Love light and hugs from 2012

Love light and hugs from 2012
I have met and made some truly what I consider beautiful and meaningful jewellery this year.
I have let into my heart so many lovely families over the years but it is time for my heart to rest. As much as I love making the jewellery and helping all of you, along with the families come very sad stories and my heart has been so broken by so many of your stories it does really needs a break where I can recharge and relax with my husband so I can help more families next year. 

Sending love, Light and Prayers to all and I hope the Holiday season is kind to your hearts ♥
Next year I will be opening up a wait list for all personalized jewellery and will be doing a large blog post with most of the FAQ&A so everyone can read this and be ready to know more about what  they want when I open requests for personalized jewellery and locket 
No Wait list jewellery  

NO wait list items are listed below and click on the words to know more these are available all year after the 7th of January 

All gold jewellery is hand made so you will need to wait up to two or three weeks after order to have them made. Silver is faster and the above can be processed normally within a week of order been placed 
Jewellery that will be ordered via a Wait List 

Jewellery that will be required to be ordered when WAIT LIST is opened are

Within the links and blog posts above you will find more links that will answer many of your questions so please explore my blog as much as you like

This link may also help some of you 

Love, Light and Hugs to you all for a peaceful Holiday Season
I will be lighting a candle and saying a prayer for all the families I have known not only this year but for the years I have been making my memorial and keepsake jewellery

Love from the Jordan's 
Sue, Mark, Skitz and in Heaven our Angels Bubby and Baby J

Remembering all the loved ones now in the arms of their Angels 


Personalized Chirstmas orders sadly now closed for 2012

Personalized Christmas Orders are sadly now closed for 2012

I was hoping to make it through to the beginning of December before having to make this announcement but sadly I have to do it a week earlier than planned

My wait list has now become a bit too much for me to handle as I stress over every single piece of personalized jewellery and sadly many of the pieces I make such as the gold finger hand or footprints must be sent away and handled by a third party I don't want to let anyone down if this third party can not get jewellery finished as they become busy with Christmas orders.

Personalized lockets as I have mentioned on many occasions are not a perfect science and often have to be done several times before perfect and with my current wait list I may not get a chance to start any more than are already on my wait list.

Creating your story along with any other handmade jewellery will also not be available until mid Jan 2013 as from Christmas Eve I will be taking a break with my Husband after what has been a very emotional year for us both 

All gold handmade jewellery is also handled by a third party that can not longer guarantee to me delivery before Christmas, this includes gold print jewellery, gold Angel balls, and gold pendants that hold ashes, hair or sand.

This time of year the mail also becomes increasing slow and unreliable so normal postage times just do not happen is something I have no power over, contributing to issues with timing back to you in time for Christmas

What will be available until sold out are listed below
click on wording to know more about each product 

All Christmas order for overseas are now closed 
Orders for Christmas within Australia will close 
Friday 14th of December 2012

NB:It is only the engraved prints available on the above link handmade prints not avail until late Jan 2013

All orders are now closed for 2012
Memory balls Plain silver 2cm $180
2cm Memory balls SOLD OUT

Anyone that knows me knows that this has been a very hard post to write as letting anyone down is something that nightmares are made of for me

I send you all love light and blessing for the Christmas and Holiday Season and hope it is kind to your heart if you are missing a loved one in Heaven.

Love to all, always from the Jordan's 
Sue, Mark, Skitz and in Heaven our Angels, Bubby, Baby J and Shep  

Christmas (Holiday Season) 2015 Angel Balls

Christmas (Holiday Season) Angel Balls 2015

The holiday season can sometimes be the hardest time of year for many of us missing our Angels. The healing power of Angel balls I know has helped so many of you and you were them every day

This Year I have found some lovely ones that may help many through this difficult time hearing their beautiful sounds and offering us so much comfort.

To know more about Angel balls please read this blog post 

To order your Holiday season Angel Ball please email 

Please state the style of Angel ball you would like and if you require a chain as many of you may choose to place it on a chain you already have. Please included address for postage and type of postage required for overseas families, so an email invoice can be posted 
Overseas and Australian postage will be explained at the bottom of this blog post

All prices are for Angel ball only to help keep these as affordable as possible orders will be processed on Fridays (Australian time) of every week and postage will be mid the following week.

