Memory Balls

Memory Balls

 No wait list for these items but please read blog carefully as your questions are probably answered here or at FAQ&A. Please read and once you have an idea of what you would like you can email me order

Conversation of silver memory balls to hold ashes or hair no longer available

I love memory balls in fact I have three of them. Two of them hold six of my favorite wedding photos. One is on a long neck chain and the other is on a bracelet. The third one has six photos of family.

I have wanted to blog about these special pieces of jewellery for a while now and I have just not got round to it. This week I got an email from a lady in England after she received hers, reminding me that I must share how special they can be.

A memory ball can come in a few different sizes and hold six of your favorite images. This can be six photos of a special occasion like a wedding or your hold family can be there together. The most common reason for families to purchase a memory ball from me is to hold a lifetime of memory of one particular loved one that has been lost.

Photos of lost loved ones can be six favorite photos from the beginning of a life to the end of it one this earth. Sometimes the stories and memories have been a long and fruitful life and others are far too short as was the case of the lovely lady in England who's memory ball was one of the saddest I have had to edit and fit in a long time.

Memory balls can be made of Sterling silver or 9ct Yellow, Rose or white gold. The Gold ones only come in one size and style and can hold ashes of a loved one. Sterling silver memory ball come in small range of sizes and can be plain or fancy Plain sterling silver can be made to hold ashes for an additional $50 fancy memory ball can not hold ashes. However hair can be placed inside over images.

A Gift to a friend
This was a birthday gift to my very special friend CarlyMarie. This is a family memory ball with Carly's parents, Carly with her husband Sam then her four beautiful Children. Sadly her son Christian is in Heaven but he is represented with a Butterfly name in the sand. Please visit Names in the Sand or Seashore of Remembrance if you have a loved on in Heaven you would love remembered in this way.

Starting from $190 to purchase email
Price includes editing and fitting of your images and a sterling silver chain
An additional charge of $50 applies if you would like your plain silver ball to hold ashes.

One of my Memory Balls
My Six favorite Wedding Day Photos
A great Wedding gift idea or first anniversary (paper for photo paper)
Many are also purchased for 18th 21st 30th 40th or other significant birthdays or anniversary

(Can be placed on Key Rings for Guys)

Another on of my personal balls "My Family"
One of my other memory balls with my family in it
Me and Mark, Bubby's butterfly in the sand, Baby J's Scan,
Our Chickens, Skitz the Cat, Shep our dog lost a few years ago

Plain silver balls $190 to purchase email
Price includes editing and fitting of your images and a sterling silver chain
An additional charge of $50 applies if you would like your plain silver ball to hold ashes.

Solid 9ct Gold $1600
(Available to me made in all gold colours Yellow, White or Rose) 

Above is solid yellow 9ct gold
Hand made to order is Australia and a truly magnificent piece of jewellery weighting almost 19grams
Sold 9ct of any gold colour available. The solid gold memory balls can hold ashes of a loved one. The two end photos of solid gold memory balls remain watertight.

$1600 to purchase email
Price includes editing and fitting of your images and sealing of ashes if required
if a solid gold chain is required one to suit is approx $880 depending on daily gold price you require a stone curb chain to hold the weight of these balls

Solid 9ct Rose Gold "Remembering Ricky"
If you have followed my work for some time you would know how truly special this young man is to me. I sadly never met him on this earth and have only know him in Heaven. He is remembered with a serious of photos throughout his life and ends with the photo of his Name in the Sand by the Amazing CarlyMarie. His hair is also set into the sunset. Love to his mother that wears this.

