Handmade Fine Silver Seashells

Below is my signature collection of handmade fine silver seashells.
All shells can be made to hold ashes or sand from Christian's Seashore.

For more about personalised shells click here Shell for a friend

Handmade Fine Silver Pandora Charm $95

Handmade Fine Silver Shell Charm $45
Charm size suitable for a bracelet on a jump ring

Handmade Fine Silver Shell Pendant On Sterling Silver Chain $110
Made to hold ashes (ashes must be sent and be placed inside as part of the making process)

Handmade Fine Silver Seashell $85
(Cast from a seashell found on Pottsville Beach, Queensland, Australia)

This Mermaid Coin was sent from a family in SA and I have made it into a pendant for them as the shell was special to them and I filled it with Sand from Christians Seashore another significant place for them

Above is a Mermaid Coin shell from Christian's Seashore. The shell was taken from the beach a mould is made and the turned to fine silver. Inside the shell is Sand from Christian's beach and on the back of the shell is this littl Angel girls footprints as sadly she did not ever get a chance to walk there with her family. She is loved and rmembered by us all xxxx

(Oxidised version of Mermaid Coins)

These shells are cast from shells I found on Christians Sea Shore and can have ashes or sand from Christian's Sea Shore placed inside. They are known as "Shiva Shell's" Carly and her Girls like to call them "Mermaid Coins" an expression or name that I think matches there beauty and spirit.

Charms size only $45
Necklace and Pendant Size $110
Pandora or clip charm $95

For more deails about personalised shell click here

For any inquiries please email Sue

It's Not Always Memorial

The bracelet I put together for my friend as a gift 

I had a few things happen last week and this has prompted me to blog I guess it was a sign and you know what happens if you don't pay attention to "Them"

So my week started with a lady coming to my house she wanted a gift for Grandma and we took her children's print to be placed to little pendants what a great gift for a Grandma that apparently "has everything". This lady was told about me by a jeweller of all things I get a bit of that which I find a bit of a compliment to be honest. Anyway we chatted away and she found out that I did predominately memorial jewellery and sadly a lot of babies. She looked at me as if I was from Mars when I told her how many of our precious babies do not make it. She looked at me like she had never heard of such a thing. I think I must have given her an even more strange look back as I thought how beautiful a world she much live in where the thought of a baby dieing does not exist. Oh how I want to live in that world.

So the week goes on and I get asked to make a 60th birthday gift of a memory ball. How perfect I think to myself for this lady to get such a beautiful gift as her family all together in one piece of jewellery. I love doing memory balls for significant birthdays and are kind of my "go to piece" if ever asked for ideas.

So by Thursday last week I was on a roll of what I call "Happy Jewellery" I had made two pieces just for someone to have as a lovely jewellery this was good for my heart as it is broken far too often by the stories I am told by the families I help.

I then had a good friend move away and I wanted to give her something special to remember the FUN we had together so I put together a little starter charm bracelet she can add to over time. It has a little "J" for Jess a little set of Boxing Gloves as we loved to go to the gym and do Boxing Classes together and a little number "2" as Jess was always my first second choice. This is a special joke we share and a special little number to us. Just like a piece of story jewellery I say only her story has not ended and has years to go yet.

So it is not always about memorial. It does not always have to break my heart and bring me to tears as I make jewellery. Last week reminded me that jewellery can mean so much to so many for many many reasons and it was nice to live a week going back to where I started my business. My business started as a keepsake jewellery for gifts and treasures for all.

So please if you have a happy occasion to celebrate like a special birthday or anything else that the gift of jewellery may help. Remember me and let me help you with some "Happy Jewellery" sometime. 

Email me ideas of what you could be looking for and as with my memorial jewellery I will do what I can to help find that perfect personalized piece

Please also look at this link for

One off jewellery Creations  

NB: engraving on any jewellery is no longer available all jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel and can be engraved by others if you wish. I am just unable to offer this anymore


love light and happiness to all 

Jewellery Care Instructions

Jewellery Care

I get asked so often and totally understand that people what to wear and have there loved ones with them 24/7. I am asked is the jewellery is watertight and can it be worn in water.