If you would like a chain the chains are standard 50cm euro curb chains in sterling silver as per the images and are an additional $20 Just let me know when ordering if you would like a chain. 70cm belchur chains for the larger balls are also available for $30

Red (Chiming) 2cm diameter 
Red Angel ball $40
1 week wait time
(Sterling silver and enamel)

Green (Chiming) 2cm Diameter

Green Angel Ball $40
1 week wait time
(sterling silver and enamel)

Gold Coloured ball with sterling silver $40
Ball is made from solid brass so has an amazing sound and great gold colour if you polish up every so often with a brass polish it will keep this great colour forever. The outside lace work is sterling silver $40 to purchase email you address for invoicing and postage
1 week wait time

Charm size 1.2cm $30
1 week wait time
avail green, gold (solid brass so gold in colour) or red

Charms on a jump ring. Jump ring will fit on a Pandora charm is not on a bead but fits nicely between existing beads as can be seen in image
email to order

Small Red, Green or Gold (solid brass so gold in colour) style 
1.2cm diameter suitable for child small pendant or charm
$33  current wait time 1 week 

CZ (Chiming)1.8cm diameter

Only 2 left

Sparkling CZ Angel Ball $55
(1.8cm diameter only available)
(sterling silver and CZ)
Limited supply available of this style 

 For more Angel ball styles please visit this blog link

Larger balls 2cm diameter and small ball 1.2
this is so you can see size difference
small ball will suit bracelets

Postage for Australia is express post via Australia post and is$9.90 per postage parcel up to 500grams
International post regular $10 (per 500g parcel) will take up to 3 weeks this time of year and parcel can not be tracked
International registered is $25 (per 500gram parcel) will take up to 3 weeks and can be tracked and signed for
International express courier is $55 (per 500gram parcel) and takes 7 to 10 days and can be tracked and has to be singed for 

To order 
email your address what you would like to 

Natural Stones

Natural Stone Pendants can hold ashes, hair, soil or sand from Christian's Seashore in the back all safely sealed under an image of your choice. Natural stones of all types are available and hold a very special energy and significance to so many. Ask me to source your favorite stone.

Natural stones are not generally found set in gold as the price of gold exceeds the value of the stone. I can however get stones re set in gold for you at a price that would need to quoted based on the size of the stone as the bigger the stone the more gold I would need to use to set the stone 

To read more about what you can do with Natural stones click here

Click Here to know more about how to Personalize Stones


Blue Chalcedony
In Memory of Nathan and his beautiful blue eyes

I get asked quite a bit about this stone and settings similar to this. This stone is now with a very special friend of mine and I truly believe it was sent from Heaven just for her by her three little girls. I have never been able to find one like it since. I can get similar setting but nothing quite this magical has come across my path again.

This is not to say I can not find you something very special and unique for you I just want to re state that every stone is different and unique and this makes these stones even more special

Rose Quartz

Photographs can be set in the back of natural stone pendents

For more on Natural stones click here

 Some ring styles can hold images ashes or hair just as pendants
To find our more email Sue 
To Hold ashes prices start at $110 (this style)
rings need to be sealed this end for this style of ring as ashes are sealed in during the making process
registered post is the best way to post ashes or hair that needs to be sealed
extra cost applies to ring resizing if base stone ring not available in your size 

Or to order email me

Handmade Angel Wings

 No wait list for these items but please read blog carefully as your questions are probably answered here or at FAQ&A. Please read and once you have an idea of what you would like you can email me order

All Angel Wings are handmade so no two although similar are ever exactly same. Double wing are now available this image shows them together as you would wear them and how they can be parted as they are not fused together. All handmade Angel wings can hold Ashes, Soil or Sand from Christian's Seashore. Images can also be placed into the back. Photos of you loved one, CarlyMarie images in the sand or Hand and Footprints can be placed into the back.
To see more about hand or footprints on the back of Angel Wings
click on this blog post finger hand and footprints

Prices of all Angel Wings will vary depending on the degree of personalization and if ashes are to be placed inside

Handmade Double Angel wings on a sterling silver chain with sand or ashes set inside $140
Double Angel wings with images set in back $155

