Personalized Chirstmas orders sadly now closed for 2012

Personalized Christmas Orders are sadly now closed for 2012

I was hoping to make it through to the beginning of December before having to make this announcement but sadly I have to do it a week earlier than planned

My wait list has now become a bit too much for me to handle as I stress over every single piece of personalized jewellery and sadly many of the pieces I make such as the gold finger hand or footprints must be sent away and handled by a third party I don't want to let anyone down if this third party can not get jewellery finished as they become busy with Christmas orders.

Personalized lockets as I have mentioned on many occasions are not a perfect science and often have to be done several times before perfect and with my current wait list I may not get a chance to start any more than are already on my wait list.

Creating your story along with any other handmade jewellery will also not be available until mid Jan 2013 as from Christmas Eve I will be taking a break with my Husband after what has been a very emotional year for us both 

All gold handmade jewellery is also handled by a third party that can not longer guarantee to me delivery before Christmas, this includes gold print jewellery, gold Angel balls, and gold pendants that hold ashes, hair or sand.

This time of year the mail also becomes increasing slow and unreliable so normal postage times just do not happen is something I have no power over, contributing to issues with timing back to you in time for Christmas

What will be available until sold out are listed below
click on wording to know more about each product 

All Christmas order for overseas are now closed 
Orders for Christmas within Australia will close 
Friday 14th of December 2012

NB:It is only the engraved prints available on the above link handmade prints not avail until late Jan 2013

All orders are now closed for 2012
Memory balls Plain silver 2cm $180
2cm Memory balls SOLD OUT

Anyone that knows me knows that this has been a very hard post to write as letting anyone down is something that nightmares are made of for me

I send you all love light and blessing for the Christmas and Holiday Season and hope it is kind to your heart if you are missing a loved one in Heaven.

Love to all, always from the Jordan's 
Sue, Mark, Skitz and in Heaven our Angels, Bubby, Baby J and Shep  


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