"Magnet" Wings for an Earth Angel

"Magnet" Wings for an Earth Angel

This is a beautiful yet sad story, a story of gratitude, love, faith and strength.  I do not even know where to really start to explain how much this story has effected me. I have always because of what I do been so very grateful for every day I have and especially grateful for my wonderful husband and friends. 
I guess the best way to explain this piece of jewellery is to start with the email and you will know why it is so very special.(names have been omitted, I have permission to share this)

Hello Sue-Ella,
I have a slightly unusual enquiry and hope you can help.  I would like to have a angels wings turned into a magnet with room for an inscription (xxxx, true angel).  While I have thought long and hard about this, if this is not possible I am open to suggestions.  Let me explain:
I have cancer and live alone.  My beautiful neighbour xxxx has (for the last 6 months) delivered amazing food and, being deeply religious, often performs blessings.  I am not particularly religious myself however this does not deter her and to be completely honest, in my heart of hearts, I’d like to believe there’s something to it.  Regardless, xxxx lives and breathes the true essence of what she believes particularly considering I have only lived here for 12 months. 
I’d like to give her something to represent my immense gratitude and her beliefs while also giving her something to remember me without it seeming a morbid gift (if that makes sense).  I eventually came up with the magnet idea because so much of her generosity has come from her kitchen where, being a typical Greek wife and mother, she loves spending time cooking. 
I appreciate you taking the time to read my email and look forward to your response.  Oh, and your jewellery is absolutely beautiful, congratulations.
Kind regards,
Yes I broke out the tissues big time reading this email what an amazing lady wanting to leave something so special. So back and forth we went with emails photos and ideas and a very good reason and meaning for the Bea that holds the Angel Wings in the little bag that is a magnet for the fridge.

 Miss M did not necessarily want  to have the jewellery to be able to be worn but to me it was important so these sterling silver wings are large and engraved on the front the words that she wanted and on a long chain that can be worn at many lengths. The wings then hang in a pretty Daisy white organza bag with a daisy as a magnet and a Bea on the front.  This magnet I know will be treasured and will be in the kitchen of a lovely Greek lady that loves to cook and Angels will always bless her 

Dear Sue,

I wanted to let you know that I have received the wings and they are beyond my expectations.  Thank you so, so much.  They are absolutely beautiful and the way you have presented them is perfect.  You obviously invest personally in creating your pieces which is obvious in the end result.
You are welcome to use any part of this story for your website.  You should also use my comments above as testimony of your fabulous work. 

Thank you again Sue and keep doing what you do, it means a lot to a lot of people. 
Take care,

Love and light 


Anonymous said...

While your customer writes about the angel she has in her neighbour, I think equally she is an angel herself. Putting her own concerns and opinions on life aside to really see the heart of the individual who delivers her food, performs healing and provides a shoulder at times no doubt.
Sometimes its in the doing that our real joy happens - not just in the receiving.
And, as always Sue, your precious gift envelops those in the story and hugs them tight, keeping their brokenness together a little longer!

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