Orders are now closed until 2015

Orders are now closed until 2015

It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that today I will be closing all orders for my jewellery and may not be making any more 

I will be taking some time off and reconsidering where I am in January 2015

This morning I received what I consider to be a very hurtful email. Questioning not only the quality of my jewellery, as there was a scratch and what is described to me as scuff marks  on a pendant I sent that in no way was intentional and would certainly be replaced or refunded. Sadly jewellery can get scratched and every care is taken that it arrives in perfect condition

What has brought be to this decision is that this email has questioned my true and genuine caring for families  I have helped and alludes to me maybe not been genuine in my sympathies or that I am not truly sensitive to the needs of families 

Yes this has truly rocked me to my core. I could not care more or be more genuine in my love and feeling for families I have tried to help over the years. 

To be honest I am shattered and I have only continued to make jewellery for families as I actually care too much for them 

Over the past year I have started to take on more and more with my husband business and still do my jewellery to help. I try and keep my prices as reasonable as possible to help as our family is provided for by my husband and not by my jewellery 

Any orders I do currently have will be filled but I will no longer be taking any for 2014

I am so sad today, I hope this break helps my heart. Every piece of jewellery I have ever made I put all my love care and attention into.

Sending love and blessings to all for the Christmas New Year period and lets see what 2015 brings to us all 

Love and Light 


Sue xxx

Too the families I have grown to love over the years I say, Thank you for your love and now friendships xxx

I can not thank everyone enough for your beautiful comments it has helped me so much today. You know as I read them I remember your pieces and your loved ones lost. I have spent the morning with Jason my jeweler and a lovely lady filling a bracelet Jason made for her and she insisted I put the photo up. Your comments texts and emails have helped me so much and the love and hugs from this lady this morning has helps as well. I guess it has been a long year and I will still take these weeks over the Christmas and New Year period heal as so many of your stories I do take on and it makes my heart heavy. I guess feeling so questioned about my sensitivity and knowing of the importance of the piece of jewellery this morning, even if not intentional has still really hurt. Anyone that knows me knows I will do anything to help and rectify any issues. So thank you again for you understanding. 
With this much love I am sure I will return in 2015
I just currently need some time as I do every year to heal myself 
I do take time off each year this time is just a little sooner than normal 

Christmas Orders Closing Dates

Christmas order closing dates 2014

Its that time of year again when the mail services around the world start to get overcrowded and really start to slow down 

Therefore I do need to cut off Christmas orders for postage to overseas at the end of November. Anything posted after the 30th of November 2014 I am sorry may not make it in time for Christmas so please get your orders in soon (orders for personalized jewellery overseas close 14th Nov)

Remember there is an up to two week wait time on many of my personalized pieces so get your orders in now if you do not want to miss out 

The Christmas Angel Balls have a 1 week wait time and are running out fast 

For those that are in Australia the same wait time on jewellery applies to personalized pieces.  Express overnight freight through Australia Post seems to take much longer than that I have found in previous years so I will not be posting Australian order for Christmas after the 16th of December 2014
(personalized jewellery orders for Australia will close 28th Nov)

Orders after any of these dates I am sorry may not make it by Christmas and if I do not set firm dates the post really does stress me out too much as I know how important every piece of jewellery is

So Please get your orders in now if you do not want to miss out 

for orders of personalized jewellery from site email 


love and light

Price Disclaimer

Price Disclaimer 

Every effort to keep the prices on this site as up to date as possible is made 
Prices of gold and silver are always subject to change as the market of gold and silver is constantly changing on a daily basis 

Every effort is make to keep prices as affordable for families as I can 
Every effort is made to keep sizes and weights of jewellery on page updated 
Jewellery costs are based on weight and time for manufacture so quotes can be given when required

For a quote if required on the day of purchase please email me

Please read this link for more information on what is available on this site as I slowing start to wind down lines available to be purchased

Starting the wind down

Love and Light