To answer this question is complex and the answer is Yes and No.

I try to think of it like this. If you have a sports car that can go over 200km/hr  it may be able to do this but it is not recommended

With the exception of Memory Balls and Four Way lockets your jewellery will be watertight and sealed in a way to keep all hair and ashes safe and dry. 

However the issue is NO jewellery should ever be worn 24/7. No jeweller or jewellery manufacture will ever recommend jewellery to never be taken off. Not even chains and to a great degree especially chains as they can tangle and wear far faster while you sleep as they tangle and rub. Sue-Ella Signatures can not be held responsible for damage caused to jewellery if worn to bed or in water.
Jewellery is also subject to general wear and tear so please keep an eye on clasps and jump rings especially if you feel a "tug" on it at any time, like taking off jumpers this often causes stress on jewellery.

Jewellery is made from a metal. A precious metal and should be treated with care as it is jewellery and delicate. Metals react with metals and chemicals so your hair spray, perfume and especially mineral make ups will react with the metal in some cases. Jewellery can also be effected by medications some people has as it seeps through your skin.

If you are a smoker you may need to clean your jewellery more often as nicotine though your skin and sweat will always effect the jewellery and leave a residue and mark

If you choose to wear your jewellery 24/7 please take the time to have it professional checked and looked at say once a year to make sure the most important jump rings near the clasp and the clap itself are in good condition as these are the parts that will wear fastest

If you are wearing you jewellery in pools or spas be aware that the chemicals in these can effect the metal in your jewellery.

If you choose to wear your jewellery in showers or baths your shampoo and soaps can also effect the metal and also leave a "film" of residue on it that can build up.

When it comes to two way lockets with images sealed inside or pendants with stones. If worn is showers or warm water such as a spa the metal with expand and contract as it heats and cools therefore you can risk breaking the seal as the seal will not react as the metal does. the metal will move and the sealer will not. Therefore jewellery with images in it should NEVER be worn in a shower or bath and should be treated like a water resistant watch

I hope this helps some of you understand and complexities of my position. I do understand your desire to never take your loved one off but if you choose to do so please take extra time to wipe down your jewellery with a jewellery cleaning cloth and keep a good eye on it.I believe the best way to have your loved ones next to you at night is on a special place next to you on a bedside table not getting tangled up in sheets. I have many many customers that never take there jewellery off and they are aware of this. Also be careful when removing clothing when wearing your jewellery as it can get caught.
Your loved one is precious and so is your jewellery.
Love and Light 

Memorial Jewellery To Hold Ashes, Hair, Dried Flowers or Sand From Christian's Seashore

 To purchase any items below please email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au and an invoice for transfer or pay pal will be sent. Thank You

Sterling Silver pendant should not take any longer than a week 
9ct Gold are handmade to order so may take  2 and 3 weeks
I will always keep you updated on times via email  

Handmade pendants are no longer available 

Yes jewellery can be payed off in a lay by type style all I do is email you an invoice for pay pal or with my account details and you can pay as you can. I must hold onto the jewellery until payments are complete but I know this system can help families ♥

 No wait list for these items but please read blog carefully as your questions are probably answered here or at FAQ&A. Please read and once you have an idea of what you would like you can email me order sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

NB: engraving on any jewellery is no longer available all jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel and can be engraved by others if you wish. I am just unable to offer this anymore

Each of the pendants below is designed to be filled with either ashes, hair, soil or sand from Christian's Seashore

9ct Yellow gold versions of these are available on request cost of solid 9ct Gold pendants from
$380 to $710
No longer available 

Stirling Silver Eternal Fish $145
(Includes Sterling Silver Chain)
9ct Yellow Gold also Available

No longer available 

Stirling Silver Eternal Slide Heart $160
(Includes Sterling Silver Chain)
9ct Yellow Gold also Available $810

