My Plans for 2015

My Plans for 2015

I think today as I turned over my calendar it could not have been more appropriate and I guess, yes very much a sign 

After taking a bit of time over the last week and a bit and talking to so many of you via emails, phone calls and texts I have decided to not let one person ruin my passion to help families 

I will be returning to my Jewellery after the 10th of January 2015

However it will be in on a smaller scale and it may take a little longer to have things made for you as I very much will be taking on a bigger more active roll in my husbands business 

Anyone that truly knows me knows that I would not ever let anyone down that needs me and over the past days I have received so much love and support. Countless comments and emails of how much my jewellery has meant to people especially this time of year. Phone calls, Texts, people so upset that they have been saving up to buy something from me (this broke my heart I must say). I even had a lady fly up from Sydney and stay with family and friends for 5 days while Jason and I worked on something for her. Wow dedication to my work 

I truly have been overwhelmed with all your love and I return that love to you all now with this post 

So for now from the Jordan's we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and for so many we know it is not an easy time of year and hope that it is not too unkind to your hearts 

Have a safe New Year 

See you in 2015 

Orders are now closed until 2015

Orders are now closed until 2015

It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that today I will be closing all orders for my jewellery and may not be making any more 

I will be taking some time off and reconsidering where I am in January 2015

This morning I received what I consider to be a very hurtful email. Questioning not only the quality of my jewellery, as there was a scratch and what is described to me as scuff marks  on a pendant I sent that in no way was intentional and would certainly be replaced or refunded. Sadly jewellery can get scratched and every care is taken that it arrives in perfect condition

What has brought be to this decision is that this email has questioned my true and genuine caring for families  I have helped and alludes to me maybe not been genuine in my sympathies or that I am not truly sensitive to the needs of families 

Yes this has truly rocked me to my core. I could not care more or be more genuine in my love and feeling for families I have tried to help over the years. 

To be honest I am shattered and I have only continued to make jewellery for families as I actually care too much for them 

Over the past year I have started to take on more and more with my husband business and still do my jewellery to help. I try and keep my prices as reasonable as possible to help as our family is provided for by my husband and not by my jewellery 

Any orders I do currently have will be filled but I will no longer be taking any for 2014

I am so sad today, I hope this break helps my heart. Every piece of jewellery I have ever made I put all my love care and attention into.

Sending love and blessings to all for the Christmas New Year period and lets see what 2015 brings to us all 

Love and Light 


Sue xxx

Too the families I have grown to love over the years I say, Thank you for your love and now friendships xxx

I can not thank everyone enough for your beautiful comments it has helped me so much today. You know as I read them I remember your pieces and your loved ones lost. I have spent the morning with Jason my jeweler and a lovely lady filling a bracelet Jason made for her and she insisted I put the photo up. Your comments texts and emails have helped me so much and the love and hugs from this lady this morning has helps as well. I guess it has been a long year and I will still take these weeks over the Christmas and New Year period heal as so many of your stories I do take on and it makes my heart heavy. I guess feeling so questioned about my sensitivity and knowing of the importance of the piece of jewellery this morning, even if not intentional has still really hurt. Anyone that knows me knows I will do anything to help and rectify any issues. So thank you again for you understanding. 
With this much love I am sure I will return in 2015
I just currently need some time as I do every year to heal myself 
I do take time off each year this time is just a little sooner than normal 

Christmas Orders Closing Dates

Christmas order closing dates 2014

Its that time of year again when the mail services around the world start to get overcrowded and really start to slow down 

Therefore I do need to cut off Christmas orders for postage to overseas at the end of November. Anything posted after the 30th of November 2014 I am sorry may not make it in time for Christmas so please get your orders in soon (orders for personalized jewellery overseas close 14th Nov)

Remember there is an up to two week wait time on many of my personalized pieces so get your orders in now if you do not want to miss out 

The Christmas Angel Balls have a 1 week wait time and are running out fast 

For those that are in Australia the same wait time on jewellery applies to personalized pieces.  Express overnight freight through Australia Post seems to take much longer than that I have found in previous years so I will not be posting Australian order for Christmas after the 16th of December 2014
(personalized jewellery orders for Australia will close 28th Nov)

