Christmas Ideas and available for immediate postage

Christmas Idea's and available for immediate postage

As most people know most of my jewellery is crafted and personalized as one off's and this of course takes time and from time to time I have to open and close my wait list to keep up.

With Christmas approaching my wait list will soon have to close until the New Year you will see this happen on the butterfly image on the top right of this site. 

With the lead up to Christmas and the Holidays I will try and keep this post as up to date as possible with ideas of things I have available for immediate postage same day as order is paid for 

Please email me your address and product you would like and I will reply email with your invoice for bank transfer or pay pal payment

Postage is not included to know of freight cost for Australia and overseas please click on this link

Available now

All Christmas Angel balls number left in stock as per post please below to go to link

 Regular silver Angel balls now back in stock and available now

Angel initials sterling silver $20

The top pair of sterling silver Angel stud ear rings one only pair left
I love pair like having my guardian Angel with me all everyday

Plain silver memory balls 2cm only 3 left 
to know more about memory balls go to link below 

Gold dipped memory balls 
left I have 3 plain gold dipped and 1 fancy gold dipped

2cm Pearl and sterling silver dragonfly pendant 
1 only left $65
2 available for $115 that have been converted to hold ashes. These converted ones are normally a wait list item but I have two for immediate postage 

Assorted sterling silver crosses and a small guardian Angel pendant 
Large cross in center is stainless steel 
All $12 each
cross on the bottom left says "faith hope love"

Other non wait list items can still be ordered in up until the 12th of December for Australian postage 
only as overseas freight will take too long  
(depending on availability of suppliers and stock levels as Christmas puts a strain on all stock levels)

email :

I will try and keep this as up to date as possible and let everyone know via Facebook of when wait list will close for this year

Love and light


hi sue, i have received my angel ball and its PERFECT. I would like to thank you, not just for my angel ball,( which i will treasure for ever) but for all the time, effort, emails and personal touches ( the butterfly) my dad collected them that you have so thoughtfully provided. its been such a pleasure dealing with you and i was so impressed i have been telling every one about you. i thank you again and wish you a merry xmas and a great new year! all the best till next time tina xx ps ive spoken with my dad through my dreams since wearing my angell ball. i couldnt be happier.

I just remembered when I saw your message that I wanted to tell you something. A close friend of mine has one of the seashells with ashes in them as she was moving abroad so I gave it to her to take with her. She took it to a medium and the woman touched it and said she had never felt energy like it from any piece of jewelry. She went on to talk about Mark and ask why Australia would be important to him, not even my friend knew that the jewelry came from Oz!


Dearest Sue
My Angel Ball just arrived and I send you this email through tears, it is just beautiful and the little "chime" it makes will always remind me of my precious angel in heaven, there are no words to thank you enough for making this for me and having it so beautifully engraved with her name. If anyone has found their calling in life it is most definately you. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Much love to you


Hi Sue! I have been meaning to write you for a week, and am just now getting the chance! I received my charm and LOVE IT so very much. :) I have had the jump ring soldered closed and am wearing the charm on a necklace. It feels so nice having it close to my heart. It is EVERYTHING I thought it would be and more! You are so very talented and kind. Thank you so very much for helping me preserve the memory of my baby.
You are truly an Angel on Earth.
All my love,
<3 Ashley N. Schmidt


Hi Sue,
I just wanted to say thankyou for all the hard work you did making my star pendant and putting my locket together. From the moment I first received an email from you replying to my enquiry I felt I could trust you to make what I wanted. You met my needs by making a star for Joel, because he is our shining star. By making the star pendant with Joel's handprint set in it, made me so happy, that I could wear Joel's hand around my neck for all the world to see. I didn't think it would be possible seeing as they were only scanned images of his handprint. However, it is amazing what you have done to allow me to have Joel's handprint with me. You also made me very happy with the locket that I sent to you, sealing in Joel's photo, as well as his footprint and lock of hair. Now I have his handprint, footprint, photo and hair close to my heart. You never judged what I asked for and always consulted me before doing anything and I am truly grateful for it. Thankyou for making me a priceless piece of jewellery in the star pendant and making my locket into something I will always treasure.
Thankyou Sue,


> Hi Sue,
> Well it arrived this morning and I was so excited to open it. It is
> even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined and my husband
> just loves it too, thinks it's a beautiful representation of our
> family, but asked where my charm for him was lol.
> So just to say thank you, every charm is gorgeous and the bracelet
> itself is lovely. I am so so happy :-)
> Tanja x


Dear Sue,

Thank you sooooo very much. My precious butterfly arrived in the mail just now & it is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. So very perfect, for my perfect little angel!

I am so glad that I was lucky enough to get the last one, because it is exactly what I have been searching for.

And I just loved the gorgeous butterfly that was pictured in your photo and to find that in my parcel as well, was such a lovely surprise. Words cannot express how grateful I am.

Much love to you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Love Kylie xxx


Hi Sue!

Firstly let me say a HUGE thank you - the locket is GORGEOUS -and she will love it I know. If only everyone was a good a listner as you ;-) Everything from your consult, to the final packaging is wonderful.

I will be sure to pass your name around the office and anyone interested in your product.

Thanks again!

