Natural Stones

Natural Stone Pendants can hold ashes, hair, soil or sand from Christian's Seashore in the back all safely sealed under an image of your choice. Natural stones of all types are available and hold a very special energy and significance to so many. Ask me to source your favorite stone.

Natural stones are not generally found set in gold as the price of gold exceeds the value of the stone. I can however get stones re set in gold for you at a price that would need to quoted based on the size of the stone as the bigger the stone the more gold I would need to use to set the stone 

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Blue Chalcedony
In Memory of Nathan and his beautiful blue eyes

I get asked quite a bit about this stone and settings similar to this. This stone is now with a very special friend of mine and I truly believe it was sent from Heaven just for her by her three little girls. I have never been able to find one like it since. I can get similar setting but nothing quite this magical has come across my path again.

This is not to say I can not find you something very special and unique for you I just want to re state that every stone is different and unique and this makes these stones even more special

Rose Quartz

Photographs can be set in the back of natural stone pendents

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 Some ring styles can hold images ashes or hair just as pendants
To find our more email Sue 
To Hold ashes prices start at $110 (this style)
rings need to be sealed this end for this style of ring as ashes are sealed in during the making process
registered post is the best way to post ashes or hair that needs to be sealed
extra cost applies to ring resizing if base stone ring not available in your size 

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