Orders after any of these dates I am sorry may not make it by Christmas and if I do not set firm dates the post really does stress me out too much as I know how important every piece of jewellery is

So Please get your orders in now if you do not want to miss out 

for orders of personalized jewellery from site email 

love and light

Price Disclaimer

Price Disclaimer 

Every effort to keep the prices on this site as up to date as possible is made 
Prices of gold and silver are always subject to change as the market of gold and silver is constantly changing on a daily basis 

Every effort is make to keep prices as affordable for families as I can 
Every effort is made to keep sizes and weights of jewellery on page updated 
Jewellery costs are based on weight and time for manufacture so quotes can be given when required

For a quote if required on the day of purchase please email me 

Please read this link for more information on what is available on this site as I slowing start to wind down lines available to be purchased

Starting the wind down

Love and Light

A Bluebird for a Father

A Bluebird For Her Dad

I get an email from a lady asking for a one off piece of jewellery nothing new about that.

It was something special for her to wear in memory of her beloved Dad that had passed. Again nothing new I have honored many Dads for those missing them.

This lady wanted no ashes or hair to go with the piece just a Bluebird on a pretty chain that would sparkle like stars in the night sky 

I thought well you can buy little Bluebirds anywhere and if no need for a conversion to hold ashes or hair then then this lady could simply even click on ebay or the internet anywhere and get one a lot cheaper than having me or my jeweler making her one

So I tried to talk her out of it 

No she insisted it had to be a certain size, shape it had to have the chain hang a certain way, it had to have a diamond for the eye as a diamond in the sky and for April. This bluebird had to be just as special as unique and as one off as her Father 

So this little Bluebird was made. Hand cut and crafted by my jeweller with a diamond in the eye then a searched for the perfect chain to go with it that would sparkle from every angle

I was so happy and blown away with the result I only wish this photo would do it justice. This Bluebird is NOTHING at all like what she could have bought cheaply over the internet. It is what I call and "Adult" Bluebird not a child style you can find everywhere and can not even be recreated even if we wanted to, so rich in colour and so unique it floats and fly's like does not even need its chain

So happy this lady did not listen to me and she was insistent on having this one off made for her it was a lot more expensive than only old Bluebird but then again there is no other Father like her Dad and never will be 

May he fly high in Heaven watching over you forever ♥

Photo from this lady now her Bluebird is home 

"Magnet" Wings for an Earth Angel

"Magnet" Wings for an Earth Angel

This is a beautiful yet sad story, a story of gratitude, love, faith and strength.  I do not even know where to really start to explain how much this story has effected me. I have always because of what I do been so very grateful for every day I have and especially grateful for my wonderful husband and friends. 
I guess the best way to explain this piece of jewellery is to start with the email and you will know why it is so very special.(names have been omitted, I have permission to share this)

Hello Sue-Ella,
I have a slightly unusual enquiry and hope you can help.  I would like to have a angels wings turned into a magnet with room for an inscription (xxxx, true angel).  While I have thought long and hard about this, if this is not possible I am open to suggestions.  Let me explain:
I have cancer and live alone.  My beautiful neighbour xxxx has (for the last 6 months) delivered amazing food and, being deeply religious, often performs blessings.  I am not particularly religious myself however this does not deter her and to be completely honest, in my heart of hearts, I’d like to believe there’s something to it.  Regardless, xxxx lives and breathes the true essence of what she believes particularly considering I have only lived here for 12 months. 
I’d like to give her something to represent my immense gratitude and her beliefs while also giving her something to remember me without it seeming a morbid gift (if that makes sense).  I eventually came up with the magnet idea because so much of her generosity has come from her kitchen where, being a typical Greek wife and mother, she loves spending time cooking. 
I appreciate you taking the time to read my email and look forward to your response.  Oh, and your jewellery is absolutely beautiful, congratulations.
Kind regards,
Yes I broke out the tissues big time reading this email what an amazing lady wanting to leave something so special. So back and forth we went with emails photos and ideas and a very good reason and meaning for the Bea that holds the Angel Wings in the little bag that is a magnet for the fridge.