Kind regards


Hi Sue
Words fail me at this time. I have just spent the last 10 minutes in tears (very very happy tears) having collected your parcel at my doorway on the way into the house.
You are such a special person, with such an amazing talent. My locket is absolutely everything I had hoped for. I will spend the rest of my days cherishing it and telling people about how wonderful you are. Even down to how beautifully you presented it with the butterfly.... Sue I'm speechless. I will definitely be back in contact next year for my girls, to organise the bells for them.
Thank you Sue, you are truly one of earth's angels. Thank you for sharing your skills with such love.
All my love and thanks


Dearest Sue,

Oh my goodness Orla's bracelet arrived on friday.
When I opened the box, then little bag..........I cried when I saw it. It took my breath away as it is sooo beautiful and it blows me away to think something so beautiful and delicate can be created for something that is soo heartbreaking and soul shattering.
Once again I can't seem to put in to words how much it means to me for what you have done and how the bracelet truly means to me but please know you, what you have done and the bracelet mean the world to me.
Just saying thank you doesn't seem to cut it because I could never thank you enough Sue.
I promise to send you photos of my baby on this side with me.
Talk soon and take care.

Love and Peace

Sarah xoxox


Hi Sue,
The locket arrived yesterday. My sisters and I absolutely love it, so I know my Mum too will love it!
You have done a great job and have been a pleasure to deal with.
Thank you for your compassion, professionalism, ideas and great work!
Take care

OMG!!!!! It is exactly perfect! I cant believe it! I think you definitely have a skill for "feeling" people through the phone! I will send photos . Fantatstic I love this! You must put it on your website


Hi Sue
I just wanted to let you know that I received the locket for myself and the three for my daughters today.
I am so glad that I found your website and I was astounded by your amazing service from the start of my enquiry through to the receipt of the lockets. You have made a very difficult time for me that bit easier and whilst I do feel that my Mum is always with me, I can't express how that feeling has been strengthened by having some of her ashes put into my locket and wearing it close every day. I know my three young daughters will treasure the lockets always and having their letters they wrote to Nanna put into them will hopefully let them remember how lucky they were to have a "SuperNanna".
Whilst I hope that people around me don't lose anyone close to them inevitably it will happen and I will be giving them your web address as I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.


Hi Sue,
I was absolutely delighted to receive my locket yesterday and I was amazed at how beautiful it is.
There are no words to explain how I feel, it make me feel so close to her. You did a fantastic job it is truly beautiful.
I must admit that it has made me feel overwhelemed.
Thank you so much
God bless you,


I wanted to thank you for the beautiful necklaces that you made for my friends to give me in memory of my little Wyatt. I absolutely love them and will cherish them all my life. I don't think words can express the gratitude I feel for what you did so that these necklaces would make it here in time for my friend to give them to me for Wyatt's birthday. Thank you for the added expense and time you put forth in my behalf. I'm so grateful for good people in this world like you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel that these necklaces will be handed down from generation to generation and there will be a wonderful story to go along with them about an amazing women in Australia that made them and then put forth so much effort in getting them to us. Thank you Sue....they are absolutely beautiful.
Wyatt's mommy



Hello My name is Mike ##### I am Nancy's husband. I am writing to you to let you know I received the bracelet you had made for me. It is very precious and I am very happy with your work. I was not expecting anything at all but when Nancy gave it to me Today I was very happy to have it. You have done a wonderful job with it. I love the work with our little girls names on it. This is very touching and it is truly a wonderful gift. I hope that you start to offer more of them to other men. Your creativity is right on. I wore it today all day and received many praises and I told them where to contact you. Hope it drums up more business. Anyway thank you very much, it made my birthday much more special having my girls apart of it. Thank you Sue.


Dear Sweet Sue,
You are right, I did need that, and it is so much appreciated! I am crying happy tears. It is absolutely everything I thought it would be and more! You are one of the most caring and thoughtful people I have ever met. You are amazing! I hope you enjoyed your Mothers Day cause you deserve the best. I hope you are greatly appreciated to all of the people in your life, and I hope this is a start of beautiful friendship! You are definitely awesome in my book. Lots of love and many thanks, Nan xoxoxoxoxoxo


Hi Sue,
I received today the beautiful St. Peregrine necklace and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
It is more gorgeous than I ever expected and I know my Aunty will be comforted by this on her journey.
Again, many thanks and I will pass your name onto others. Until we speak again.
Kindest Regards,


Hi Sue,
M**** arrived and I am very happy with the final result. I love the
pendant and the way you have placed the photos inside.
Very professional. I cant wait to show the girls at work.
Highly recommended.

Oh Sue,

I can't stop crying because these are just so beautiful - thank you, thank you for mentioning this to Carly. You both offer so much beauty and love to grieving parents and loved ones - you'll never know how much this has touched me and how precious a memory this is for me (especially since I didn't really get to make any with my beautiful boy - Jack William Coles).

See you on Thursday beautiful illuminated angel heart - Vanessa :-)
Hi Sue,
Well Matt arrived safety back home this morning. Very impressed they arrived at 8:30am. The lockets are beautiful, you did a wonderful job thank you so very much. The children haven't seen them at that time as I have to pick them up at 11am today but I know that they will love them so very much. I understand what you were saying about Matt being very hard to do as so fair skinned with the white background, however they are still very beautiful. Trust me he was difficult when he was alive so why should things change now that he has passed, it kept life interesting, one of the many reasons I loved him.
Thank you for the extras I took the photo's to process them for picture frames today so we will get them back tomorrow. Sue you should be very proud of yourself with the wonderful gift you bring people, there are not many people in the world today that care and take pride in someone else's life. The children and I are very lucky to have found you even with Matt messing around with my emails.
WORDS can not explain how I feel but once again thank you very much
Sue,just opened my package..OMG it is truly beautiful-I know she will absolutely LOVE it......I can't wait to get mine-shall order in the next couple months...Can't thankyou enough-I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy with it and am so glad that i found you-my dads heart that you made has never been taken off since i got it and now this piece for my niece will be treasured forever too im sure!!
THANKYOU.................Cass xo
p.s was easy to open and close!!