Email to purchase

Set of Angel Wings can be separated
Angel wing set separated one made to suit Dad and one for Mum these can be personalized just as other wings with hand or footprint in colour or pressed into the back as other wings shown in this blog post
Set cost as two separate pieces with the two chains

email to purchase as you will need to send me instructions for the back

Single Angel wing style
Handmade Angel Wing with sand from Christian's Seashore inside
$105 (made to contain ashes $165)

Email to purchase
(Single Angel wings in solid 9ct cannot contain ashes or hair but can have prints in the back based on gold prices June 2015 wing is $700)

Handmade fine silver Angel Wing with fingerprint or and and footprint in the back
Email to purchase

Solid gold Angel Wing with prints in the back $700
(not suitable for hair or ashes due to making process all handmade to order)

available in fine silver or solid 9ct gold of any gold colour

Size 3cm long and 1cm wide at top

Footprints in the back of an Angel Wing.
Handmade fine silver Angel Wings can hold ashes, soil, sand from Christian's Seashore or an image of choice

A family requested to have a piece of jewellery somehow hold the feeling and meaning of the "Footprints" Poem so many of us know and love. This is what I came up with. A handmade Angel wing with footprints in the back $165 to order email
To have an Angel wing of this style also hold ashes the ashes will need to be sent to me registered post. The process to seal the ashes in is quite complex so the price of a wing with ashes sealing is $165

CarlyMarie image in the back of an Angel wing with Christian Seashore sand inside

Email to purchase

Handmade Angel wing with Christian's Seashore sand or inside no image in the back
$105 (made to hold ashes $165)
Email to purchase

Solid 9ct Gold Angel wing $130
Angel wing in solid 9ct gold can not hold ashes it has just enough room on the back to have a first name or a date engraved a lovely simple keepsake
$130 (2.5m x 1cm)

Angel Wings for a Dad
on a black cord
can hold ashes or prints in the back
$165 with ashes $165 with prints
email to purchase

front and back with hand prints of an Angel

Styled for a man oxidized to darken (oxidization can be polished out)
to enquire about the ways and styles of these wing please email
handmade with ashes $165
sterling silver just with engraving on the back $55

Handmade fine silver Styled for a lady
containing ashes $150

Extra large Angel wings for engraving
3cm in length sterling silver
$60 with 70cm chain $80
 Price includes engraving

Sterling silver Angel wing with Mother of Pearl Tear drop
can be engraved on with a name on the back
$45 wing only with chain 50cm $60
price includes engraving

Simple set of Angel Wings is sometimes all you need to remember
these can have your loved ones name engraved on the back and are sterling silver
price with engraving $55 (sterling silver are Not Handmade and can not hold ashes or be personalised. Personalized version must me handmade if fine silver)
To Purchase email
This style can also be handmade to order to hold ashes
To Purchase please email

Jewellery and Lockets

Handmade Silver Seashells

Jewellery To Hold Ashes, Hair, Flower Petals and Sand

Handmade Silver Angel Wings

Your Story In Jewellery

LocketsMemory Ball six Photo lockets

Men's Jewellery

Natural Stones

Angel Balls

Fingerprint, Hand and Footprint Jewellery

Charms all styles


It just has to be special not always memorial 

Solid gold chains available for sale   

Fingerprint Jewellery click here

Hand and Footprint Jewellery click here

Hand and Footprint Jewellery in colour click here

For Jewellery suitable for children Click here

Early Pregnancy loss Jewellery Ideas Click here

Lost loved ones years ago Click here

Jewellery for a special day such as a Wedding click here

Melting Down Old Gold Jewellery Click here

Personalized Jewellery Click here

Sorry it is impossible to have all the jewellery I make photographed and displayed in one place. Almost everything I do is personalized in some way. From the prints on the back of Angel wings to the back of Storm trouper masks. I have so much that I can create or get in for you both silver and gold This blog is styled and designed to offer ideas and inspiration. Use it as ideas to help and email me and together we can work on something special for you 

 NB: engraving on any jewellery is no longer available all jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel and can be engraved by others if you wish. I am just unable to offer this anymore

Love and light