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Stories Told Through Jewellery
With a Story Bracelet or Story Necklace

Over the years I have read and heard many stories, some long and happy and others far too short. Every life has a story and my mission is to help families hold loved one close through unique pieces of jewellery that tell that special story.

Story jewellery can be as simple as a set of charms on a neck chain or as complex as a bracelet filled with little charms. Charms can also be added to these special bracelets as the years pass and often this will happen on special anniversaries.

Charms for story jewellery be as simple as an initial or as involved as a locket that will hold images of your loved one. Images from CarlyMarie with a name in the sand or butterfly. I can reduce in size for you Hand or footprints and they can be placed into your locket from images that are emailed. I believe in the power of word so much I encourage families to sometimes write a letter and this is placed inside.

Ashes, Hair, Soil, Flowers or Sand from Christians seashore can be safely sealed inside under your images. Hair is often placed over little hands or feet so you can see it when you open your locket.

A few months ago got an email from someone I am now happy and proud to call a friend. She told me "Izzy's Story". It was an honour to be given free rein to create and tell Izzy's story.

Story Bracelets are so special and so is this little Angel Princess.

(Email I received)

Hi Sue,
My name is Kylie Symons and my hubby is Brett. Last year we were blessed with the very early birth of our daughter Isabelle, who is sadly now an angel dancing in heaven. I messaged you over facebook as it will soon be Izzy's birthday. She would have been 1 on the 10th of May.
I wanted to share my story as I believe in talking about her keeps her closer to our hearts. Brett and I had been trying to fall pregnant since getting engaged in 2002. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 16 and knew it would take time to conceived. However after 6 years and 2 failed IVF's we decided we needed a break.
I put myself into finishing my diploma as a childcare worker and we brought a new car. Four days after buying the car I took a pregnancy test after my nan who had passed away 9 years to the day came to me in a dream. We were so excited! I couldn't wait the 12 weeks to tell everyone and we started buying and setting up our babies room straight away. After my scan at 6 weeks we were told we were going to miscarry! I got so upset and went to the women's to be checked just to be sure. Fortunately it turned out the guy from the 1st ultrasound had no idea and that our baby was perfect. By 25 weeks we had another scan and still everything was wonderful, a little small but perfect and we were having a girl!
On Mother's Day I was very sick and the next morning I slept passed my alarm and missed my appointment at the hospital. I went to the local chemist and had my blood pressured checked. It was 183/130 by the time i got to hospital it was 210/140. In the birthing suite it took 4hrs to go from bed rest to having my baby right now.
We were so worried and had no idea what to expect just knowing it was way too early. ISABELLE AMELIA SYMONS was born @ 7.33pm on Monday the 10th of May 2010 weighing a tiny 771grams during the start of the best Carlton Football match ever! I missed the whole game but I got my whole world! She fought for 9 weeks trying to breathe but her tiny little lungs couldn't do it. Brett and I could read Isabelle like a book and on the Friday before we let her go I asked her to give me a sign if she couldn't fight anymore.
The next morning she dislodged her breathing tube causing her to go blue, the doctors got her back but we knew that was her telling us she was tired. On Monday the 12th of July we let our angel go, she fell forever asleep in our arms which was the most beautiful experience in such a sad, heartbreaking time. We spend the whole afternoon with her telling her all the things we had wanted to do together, we bathed her, took her hand and foot prints, cut some of her hair to keep and kissed & cuddled her with all the love we possessed. She was beautiful, perfect in every way except for a set of healthy lungs.
I have her name tattooed on my shoulder with a beautiful butterfly colour yellow, pink and purple. Butterflies are a big sign for Izzy as well as rainbows. She was our princess, our hope against hope in a time of despair. She was always be my guardian angel watching over me until we can meet again.
So we would like to have a piece done each and I would like to have one done for my grandmother who Isabelle was named after. I would like a necklace for my nan, a bracelet for myself and a necklace for my hubby. I'm not sure of a design but I am sure you will have a few ideas in mind and if I know my little girl I am sure she will inspire just what she would like for each of us. Feel free to ask any questions and thank you for spending the time to read our story. You are an amazing woman!
All our love and light Kylie, Brett and Isabelle

Izzy's Story in Jewellery

If you read Izzy's story you can see the interpretation I have a football charm engraved with the score from the game the day of her birth. An little Angel girl charm, a locket with two images of her and her mum and dad. On the outside of the locket I had "Our Princess" engraved. There is an Angel ball with her name "Isabelle" engraved. A butterfly. The initials of her two Grandmothers.