$1600 to purchase email
Price includes editing and fitting of your images and sealing of ashes if required
if a solid gold chain is required one to suit is approx $880 depending on daily gold price you require a stone curb chain to hold the weight of these balls

22ct Yellow Gold dipped fancy Memory Ball $240
Gold dipped over sterling silver. This is the ONLY Gold dipped piece of jewellery I do and would ever sell. The reason for his is the cost of the solid gold ones. If you wear gold and your budget does not extend to the price of this in solid gold. These gold dipped ones are a great alternative. As you wear these pieces on the outside of cloths and must take them off in water. They wear really well and I have not had any to day have the gold wear away. All my gold lockets are Solid gold I just like to offer these to help all family budgets

Plain gold dipped 22ct $220

$220 to purchase email
Price includes editing and fitting of your images
gold dipped chain to match in colour to ball $50 if required
silver balls are the only ones that come with chains 

Fancy Sterling silver Memory ball $220
Fancy silver $220 to purchase email
Price includes editing and fitting of your images and a sterling silver chain
Fancy silver ball can not be converted to hold ashes

Babies still to come $190 (Plain ball)
perfect idea for Grandma to add grandbabies as they arrive

I love this use of memory balls. This was a gift to a Grandmother. There were babies on the way at the time I made this and includes a set of twins on the way. This has the first two Grand babies images set in the first spaces with some hair placed over the top and babies booties to represent the babies to come. Once the babies arrived I was able to re size and edit the images to fit post the family the images that they placed in themselves.

Images in Sterling Silver Memory Balls are not watertight and can be changed at any time. These pieces of jewellery are designed to wear on the outside of cloths and if you ever do get them wet and cause damage to images do not worry extra sets can be include with purchase and you can easily remove old damaged ones and place in the new ones.

Memory balls if this style can also have the images changed over time as children grow.

The only images in memory balls that are watertight and can not be changed are the end two in solid gold memory balls that hold ashes.

To Purchase your special memory ball and email me your six special photos you would like with you every day


1.6cm sterling silver on a keyring $150

Smaller Memory ball 1.6m is a suggestion for those that do not wear jewellery
it is still sterling silver and a good size for a keyring $150
to order email

Memory ball 1.7cm style on a bracelet
Sterling silver memory ball holds six images on a sterling silver bracelet
ball is 1.7cm bracelet is 19cm. Ball is placed on bolt ring so it can be removed and put on a necklace at any time. If you would like a neckchain as well they can be sent with bracelet for additional $25
I have only recently said YES to putting these on bracelets as you must be mindful the photos are not watertight and can be damaged when washing your hands. Memory balls on bracelets do get wet easier than necklaces. A spare set of images will be sent with your ball. replacement sets if required due to water damage can be sent to you at a cost of $20

To Order email

Love and light

3D Hand and Footprints

3 Dimensional Hand and Footprint

A couple of weeks ago I called for a couple of volunteers that had paper copies of Angel Baby hand or footprints there were happy to email me and share with the followers of my FB Page and Blog. I had a new idea and I wanted to make something and see how they worked out. If I have to make samples I would rather make something for a family that is going to love and treasure the piece of jewellery than make something for myself as goodness I have enough jewellery and I love to give things away.

Messaging with Jodie one of the volunteers yesterday reminded me of a little Angel girl. She was lost at 36 weeks gestation and I went to the mortuary and took her prints for her family. I remember what she looked like and what she was wearing but I don't remember at the time thinking her hands where anything other than normal. I took the moulds and came home and made the pendants. While making the pendants I discovered this little girl had really odd looking hands and very strange shaped fingers, they were really square. I had never seen hands like it before. I started to stress had I done something wrong had I failed to take the prints properly I was so worried but made the pendant anyway as that was the print this little Angel had given me.

I delivered the pendant to her dad a few days later. I nervously handed over the pendant. Her father held it in his hand and started to cry through his tears he softly and staring at the pendant "She had my hands" I then immediately looked at his hands and there they were only adult sized this little Angels hands her dad's hands were the same kind of odd and with very square fingers. What a special gift I had given him and I had worried so much. Yes I cried too and have never shared this story until yesterday.

Taking a paper copy of a hand or footprint that is emailed to me I can now help more families with this unique form of jewellery. I take the print through a series of processes of cast and mould making and eventually after loosing four what are called generations I am able to create a three dimensional hand for footprint piece of jewellery of your Angels hand or footprint.