 Miss M did not necessarily want  to have the jewellery to be able to be worn but to me it was important so these sterling silver wings are large and engraved on the front the words that she wanted and on a long chain that can be worn at many lengths. The wings then hang in a pretty Daisy white organza bag with a daisy as a magnet and a Bea on the front.  This magnet I know will be treasured and will be in the kitchen of a lovely Greek lady that loves to cook and Angels will always bless her 

Dear Sue,

I wanted to let you know that I have received the wings and they are beyond my expectations.  Thank you so, so much.  They are absolutely beautiful and the way you have presented them is perfect.  You obviously invest personally in creating your pieces which is obvious in the end result.
You are welcome to use any part of this story for your website.  You should also use my comments above as testimony of your fabulous work. 

Thank you again Sue and keep doing what you do, it means a lot to a lot of people. 
Take care,

Love and light 

One off Jewellery Creations

One off Jewellery Creations

So often I am asked by families to make special one off creations to honour the life of a special loved one. It is always so special to be chosen to do this and to be trusted to create something that will mean so much to someone.

How his happens is families have ideas send me images or tell me a story of a loved one. From these emails I come up with ideas and inspirations and together a vision I hope comes to be.

Sadly I am hopeless drawing and can only try and describe my ideas in words as trying to draw it is never going to get my vision across. 

I am happy for families to send my ideas from the net that they would like to me use and change for them and even happier if families can sketch for me what they see in their mind

I often send images of ideas similar I have created before and often families let me put things I have made onto my blog and FB page. This is why this site is very much a guide to ideas and things I can make.

I do my best with describing what I see in my head. Sadly I can not create a one off piece for anyone photograph it and then send a  photo for the obvious reason that this would cost me a lot of money in materials and time and just can not be done 

If I do not thing something is possible or if I think the vision is not going to work I will always let people know. 

Jewellery making is an art form and sometimes trust needs to be placed in the artist hands to create something special. I do totally understand that some people need to "touch feel see" something prior to purchase and I am more than happy for ideas to be taken to a Jeweller you can meet in person to help you with this .

As I mentioned my blog site is full of ideas of past things made and feel free to explore these are some of the most valuable links click on them to see more 
All these forms of jeweller are in a way personalized also to be one off 

Below are images of some of my most recent one off pieces I have made in the past month for families
that came to me with ideas 

A four heart bracelet 
A father and husband want to give his wife a special bracelet with the birthstone of each of his children in each heart. Two babies in Heaven and two on Earth so very special 

A Pearl with a Unicorn and Elephant and ashes inside 
 Story of this told in the link 
A Pearl that tells a story 

Heart Pandora Charms to hold ashes
 with a shell on the top means so much
Maybe there is something special to your family that could 
be placed on something like this 
From a sketch supplied 

fingerprints of loved ones on the back 
diamonds supplied from an old ring  

This Ladies story breaks my heart and this is a piece 
that is still so special in my memory 
After an email describing far too many losses and having jewellery from me before I got the saddest of emails saying yet again this family had lost a baby the rainbow they truly believed would arrive 
This lady and her family still have the most amazing strength and faith that is unwavering so I created a rainbow dragonfly that moves with the words "Waiting on the Lord" engraved around it on a bracelet 
Still sending love and prayers to this lady every time I think of this bracelet 

Add yourself and create your own 
Sometimes I can not find from suppliers or make exactly what families are looking for so for them I suggest searching the net to find exactly what they want  and they can add to their own story. Often I just have the starting piece that can hold the ashes and you can add what you like to necklaces or bracelets you do not have to get them from me I can be your "start"

With this one I just helped 
a young lady already owned this special heart 

 "This might be an unusual request?" I hear this a bit and get constant emails for one off pieces to be created and today this story goes home. A young lady came to me after the tragic loss of her fiance and she wanted to desperately use a little heart she had been given by him. A little something he once found out on a walk he gave it to her and said "I give you my heart". She wanted his ashes in this special heart so she brought it to me. As it turns out this little heart is solid plastic but just means so much. So my amazing jeweller Jason drilled a hole in the back hollowed out what he could and made a screw. I teamed it with a stainless chain to match the colour it is now going. Today we filled and sealed this little heart in my kitchen and it is now home forever where it belongs around a young lady's neck Some of you are reading this and you know who you are that have sent me "unusual" requests. Love and Hugs to you all xx