Both Gold and Silver slide hearts can be made to have double chambers so two separate sets of ashes can be place inside without having to me mixed one loved one each side of the heart
Additional cost for two chambers $50

Eternal Tear Drop

No longer available


Silver Eternal Tear Drop
comes with sterling silver chain
(only available in sterling silver for now will in the near future have them in solid 9ct Gold)
to order email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
9ct gold $430

No longer available

 Solid 9ct gold tear drop $80

. Price of solid gold chain as pictured $190 price will depend on length required. (chain sold separately)

Dolphin on a necklace  $180

Sterling silver Dolphin on a sterling silver chain can hold ashes or hair
2cm in length a stunning special piece you can fill yourself
to order email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
standard necklace is 50cm

Dolphin on a bracelet start at $200

Sterling silver Dolphin on a sterling silver chain can hold ashes or hair
2cm in length a stunning special piece you can fill yourself
can be place on many styles of bracelets or a bangle prices will vary depending on size and style of bracelet or bangle you choose
to order email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
you can also email a photo of style of bracelet if you have something special in mind

Dolphin only in solid 9ct gold $600

No longer available

"The Chris" slide star
sterling silver $200

No longer available 

 This Star was first made in loving memory of a man named Chris
In sterling silver this star is handmade to order and can hold hair or ashes
sterling silver with chain as shown 50cm is $200
can be made in solid 9ct gold no chain for $600
solid 9ct chains are $210

Sterling silver Slide ball (not an Angel ball)

Sterling silver with a sterling silver chain, the ball is approx 1cm in diameter and can hold ashes or hair as it opens with a small screw on the side 
Price in Sterling silver $180
9ct solid gold POA

1.8cm sterling silver round disc to hold ashes or hair
handmade to order

handmade disc can hold ashes or hair
sterling silver $150
to order email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
sold 9ct gold available 

Small Eternal sterling silver cross includes chain $165
(more suited for ladies)
1.7cm x 2.6cm x.5cm

Bracelet with cross that can be filled

 Charms size Eternal Cross sterling silver  that can be filled with hair or ashes can removed to wear as a small pendant on a necklace $180

NO longer available in gold

Sterling silver Angel Wing pendant (or locket) $155
2cm diameter 

Locket can hold photos or be converted to not hold photos and you can fill yourself
price includes image fitting and sealing if you want to go with photo option
email to order sue@sueellasignatures.com.au 
This Angel wing pendant in solid 9ct gold $950

9ct solid gold
in Gold currently out of stock  

9ct Yellow gold Cross made to order in Australia
2.8cm x 1.8cm can hold ashes or hair
To order email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
approx two weeks to make
Cross in Gold currently out of stock 

2cm x 2cm

Stirling Silver Eternal Puff Heart $145
(Includes Sterling Silver Chain)

Eternal Puff Heart small
1.5cm x 1.5cm
Stirling Silver Eternal Puff Heart small $140
(Includes Sterling Silver Chain)

Sterling silver 2cm Heart with
sterling silver Butterfly or Dragonfly
Able to hold hair or ashes and comes with sterling silver chain
stunning 3D effect with attached butterfly or Dragonfly
$180 in sterling silver, solid 9ct gold start at $550
email to order as these are made to order

No longer available

Same as above just trying to get a better photo as they
truly are so beautiful

My preferred way to have the butterfly looking like it is flying so on an angle this one is flying to the left towards the heart

Plain solid 9ct yellow gold puff heart no charm or 3D effect on the front

Standard Puff Heart approx 2cm

Unlike the other hearts this one is not handmade yet is solid 9ct gold
as it is "manufactured" there is less gold than the handmade hearts
it still can contain ashes or hair and has a screw in the back for easy filling
to order email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
other sizes are available prices start at $480
Larger sizes available email for info 

The Richard Heart
solid 9ct gold any colour $950
sterling silver $180 (on a 50cm sterling chain)
No Longer available