The jewellery I create from these casts or moulds can be anything from pendants to charms for mum's or dad's and even ear rings known as "Evan is Waving ear rings" have been created using this method. I can make the jewellery in fine silver, sterling silver or gold in both 9ct and 18ct in all three gold colours. Only the fine silver versions of these pieces of jewellery will be able to hold ashes and I must place them in as part of the making process.

The piece of jewellery that is created is an exact replication of the print I am send and therefore no two are ever the same. The end result will always depend therefore on the quality of the original sent. This is no more obvious with little Zak's hand print that I worked with. The hospital took his print and his little finger was basically missing from the print and therefore is very hard to see in the final product. In the case of Xavier's print it has worked beautifully as it was a good strong clear print to start with.

All I know is I love the fact that they are all different and truly a copy of the print sent. I know this from reactions I get from families I make the jewellery for. Yesterday I got a message from the lovely Jodie and she was so happy with her pendant as it shows her little boys print perfectly and it reminder her that even at such a young age with regards to gestation her little man had her feet and second toe. Jodie's pendant could not be any more different to the one made for Ron using Xavier's print and this show how different we all really are.

Baby Xavier's print in a pendant for his Granddad Ron

Priced from $140
email to purchase

Ear Rings of a Baby's hand in sterling silver and 18ct Gold
Ear rings of this style are know as
"Evan is Waving" Ear rings in honour of this little boy sadly lost too early

I am so in love with the detail that came out in these little hands when these ear rings are so small
Priced from $140 for silver to $250 for gold
to purchase email

Jodie's Little Angles print paired with a Dolphin an important part of his and her story

To have your story told in jewellery visit story jewellery on this blog

A closer look at the detail in the "Even is Waving" hand print ear rings
priced from $140 in silver and from $250 in gold the bigger the gold piece the more expensive due to amount and weight of gold used
to purchase email

Little Miss G's hand print as a Pandora bead

Big Brother Zak's hand print as a Pandora bead
Pandora style with 3D from $140
The same time and process required and made more difficult due to small size
to purchase email

Triplet boys prints. lost at 1 hour, 10 days and 58 days. To honour their time on earth and their fight to stay each foot is a different size.
can be made in gold and to order just email

Beautiful Baby Amalia's footprint for her dad

To know more about how Amalia's family is helping other families that suffer the loss of a child please visit Amalia's Lockets

Taken a couple of years ago using a different method that was only available to families in my home town, these are still some of my most favorite pieces I have ever created. Beautiful twin girls lost too early
This Dog Tag was for Dad

Little Angel toes for Mum in a heart

To purchase and order your 3 dimensional hand or footprint jewellery please email me

Prices for fine silver from $140 as it is such a very involved making process
Prices for gold will start at $240 due to the current price of gold and again the very involved process to make this style of jewellery

Other style of finger hand and footprint jewellery can be found on this blog
Finger Hand and Footprint jewellery
Colour Hand and Footprint Jewellery

If you already have a pendant made by someone else and would like it copied and made in solid 9 or 18ct gold click on link below

Turning your pendant from silver to gold 

Love and light

SIDS and Kids Qld Memorial Wall Launch

SIDS and Kids Queensland Memorial Wall and Garden Opening

On Sunday the 21st of August 2011 I was asked to attend the opening of a very special memorial wall and garden at the head office of SIDS and Kids Qld.

What a wonderful day it turned out to be and what beautiful people I had the pleasure of meeting. I also caught up with the lovely Kylie Darbey and her beautiful boys and shed a tear at the plaque for you little girl Hayley who's short life is honoured in this beautiful place. Kylie is not only a beautiful person and sole but she is incredibly talented and spends a lot of her spare time making wonderful Journals for Yasminah's Gift of Hope.

At the launch there were tears and hugs and admiration as we listened to the founder of Sids Qld and her tireless efforts to start such a wonderful place where families can go and find help for the loss of any child up to the age of 6 years that unfortunately are lost not only to Sids but under any sad circumstance.

