Sunset and retirment for Jason my Jeweller

 The Sun is setting on another year and another part of the Sue-Ella Jewellery range.

The time has finally come to say good bye to my Jeweller Jason that has worked with me for over 7 years. The pressure of making the handmade jewellery with the time restraints he has, have become too much for him and yesterday he informed me he was retiring fully from the jewellery and would no longer be able to make any more jewellery for me.

This I totally understand as we have both been winding down what we do. Jason with a new career and me with my property investment and Airbnb business.

No more hand made pieces will be available or conversions of balls to hold ashes or hair 

I will still have the time to make and personalized bought in lockets and do the memory balls or Natural stones. I have a few memorial pieces I can buy in still however the range is small and no personalized handmade jewellery or engraving will be available. I will try and update my blog as much as I can to let you know what is no longer available and will copy and paste this link to inquiry emails when received so families understand.

We both wish you all the best for the Holiday Season and Safe New Year. We have loved helping you and will always remember each and every story and life that has touched our hearts. 

Love light and hugs 

Sue and Jason