This is a stunning handmade to order heart that has a screw in the back so can be filled with ashes or hair. As handmade each heart will be slightly different and will take two to three weeks to make
Can be in sterling silver or solid 9ct gold of any colour gold
This design was for a lady who wanted a more puffy style heart with "Cleavage" as she would call it. I think we achieved that and more it is stunning
to order email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Eternal Puff heart on Bracelet

Eternal puff heart on bracelet new style will be the same as cross above on a bolt ring so you can remove the heart and wear on a necklace as well
sterling silver $190

Traditional style puff heart 1.8cm Sterling silver

This more traditional style heart I recommend for the more a lot of ladies that have trouble with the clasps opening and closing as it comes with a 70cm chain so it slips over the head
email to order and we can talk about if this would suit

Solid 9ct Yellow Gold handmade in Australia
 Available $730
Eternal Puff Heart
No longer available
Solid 9ct yellow gold (avail in all gold colours on request)
$730 (approx 5.8grams)

Classic Heart
Sterling silver $160 1.8cm
Solid 9ct gold approx 8grams $810
all handmade to order and can be any colour gold
No longer available
  Classic heart is a semi puff style classically beautiful in every way and personally handcrafted so no two are identical, Heart pictured is solid 9ct rose gold
email to purchase sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

9ct yellow gold semi puff heart with sterling silver butterfly
No longer available
Stunning handmade solid 9ct yellow gold heart with a sterling silver butterfly flying towards the heart
handmade to order
email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
approx 2cm diameter and 8grams of solid gold
can hold ashes or hair

Medium Fancy Heart

Medium Fancy Puff heart plain on the back so it can be engraved is 2cm x2.5cm and sterling silver on a chain $165
email to purchase sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

No longer available

9ct Gold Eternal slide heart 1.8cm square and approx 8grams
To Purchase email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
Both Gold and Silver slide hearts can be made to have double chambers so two separate sets of ashes can be place inside without having to me mixed one loved one each side of the heart
Additional cost for two chambers $50

One offs can be created via email consolations
such as this one below came to be
$550 1.5cm  
No longer available

This very special 9ct yellow gold filigree heart I now have permission to share. For a lady that tragically lost her son far too soon and far too young. She had something special in mind something "Free Flowing" that let in light. In the centre there is a small ball that holds some of his hair and on the outside a precious Sapphire that had been given to her by her grandfather years ago. It was a honour to be able to be part of making her vision and something so special come to reality for her to wear and remember her boy
1.5cm and basic heart no stone $550

Solid 9ct yellow gold 2.5cm filigree heart
No Longer Available

Heart has a small screw in the back and if you look closely you can see the internal "holding" area for ashes or hair
a truly stunning piece and quite large at 2.5cm

No longer available

Solid 9ct gold ball pendant for ashes, hair, sand or soil. Hand made to order from 12mm to 14mm prices
9ct Gold 1.2cm approx weight 4 grams $420
9ct Gold 1.4cm approx 5 grams $530

email me to order to your size requirements


Silver 14mm Ball to hold hair or ashes
made to order in Australia
To Order email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

The "Julie"Bangle
Hollow Bangles that can be filled with hair or ashes
Sterling silver $165 
No Longer Available
 Sterling silver Bangle you can fill $165 has a small screw to making filling and sealing easy
Bangle is rounded on top and flat on the inside and inside measures 64mm and width is 10mm
A similar bangle can be made in solid 9ct gold and would be approx $1500
price can vary on price of gold at the time of making

To Order email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

NB: In order for jewellery to hold ashes it must be hollow on the inside this make jewellery more vulnerable to denting and  in particular bangles so you must be mindful of this if you are choosing a bangle they do take a bit of a "beating" on your wrist and will not take as harsh punishment from everyday wear as a solid gold or silver bangle would

Bangles Range Sterling Silver for Ashes or Hair
From $165 to $250
No longer available