This beautiful garden can now be a place where families can go and feel safe and peaceful a place where they can just sit and remember not only their baby or child but all the Angel babies and children. My friend Brenda has now ordered a plaque for her Little boy Zak and another for her Auntie that lost a baby many years ago. This baby is buried in New Zealand but will be honoured and remembered in this garden. This has brought so much peace her her as she now has a special place in Australia and close to home where she can go and remember.

To have a plaque placed in this special garden all you need to do is visit or contact SIDS and Kids Qld. The plaques are free but most families leave a donation to help SIDS to continue their wonderful work and maintain the garden.

The gorgeous mural and wall with sadly too many names on it. Lots of tissues needed as I read names especially when I know so many of the families

A place in the garden where families can also leave personal massages to their children

Garden Plaque names

A peaceful waterfall flows in this special place

There always has to be a cake

Walking into the front reception you are greeted with on of CarlyMarie's gorgeous Butterfly Beach images. WOW!!!! it looks amazing

On this special day I met a lady that has written a wonderful book that is helping many families to cope with Miscarriage and Pregnancy loss you may like to check her book out at

Big Love and Hugs to all the families and stuff of SIDS and Kids Qld

In Angels Arms

In Angels Arms

Everyday as I honour lives in jewellery I read and hear countless story's. So many of them are beyond sad as the lives are lost too early. Some are of wonderful lives lived for years and through the tears of the loss you can see the happiness of a long and wonderful life.

I listen to all the stories and do truly take them all on board. I stress over every piece of jewellery I make and not a day would go by when tears are not shed in my office or work room. Especially the days when an image may arrive that is going to go into a locket. It seems to be so much more real when you get to see the face of the loved one that a family has been talking and emailing about. Even images of the tiniest of hands or little feet just make my heart so sad.

How do I deal with so much sadness and loss everyday?
I get asked this a lot.
To say that some days I just don't is true.
Then I discovered YOGA

Yoga? Yes Yoga, I felt that I was holding onto every loss I read about and ever loved one that entered my home. I was so heavy with grief that I was no longer going to be helpful to anyone. So Yoga was the answer. If anyone has ever done Yoga you find yourself at the start and finish of every session whether as home or in a class with "Quite"time. In this quite time I would say the names of the loved ones I have read about that week and the ones I have placed into jewellery. Then as I said their name I would visualize each of them with an Angel and if an Adult they would take the hand of their Angel and go to Heaven. If the loved one is a Baby then I would say the name of the baby and have an Angel pick the baby up in their arms and shield them with their wings and carry them away. Tears always trickle a little down my face and I am sure people worry about me if I am doing a Yoga class but I don't care, as this practice then clears my heart and I am then able to go on and help the next family that needs me.

This is never to say that any of the lives I have honoured are ever forgotten. I think of so many of you everyday. Just having released the life to an Angel helps my heart to heal and takes away the heaviness.

This I guess is why I was so drawn to the following range. I have known of these beautiful pieces for years and have only now decided it is time to share. Each piece in some way can hold your loved one in the Arms of An Angel and is the best way I can find to show what I see during my Yoga.

My personal favorite is the Angel that holds the Angel stone that can hold a personalized image.
Please email me if you find something in this range that may help you.

Postage is for Australia Only for overseas please email me for postage quote

Out of Stock
No Longer in production
I am working of finding something similar and will be traveling to trade shows to look
so sorry I loved these myself  

"Angel Blessings" 12.7cm High

Angel Holding personalized Angel Stone. Any image of your choice can be placed into this stone for you. Ideas, A photo of your Angel, Name in the Sand image, Poem, Hand or Footprints any image really that means something to you
To Purchase email me
express freight Aust $13 (overseas freight please email me)
(This style of Angel stone Angel is currently out of stock. back very soon I hope)

Out of Stock 
No Longer in production
I am working of finding something similar and will be traveling to trade shows to look
so sorry I loved these myself  

If you do not have an image then you can have your Angel Stone Angel holding a butterfly Available in Purple as pictured or Natural (same colour as the Angel)

