A Message from a Butterfly

Today I was running about 2 hours late for my daily bush walk with my dogs. As I got to the bush my phone rang. It was a  lady calling to thank me for the jewellery I had made herself her sister and her Dad to honour her mothers life.

These special pieces where the last truly one off designs I would make and it was an hounour to do it for such a lovely man and his family. I tried to talk him out of using me as it was going to take me a long time to do it as I explained I no longer was making the one off's as of 2018. He got me at the very end of 2017. (All I do now days is things I can buy in direct that do not need to be personalized or lockets and memory balls, I just fill with images and seal)

Such a beautiful man such a beautiful sole that loved his wife so much and misses her desperately.

As I as started my walk and was talking to this lady and she thanked me (gee I needed that today too I have not had the best week) I could feel something tapping my leg a persistent tap and it was not going away so I looked down to see the most beautiful and stunning Aqua Blue Butterfly this image I got of the Internet is as close as I could find as it has very fine black line around its wings. It was stunning  as I looked at it and it knew it had my attention it flew around in front of me it would not go away coming very very close and touching my chest. I have never seen butterflies on my walk lots of flies many many flies but never anything a beautiful as this.

I knew it was this ladies mother. I was almost in tears but had to ask her "What does bright aqua blue mean to you?" she said wanting to know I guess why I was asking such an odd question as it had nothing to do with our conversation. She replied "It was my mothers favorite colour, it was the colour we loved to see her in the most and would always buy her that colour for her  to wear especially in things like scarves." 

You can then guess the conversation and tears that followed.

I have always said that your loved ones are still very much around you and that they will come to you in some form often through nature or music or smell.

Today it was a butterfly a beautiful aqua blue butterfly a reminder of the years I helped families and the love I put into my jewellery, and the fact it does mean a lot to many. 
Thank you butterfly I needed that today.

Love Light and Hugs to all