, it just takes a little longer now days that it use to 

With December and Christmas fast approaching the usual is happening. Australia Post is starting to get slower and my suppliers of items I buy in are starting to run out of stock and I have very limited time to work on any one off or personalize items 

Therefore I will be unable to process any jewellery required for Christmas after the 1st of December 2016. For orders outside Australia any one off or personalized items will not be able to be ordered now until 2017

Items I have in stock or that are easily ordered in that do not require fully personalizing for overseas an be ordered up until 1st December 2016 
For Australia in stock items can be ordered until 14th December 2016

Wishing everyone love and light over the holiday season may we all have an amazing 2017 


Richard Heart

The Richard Heart

Today I have added to my blog page a new style of heart and it will be knows as the "Richard Heart" named after a beautiful soul gone from his family too soon 
His wife wanted something special to have in memory of him so together we came up with this after a few emails back and forth she wanted a heart that was a puffy style but with more "cleavage" and I think we have achieved this. Its a stunning heart style

The Richard heart is handmade so each one will be slightly different something I love as not two lives are the same. They can be made in solid 9ct or 18ct gold of any colour and are over 5grams of gold. We can also make in sterling silver and would come with a 50cm sterling silver chain
There is a screw in the back to undo for easily filling of hair or ashes 

To find more styles and where this is on my blog click on the link below 

Solid 9ct gold any colour $950
Solid 18ct gold any colour $1900
sterling silver  $180

To order email

Love and light and hugs to Richards family 


Natural stone rings

Natural Stone Rings 

To hold ashes or hair starting price $110

 Moonstone $110

 I often get asked for rings and my favorite to do are natural stones 
Not only as I and many others believe in the power of a natural stone but because no two stones are ever the same just as no two lives are ever the same 

More on Natural stones can be found on these links


This week I am filling one of these in a stunning orange colour (Carnelian) for a lovely lady and doing this made me remember how special they really are 

These stone rings must be filled my end as they are filled and sealed as part of the making process you cannot fill them at home
They are sterling silver with natural cabochon stones 
Ring sizes are from  6 to 10
If your size is not available then a resizing charge of $30 is additional 

To see stones images can be emailed to those that are truly interested 
my stone supplier is happy to send the images of stones they have in stock to those that are truly interested in purchase 
Taking the images and email them does take time out of their day as they have to remover rings from display stock to photograph and send to me and they are lovely to do this for me. 

Stones available in this style are 

Onyx (Black)
Moonstone (White clear similar to above stone)
Lapis (Blue)
 Labradorite (Blue and browns)
Carnelian (Orange)
Amethyst (Purple)
Red Coral (Redish Orange)

All stones are cabochon not faceted

 Turquoise $110
Many shades of Turquoise are available 
I can email images of stones  

For stone images to be emailed please first email me and know your stone type required and size required in number 

you will need to be prepared to register post a small portion of ashes or hair to me if you would like one of these rings

Postal info on this link 

Love and light 


Jewellers workshop is moving

Workshop Moving 

My Jeweller that helps me so much with all the special one off handmade peices of jewellery is moving workshop from 

4th June 2016
21st June 2016 

Due to this there will be a longer wait than usual for one off handmade peices of jewellery 

Lockets and stones and fine silver will continue to have usual 2 week wait time 
When you engquire via email I will advise of time expected to complete order 

Love and light 

New Postal Address April 2016

Postal address update

I have had to change my P O Box number 

as of 1st April 2016 it is now 

P O Box 122
Jimboomba Qld 4280

I know this address appears throughout this website and blog I have ammened as many as I could find and the currect address is on Facebook and on the right hands side with the international freight information
Most people email me before posting 

Love and light 

A Natural Stone will Choose you

Does a Natural Stone choose you?