I hope this blog post has help some of you understand why it is impossible to always send an image of a one off design 
If only I could photograph the inside of my mind or even draw but sadly I can not 

I can help all I can and please explore this blog and I am only an email away 

love and light 

A Pearl that tells a story

A Pearl that tells a story
Pearls no longer available these could be substituted for silver or gold balls only
For so very long people had asked me to be able to alter the dragonfly and pearl pendant, so they could put hair or ashes inside and I did finally work out a way of doing this with my jeweller Jason. It is extremely delicate work but we can do it and seal it for families. 

I have also received may emails from families asking for the original pearls to be changed to have butterflies or bee's rather than dragonflies and my answer was sadly always no as the cost to do this was too high due to the delicate nature of the work. (the pearls come to me with dragonflies on them already this is why they are the most affordable of options)

Then I gave in

I received a beautiful email one day from a lady saying she had found my site loved the pearl and knew it was for her to honour her grandmother. However she wanted a unicorn and an elephant on it instead. Again I said NO. Then she said she was happy to pay whatever it would cost to have this done for her. She had to have a unicorn for herself and the elephant for her grandmother that collected elephants.
This was a problem in two parts. Firstly I believed there would be too much going on and make the piece look too "busy" and also having so much with it would scratch the pearl. 
So my mission started, first I found the perfect unicorn to go and wrap round the front of the pearl and after a lot of thinking I came up with the idea of having the elephant as part of the bail sitting on the top to represent her grandmother always watching over her. 
Today this Pearl is now home and photo taken below is from the lady that now wears it. Her grandmothers ashes are also safely sealed inside and now with her always.
I thank her very much for her persistence and patience as this pearl took a while to come together for her and I thank her for letting me share her story. 
Her grandmother had live a very large and colorful life  what a lovely way to honour her

Prices to have pearl altered and personalized to this degree start at $280

Pearls no longer available can be substituted for gold or silver balls and priced accordingly

Pearls are extremely delicate and sensitive so must not be worn in water
if you loved ones ashes or hair are sealed inside they are perfectly safe it is the pearl itself that does not like water 

General Keepsake Ideas

General Keepsake Pendants 

Over the years I have been asked to find so many keepsake pieces of jewellery so many and far too many to keep track of. If you have something in mind just remember to email me with an idea and I will always see what I can find for you. Remember to explore this blog and click on links to find so many pieces and ideas. These links will help 

They are just a few places to start looking.
Below are some keepsakes I have and will add to this page from time to time and even or ideas available so email me ideas or questions and to order 


Mother child pendant 1.6cm in diameter with decorative rim. $40. email me

Sterling silver parents with two children pendant  
2.5cm x 1.5cm
 email me

Regular price for sterling silver will be $25, engraving available for flat rate of $15 additional. this pendant is 15mm Disc Pendant with Dove / 40cm Chain + 5cm Extender.
Regular price on this pendant will be $15 engraving on the back a flat rate of $15 additional. pendant is 16mm 'I Am With You Always' Pendant with Cross email to order

Regular price will be $30. 15mm 'The love of a family is life's greatest blessing' Disc Pendant with 'Tree of Life' / 40cm Chain + 5cm Extender. engraving available on the back for flat rate of $15 additional. email

"A house is not a home without the love of a family" 
sterling silver 1.5cm pendant or charm 
email to purchase 


Sterling silver tree of life with stainless steel bird in HGP 18mm regular price will be $15 email

$50 A delicate necklace featuring a 45 cm black silk thread tied onto a small sterling silver heart embellished with either inspiring words of love, or recognition of one you love.

The silk thread is finished with a sterling silver clasp. The heart measures about 19 mm across and 20 mm in length. If you would like engraving this is available on the back (not the front sorry these come in like this as standard and are not a personalized piece like other jewellery I do. This is a general keepsake pendant) Engraving on the back is an additional $15

Rainbow Jewellery

Rainbow Jewellery

2014 seems to be the year of the Rainbow baby for many of my friends and to celebrate the arrival of all rainbows I have put together a simple collection of rainbow coloured jewellery. All the jewellery with stones are genuine gem stones set in sterling silver and a flower range is to follow,featuring wildflowers, rose buds and Forget Me Nots 

Order is via email with your postage details and an invoice will be emailed back. Please state code of the jewellery and if a ring then the size in a number, Google will help you find your ring size. 

