Goodbye 2013 sending love to you all for a blessed 2014

Goodbye 2013
Sending love to you all for a blessed 2014

I have met so many lovely families this year and made some truly what I consider beautiful and meaningful jewellery for them to honour loved ones lost
I have let into my heart so many families over the year and it is time for my heart to rest. As much as I love making the jewellery and helping all of you, along with the families come very sad stories and my heart has been so broken by so many of your stories it does really needs a break where I can recharge and relax with my husband so I can help more families next year. 
Sending love, Light and Prayers to all and I hope the Holiday season is kind to your hearts ♥
Next year I will be opening up a wait list for all personalized jewellery and will be doing a large blog post with most of the FAQ&A so everyone can read this and be ready to know more about what  they want when I open requests for personalized jewellery and lockets

No Wait list jewellery  
NO wait list items are listed below and click on the words to know more these are available all year after the 14th of January 

All gold jewellery is hand made so you will need to wait up to two or three weeks after order to have them made. Silver is faster and the above can be processed normally within a week of order been placed 
Jewellery that will be ordered via a Wait List 

Jewellery that will be required to be ordered when WAIT LIST is opened are

                                                                     Story Jewellery

Within the links and blog posts above you will find more links that will answer many of your questions so please explore my blog as much as you like

This link may also help some of you 

Love, Light and Hugs to you all for a peaceful Holiday Season
I will be lighting a candle and saying a prayer for all the families I have known not only this year but for the years I have been making my memorial and keepsake jewellery

Love from the Jordan's 
Sue, Mark, Skitz and in Heaven our Angels Bubby and Baby J 
 Remembering all the loved ones now in the arms of their Angels