Orla's Story

Orla sadly joined her big sister Anika in Heaven and the butterflies are for sisters together. The Angel ball has the girls two names engraved on it. The locket has Orla's name in the sand on one side and a letter to her from her mother on the other. Sadly and of true heartbreak to me as Orla's mother has become a beautiful friend I am to add another Angel butterfly to this bracelet. Kisses to Heaven Angels girls we love you.

Zak's Story

A series of charms his mother has collected of the years since his birth and sad passing to remember him on Birthdays and Christmas. The most recent one is his beautiful little face diamond etched onto a round bead.


Thomas will be remembered as his nursery was decorated in all things "Giraffe" and with the significance of a Dragonfly soldered to the outside of a locket. The inside has his name in the sand on one side and a little set of footprints on the other. Then a little "T" for Thomas. I know you are watching over us little man


Remembering Bubby and helping to paint the colours in the sunset.
A "B" and "Shell for the seashore" and the all important to paint the prettiest of sunsets a "Paint Pallet"

Remembering a Mother in 9ct Gold
the shell contains ashes

Above is how another story is told a life tragically cut too short in a SCUBA diving accident. This man is remembered with a special word engraved at the top, a piece of glass found on one of his dive trips set in a shell I cast from a real shell I found on a beach, The fin was cast from something special he had is his house and similar to the fins he wore the fin contains his ashes, the Angel wing has his hair in the back that is visible when you turn it over. I was asked to make it as rustic and organic as possible a truly unique and one off. Special thanks to her family for letting me share this with you

Tell me your story and together we can create something unique and one off

How would you tell your story in jewellery?

One off pendants to hold hair or ashes can be created via email consultaion
just as this one below
his very special 9ct yellow gold filigree heart I now have permission to share. For a lady that tragically lost her son far too soon and far too young. She had something special in mind something "Free Flowing" that let in light. In the centre there is a small ball that holds some of his hair and on the outside a precious Sapphire that had been given to her by her grandfather years ago. It was a honour to be able to be part of making her vision and something so special come to reality for her to wear and remember her boy

Memory Ball Open and Closed

Memory Balls are amongst one of my favorite ways to hold a person close everyday. They hold up to 6 images that I will edit and fit for you. The one above is my Wedding Day in black and white and I love it.

Below is a very special young man and images of him throughout his life with the the final image his name in the sand and some of his hair placed and sealed in the sunset.

♥ Ricky ♥

Kisses to Heaven to you Ricky and love and hugs to your family.

Memory balls in silver are keepsake only.
Solid Gold Memory balls are the only ones in the Memory Ball range that can have ashes or hair sealed safely. Sorry this just comes down to the construction of the ball by the manufacture.


Anonymous said...

Well you are just a beautiful and clever chicken!
Thank you so much for sharing some of the many beautiful things you have made. As the mum of Zak I can not tell you enough how much I love seeing Zak's face each day. The other things you have made are just beautiful and truly show how in touch you are with each persons personal story to be able to hear/read about a little ones life (or adult) and come up with such beautiful items of jewellery that capture that little person perfectly.
You are fantastic at what you do and have the most amazing energy about you.

judy07 said...

The day that I happened to stumble across your website was the day that I could finally see a small glimmer of light at the end of an extremely long and dark tunnel. The enormous comfort you have given to me and my family isn't measurable. Your jewellery we all hold close to our hearts and it has made our grief a little more tolerable. I thank you as Rickys Mum, my daughters and granddaughter all thank you and Rickys grandmas all thank you. You truly are a very special earth angel. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh Sue I cry everytime I read my email and still don't know how I got the courage to email you but I'm pretty sure it was from above and everyday I hear my bracelet chime I know my little princess is right with me! Brett also loves his dog tags and they never leave his neck! You bring so much to those of us who feel we have nothing left! It gives us a piece of our missing souls back in a way nothing else can! I wish nothing but the best for you and I feel so blessed to have made such an amazing friend who always messages me just when I really need it!! Love you lots Izzy's Mummy xoxo

BetweenYouAndI said...

It is just so adorable to have this bracelets on you or shall be given as birthday presents.

zdf said...
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Unknown said...

All the above necklaces and bracelets are quite good and lovely to wear.Story Jewellery is really unique and I am yearning to wear it.To purchase jewellery in India , contact Sirjana Signature Jewellery.

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