New Heart and Slide Tear Drop

New Heart and Slide Tear Drop
I was excited to find these on a suppliers website the other day. Simple yet so pretty sterling silver pendants that can hold ashes or hair.
These I buy in so are not part of my hand made range and are available to be ordered at any time, without  the two or three week make time
These I can get in and have on the way to you within 4 days if there is a delay on these for any reason I will let you know at time of ordering
JC's Heart
Sterling Silver 1.9cm x 1.5cm
comes with a sterling silver 50cm chain as pictured
JC's Slide Tear Drop
Sterling Silver 1.8cm x 1cm
comes with a sterling silver 50cm chain as pictured

To order email Sue's new email
Love and Light


Jason Moving a few hours away

Jason will be a few hours away now
Once again my jeweller due to family commitments is on the move and so is his workshop. As most of you that follow my work know both I and my jeweller no longer do this work full time. Over the years it has taken its toll on our hearts as we invest so much of ourselves into every piece we create. 
Sadly Jason is this time moving over 2 hours away from me and we will have to do a lot via email and  Australia post
We are still commuted to helping those that find us and need our help it will just take some time now to make your treasured jewellery
Orders that are currently placed will be completed however there will be many things we cannot work on until Mid Sept 2017

I will be making most of the fine silver fingerprint range, memory balls and personalising of lockets. Engraving will no longer be available unless been handmade by Jason as the cost of posting to and from him will be prohibitive just for engraving
All our jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold so ok to engrave at home by others. if you have concerns if our piece can be engraved then just ask
We wish Jason and his family all the best with this latest move we know it has been a difficult year and know this move is what is ultimately best for is family and I will miss my friend as well been so close and someone I would visit so often

Please feel free to email me your requests and I will be able to give you a time line 

Love and light