Freight info and pricing is on this link  

Rainbow Multi Stone Pendant PF823
Sterling Silver $75

Photo: Adding to the "Rainbow Collection" today this sterling silver pendant that yes does open on the side for you to place something special inside (just make sure not too small that it will fall out) the pendant is large at 5cm (2 inches) x 2.5cm (1 inch) and priced without a chain at $120 a 70cm chain to suit would be additional $20. email me to purchase

Opening Pendant PF663
Sterling silver pendant that yes does open on the side for you to place something special inside (just make sure not too small that it will fall out) the pendant is large at 5cm (2 inches) x 2.5cm (1 inch) and priced without a chain at $120 a 70cm chain to suit would be additional $20. email me to purchase

Rainbow Multi Stone Pendant PF645
Sterling Silver $50 
(Matching ring available see below)
 Peridot, Citrine, Amth, Garnet 2.5cm

Rainbow Multi Stone Ring /RG281 (avail size 6 to 10)
Sterling Silver $50
5mm ring stones   Peridot, Citrine, Amth, Garnet

Rainbow Multi stone ring RG276 (avail size 6 to 10)
Sterling Silver $110
1cm ring Peridot, Citrine, Amth, Garnet swiss blue TP

Rainbow Multi stone ring RG280 (avail size 6 to 10)
Sterling Silver $110
1cm ring Peridot, Citrine, Amth, Garnet swiss blue TP

Rainbow Multi stone ring RG773APB (avail size 6 to 10)
Sterling silver stones are 

                                            Amethyst, Peridot, Swiss Blue Topaz 


 Rainbow Multi bracelet $80 BB682-Multi

                       Sterling Silver 19cm Siberian Multi Stone Quartz 7 Stone Bracelet 1.5cm


Chakra Multi Stone Bracelet $60
Sterling Silver 19cm and 5mm stones 

This is the start of many ideas I have. Many of these are available in single stone styles just as my stones pendants are please read link here on Natural Stones

So many stones so special to so many so take you time to read. Not Currently Available in gold just sterling silver for now 

email your choice and detail to order to 

Flower Collection 
Bracelets sterling silver $65
$65 Natural flowers preserved in resin and set in sterling silver. Choose from roses, forget-me-nots or a mixed bouquet. Bracelets come in assorted shapes including oval, square and circle. email is 

  For those that do not like the idea or gem stones I have these in mind. Natural flowers preserved in resin and set in sterling silver. This little heart shaped pendant, 12.5mm x 21mm, is available either with rose buds, forget-me-nots or a mixed bouquet. $30

Only available versions as pictured $35 Natural flowers preserved in resin and set in sterling silver. This cross pendant is 36mm long by 26mm wide.There are currently 4 background colours to choose from. email

Ear Rings 

 Only available versions as pictured $35 Natural flowers preserved in resin and set in sterling silver. This cross pendant is 36mm long by 26mm wide.There are currently 7 background colours to choose from. email

More designs can be found, although styles are a bit limited email me if you have something in mind I can search for you, yes four leaf clover styles are limited as well as Religious icons and limited ring range. Only sterling silver no gold available at this stage 

NB These are Natural Flowers preserved in resin and can be subject to light damage as any flower is. This can happen if worn in direct sunlight over a period of time so just something to be mindful of. 

email your choice and detail to order to 

Love and Light 





Welcome 2014

Hello and Welcome to 2014

May this year bring you all love and blessings 
My word of the year is "De-clutter" This year for me totally body mind and spirit
I had mentioned on Facebook that the wait list is open and I am talking orders of all jewellery types but with some emails and enquiries I have received some of you may have missed this and are a little confused 

and so much much more. Please search the blog and log onto links withing posts to found out how I can truly personalized your jewellery and make something unique and one off for you to honour the life of your special loved one or any keepsake for any reason 

Lots of info also on these links 


email me and I can connect you to the right like if needed 

Love and Light