 I know many people believe if you sit with a litter of puppies that your new family member will choose you and I know in the case of our dog Chillie this is true. We went to look for our new puppy thinking we were getting the black and white one and if anyone follows me at all knows Chillie is caramel and white. She was going home with us she decided she was not going to miss out of all the fun we have 
 I know many people believe this of their children that your child chooses to come into the world with you as their parent 
I feel the same way about natural stones and I have blogged about this before and I will put more links at the end of this post 
Natural stones are amazing no two are ever the same, just as not two lives are the same. For many different stone types carry different energies and different healing powers or meanings 

This week the stone above chose a family very special to me. They had lost a father, grandfather and great grandfather. This stone is for his wife to wear with his image in the back. I was talking to his daughter and after much going back and forth with ideas. Moonstone NO, Green No Blue Yes I wanted green turquoise  she wanted a blue stone so we settled on blue turquoise even though I still wanted green. At least the one thing we did agree on was oval

So I emailed my supplier to send me photos of Blue turquoise in oval 

Then this little tear drop made its way into the images they sent me 

OMG it was perfect I wish this photo of it could do it justice it is stunning and the most amazing blues and greens you could ever see and when you hold it the stone has the most amazing energy
This little stone chose us and this family and now has the image of a very special man sealed in the back of it 

I now many of you sometime have and "exact" image or plan in your head of what you want when it comes to your jewellery 

I say sometimes it is better to let the universe work out what it is that you are wanting and if you leave your heart and mind open to this in every part of your life I know you will experience fulfillment like you have never known before  

Other links to stones I have blogged 

 Image sealed in the back of stone xx
 Love and Light 

No two stones are ever the same so any stones you see of this website already have families all I can do is ask for similar or styles and stone types please do not ask me to get "that" stone as it is not possible open your heart and mind for what is yours not what is for others xx 

Starting the wind down

Starting the wind down

Today it has become even more obvious to me that I am no longer having the time to do all the things I use to do when it comes to my jewellery business. Anyone that has followed me over these past 7 years knows that over the past year in particular I am focusing more and more on my husbands and my property and building business. The memorial jewellery business takes a toll on me emotionally as I feel peoples grief in every piece I make and there is only so much of that my heart can take.
 Most of the jewellery I make myself and I have less and less time. Some I buy in and some I have to trust others to do. Sadly with less time I am unable to focus as much as I should on what others do for me and been a perfectionist I do not delegate well 

For this reason I am now starting to delete ranges form my blog and will no longer be offering word engraving on any of the jewellery 

All the jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel so can be easily engraved by others when you receive it . I have noted this on most of my pages and if I have missed any I do apologize.

I am also slowing going through the blog and deleting lines of jewellery that I am unable to now supply. Some posts or links may be missed and I again apologize for that, this blog has grown so much over the years and has countless links to ideas to help families. As most of the jewellery is ordered via email as it is personalized I will be able to help with replies to what I am able to provide and not provide 

There are so many places to buy memorial jewellery on the internet I know when it does comes time to finish my work totally I know you will be in the good hands of other caring people 

For now I am still making one off designs and placing and sealing images in lockets and memory balls but I know in my heart that my time of giving and doing this work is running out 

Love and light 


Welome 2016

I am back for 2016

Today I am back in my office and work room for 2016 and this is going to be an amazing year, sending love and blessing to you all for the same 

This is where I woke up most mornings of my break a very special place for both myself and my husband, a place we go to every year to "refresh" our body minds and spirits with good friends and this much loved river 

My wait list is now open and I am working on all handmade one off jewellery again. My jeweller is away until the end of January 2016 so some items may still take some time to put together. His daughter is on hand helping me and as you know a lot of the items I do myself so it will depend on what you have ordered
As a lot of you know I now work more full time with my husband in our property investment business and from time to time I will be away working with him renovating houses and such. The jewellery and your stories take a lot out of me emotionally and as the years go on I will be moving more and more away from my jewellery business and more into our property one. I will always be here to help families that do need me for those special handmade one off peices of memorial jewellery I could never let anyone down, it just may be that wait times get a little longer 
My email remains the same so for those one off peices please email me

Please exploure the site it is very much a guide to what can be done as most of my jewellery is personalized for you 

Please read as most of your questions will be answered in the pages of the site or look at this link 

Love and light 

Some photos of our summer holiday 

Most morning I would be on the boat too. This day I watched from the bank drank coffee and took in this spot in all its beauty

 We call her "Captain Chillie" as she loves to and always does sit at the front of the boat

 Mark doing what he loves and renewing his spirit

 Our boat and Mark out doing what he loves to do 
                                                       helping people learn to ski.
His passion and he loves to share it 

Love and light