Angel Balls

Stirling Silver Angel Balls will chime as your loved ones in heaven send you messages.

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The Healing Power of Angel Balls

No wait list for these items but please read blog carefully as your questions are probably answered here or at FAQ&A. Please read and once you have an idea of what you would like you can email me order

Conversation to hold ashes or hair no longer available

Angel Balls can now be altered to hold a very small amount of ashes or hair. The amount they can hold is only a very small amount as an Angel ball needs lots of room inside for the chimes to ring. Conversion will alter the sound of the ball and is softer than a tradition Angel ball as the chimer does not have much room left to move and make noise. The cost of this alteration in silver is an additional $50 if you already have an Angel ball and would like it altered then yes you can post back registered post and we can do this for you. These can be filled and sealed by me or by you.
Angel balls to hold ashes in gold pricing is below 

To order altered Angel balls please email me 

Sterling Silver pendant should not take any longer than a week 
9ct Gold are handmade to order so may take  2 and 3 weeks
I will always keep you updated on times via email 

Sterling silver Pricin

Conversation to hold ashes or hair no longer available 
Angel Balls pendant size no chain $75 (ave 1.4cm to 1.6cm)
(price includes the engraving of a single name on the Angel Ball)

Charm size $75 (1.2cm)

Angel ball on a neck chain $90 (1.4cm to 1.6cm)

Angel ball on a Bracelet $120
 (1.2cm or 1.4cm depending on size of bracelet I will always keep bracelet balanced)
standard bracelet is 19cm longer may cost extra

(extra cost of $50 also applies as above to have altered to hold ashes)

Solid Gold handmade prices 

Gold Angel ball pricing and sizes all handmade so weight is approx only 

9ct Gold  1.2cm approx weight  4.5grams $540
9ct Gold 1.4cm approx weight 5.5grams $600
9ct Gold 1.6cm approx weight 6.5grams $670

Gold Angel balls that can hold ashes or hair handmade to order so weight is approx only 

9ct Gold 1.2cm approx weight 5.3grams $615
9ct Gold 1.4cm approx weight 6.65grams $700
9ct Gold 1.6cm approx weight 8grams $795

All Gold Angel Balls are to be purchased via email request

Please be mindful that gold is a very different metal to silver and does not "sound" anything like the silver balls. Silver conducts the sound far more clearly and sweeter than gold. I would always recommend silver Angel balls over gold for sound quality however they can be made is gold as I know some people do not wear silver. If you do know someone with a silver ball you gold one will not be or sound anything like it.

NB: engraving on any jewellery is no longer available all jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel and can be engraved by others if you wish. I am just unable to offer this anymore
Solid 9ct Yellow Gold Angel Ball (prices above)
all three Gold colours are Available to me hand made for you

On a Bracelet and you can take it of and put on a necklace if you like any time $120
standard bracelet size is 19cm longer may cost extra 

Ball bracelet Angel Ball $120
only comes in standard bracelet length of 19cm

Fine chain bracelet $95
standard length of bracelet 19cm extra length may cost more 

1.5cm Sterling Silver CZ covered Angel Ball on a chain $75
No available to hold ashes 

Sterling Silver "Caged" Angel ball 2cm on a sterling silver 70cm chain $145
Converted to hold ashes or hair add $50 so total would be $195
Angel ball rolls freely inside "caged" that has a beautiful heart inspired design
Not Available in Gold

Photo shows open and closed
To order email

Angel balls of any style can have Angel Wings, Butterflies, Dragonflies, initials or any little charm added, Just be mindful as they swing and hang next to the ball they can scratch the ball. These are simple little sterling silver charms and prices average $15 (add on charm price only for price of Angel ball see above prices)

To purchase your Angel ball you can also email me details of what you would like at

 NB: engraving on any jewellery is no longer available all jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel and can be engraved by others if you wish. I am just unable to offer this anymore

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I have always had a passion for keepsakes, and in particular - jewellery.

Many years ago I was asked to help a family remember a loved one lost by taking his fingerprint and placing it with his ashes and photo into a locket. This I believed would be my first and only memorial piece. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would make more trips to mortuaries to help families by taking their loved one’s prints.

After seeing the healing effect that my jewellery had on this family, I felt drawn to continue to help others through the art of jewellery. As demand grew from overseas and families not close enough for me to meet their loved one in person, I developed different techniques of taking and using prints. My personalized jewellery range is constantly changing and evolving as I seek to help families find what is the best for them to remember their loved one.

Lockets with images, handmade pieces, and natural stones are among the most popular within the range. Ashes, hair, soil and sand are also very popular and can be placed in most pieces of jewellery.

Your loved one’s story can be told in a simple series of photos, a one piece locket, an angel ball, or you may choose a complete bracelet of charms and keepsakes. I will work with you to find that special and unique way to remember. Natural stones hold a unique energy and symbolism as
every stone is different just as is every life.

I look forward to helping you remember and hold your loved one close every day - in the unique way that only jewellery can.

Love and Light

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