"Angel Blessing" is currently out of stock "Heavenly Blessing" is just as lovely

"Angel and Baby" 22.2cm High
To purchase email me
express freight Aust $13 (for overseas freight please email me)

"Essence of Love" 15.9cm High
To purchase please email
express freight Aust $13 (Overseas freight please email me)

"Angel sleeping in Wings" 35.6cm
To Purchase please email me
Express Freight Aust $13 (overseas freight please email me)

"Angel Sleeping in Wing" 22.9cm
To Purchase please email me
express freight Aust $13 (overseas freight please email me)

Out of Stock

Angel Wing Keepsake Box 12.7cm x 11.4cm x 5.7cm
To Purchase email me
Express freight in Aust $13 (for overseas freight please email me)

Angel Wing Photo Frame
To Purchase email me
express freight Aust $13 (overseas freight please email me)

How one family personalized their Angel stone to remember a baby girl lost too early. This image has a very special meaning to them. This image was also taken by the family and has given me permission to share her. I love that this image shows her beautiful wings shimmer. All the Angels above have wings that are sprinkled with Angel dust.

Postage is for Australia Only for overseas please email me for postage quote

email me to purchase and personalize your Angel stone

Love and light



Is your special day coming up? Will there be someone special watching over you from Heaven that you wished could be with you? Will you do something special to honour then and remember then on your special day?

I have been married for 7yrs now to my wonderful husband Mark. Mark had lost his mother when he was only 8 and I had lost a much loved Grandmother and Great Aunt many years ago. We remembered these loved ones with a special prayer and lighting of three candles at the beginning of our service to represent them watching over us from Heaven.

My Grandmother was also part of our Wedding for the fact that her pearls were my something old. I did not wear them as you would normally wear pearls as one of her necklaces had broken years ago so instead of having them restrung I hand sewed them into the train on my dress.

As jewellery is my art form now days I have helped many families have a special loved one with them on their special day. Maybe that could be something simple as a Pearl.

A Godfather walked down the isle with this lady with is image in a glass pendant and special words they use to share on the back.

This lady's Mother had passed away only a few months before her wedding so in a special locket with a photo of the two of them and words to her mother on the other side this locket was also part of a bridal bouquet and later to become a treasured piece of jewellery to wear.

Gold lockets can be worn or placed in with flowers.

Lockets in silver of all shapes and sizes can be used in many ways for ideas click here to see locket idea blog post

If a locket is not for you then maybe just a simple pendant with ashes or hair from a loved one may be more your style many shapes available in 9ct gold and silver see jewellery for ashes by clicking here.

Long before I found my passion for helping families heal with my jewellery I use to just make general keepsakes and from time to time I still do. This is my husbands fingerprint in fine silver in one of my favorite lockets. A wedding photo is on the other side.

His print is also on the back of this Angel wing. I wear this almost everyday. I am so fortunate that Mark is still very much with me on this earth but I still love to wear his print and have him with me where ever I go. Especially when I travel.

A favorite gift of mine to give as a Wedding gift. This is one of my many memory balls with a series of favorite shots from our day in Black & White. I love Black & White images in silver.

Last idea for this post as always my favorite the Angel ball. So simple and so beautiful a simple ringing ball that will chime as you walk sending messages from Heaven. To know more about the Healing power of Angel balls click here to see blog post

In a few short weeks I have a lovely friend getting Married and sadly her Angel Baby Boy will be watching from Heaven. I dedicate this post to her and her family. On this special day Blake will be remembered and will also be in many pieces of jewellery. His ashes have been placed in all sorts of styles from lockets to shells, to suit Aunty's, cousins and of course his Mum. It has been a long journey for this family since first meeting them after the sad loss of Blake. I remember getting an email from Blake's mum not long after Christmas saying how her jeweller was so special as Blake got to be in every Christmas day photo taken. I now know this will also be her thoughts with her special Wedding photos.
I will be thinking of you all and I know Blake will be watching so look for his signs. I send you Big Love and Hugs for the day. ♥

Please email me if you are looking for something special for your big day

Love and Light