Order time lines

Order Time Lines

 As most of you are aware I no longer do this jewellery full time and my jeweller has moved away and he no longer works full time making the jewellery either. 
We will always be here if anyone that needs up finds us however my focus in now on my property investment business with my husband something that is a lot easier on my heart.
For this reason and the fact that Jason (jeweller) has moved 2 hours away so Australia Post is heavy involved in mowing the jewellery around adding time we can no longer take orders with very specific date requirements or limitations. 
We are sorry but it is too stressful for us and for this reason we will not be taking any orders now that will be required by Christmas 
We do the orders as fast as we can. Some pieces may take a week yet some may take up to two or three or even four weeks depending on what it is.
The stress of having very specific dates is too much. 
Orders we take will take the time that they date and a very ruff estimated time will be given when inquires made and I do keep families updated as orders progress 
Freight is something now that does hold up the new way we do things
Letting a family down as a piece of jewellery can not be finished in time is not something we never want happen. We would prefer someone else helps you if time is of delivery is important to you.
Thank you for your understanding 
Love hugs and light