Bangle on right is Julie bangle and measurements are as above and $165 (64mm wide x 10mm width)
Bangle on left 66 mm(wide) x  15mm $210
Middle is round 65mm (wide) x 8mm approx quite a big substantial bangle $250
where I call the bangle wide that is the measurement  for your wrist so your hand to go through 
(fully rounded bangle in the middle currently unavailable)
other bangles round on outside and flat against wrist are available 

email to order sue@sueeallasignatures.com.au

Sterling Silver Rose Ring
Discontinued line limited sizes left email to know if your size available 
No Longer Available

This this rose ring, 1.8cm across the top. This ring is sterling silver and can be filled with hair or ashes by me or by yourself or someone you trust at home. It has a screw under the rose you undo to fill. Limited time only $85 email or message me your ring size in a number to order sue@sueellasignatures.com.au
Ring may take up to two weeks to have converted to hold ashes. This ring CAN NOT be re sized so choose your ring size carefully. 

Ring Size Chart


J, K, L                     5                           15.7mm                     49.3mm
L, M, N                    6                           16.5mm                     51.8mm
N, O, P                    7                           17.3mm                     54.4mm
P, Q, R                    8                           18.1mm                     56.9mm
R, S, T                     9                           18.9mm                     59.5mm
T, U, V                    10                          19.8mm                     62.1mm
V, W, X                   11                          20.6mm                     64.6mm
X, Y, Z                     12                          21.4mm                     67.2mm
Z, Z+1, Z+2               13                         22.2mm                     69.7mm
Z+2, Z+3, Z+4           14                         23.0mm                     72.3mm
Z+4, Z+5, Z+6           15                         23.8mm                     74.8mm

Shell charm or small pendant

9ct yellow gold shell charm suitable for a bracelet or could be a small pendant
can be made to hold ashses that I can seal in for you
to purchase please email

The Harrison Heart Charm
Named in honour of a little boy gone too soon
No Longer Available
This sterling silver heart charm can be filled by me or yourself as the little heart has acrew in the back
available as a regular charm $90
Thomas Sabo style charm with clip $95
Pandora style charm $115 (the Pandora style bead is little love hearts)
Order is via email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Hand made cylinder
No Longer Available

 Yellow gold cylinder 2cm by 1cm
made to order in Australia can hold hair or ashes
To order and purchase please email

Sterling Silver 2cm by 1cm
made to order in Australia can hold hair or ashes
To order and purchase please email

Handmade sterling silver plain cylinder
3cm x 1cm
No Longer Available

3cm x .8cm fancy cylinder sterling silver on a chain
to purchase email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Stainless Steel ladies Cylindar

Stainless steel 4cm x .8cm on an 80cm belchur stainless steel chain
lovely HGP rose gold patterned top with a small CZ
easy to unscrew and fill

to order email

solid 9ct gold made to order size and shape of your choice
Ideal for a man this rectangular pendant is 2cm by 1.8cm made to order in
Australia and is solid 9ct gold. The pendant can hold hair or ashes
to purchase and order please email

New $49 each Stainless Steel Range Available to hold ashes and hair
click "Stainless Steel"

$49 stainless steel

Fill yourself heart photo locket
sterling silver 2cm front engraved "Together Forever" (come like this can not be changed)
Matt back finish look plain so can be engraved with your words flat rate $25
Comes with instructions on how to fill yourself once plate clipped in it can not be removed and hair or ashes are safe
Instructions on fitting your image are included 

Price just the locket $60
With a 50cm curb chain $75
If you would like me to fit and seal image that you email leaving only ashes or hair sealing at your end additional cost of $45

email to order sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Pet styles available so please click below

To Help with the cost of Gold you can choose to melt down old gold jewellery you have to go towards your new memorial jewellery that can hold ashes or hair
click here for more info

Yes jewellery can be payed off in a lay by type style all I do is email you an invoice for pay pal or with my account details and you can pay as you can. I must hold onto the jewellery until payments are complete but I know this system can help families ♥ 

Although locket images and pendants are sealed water tight no jewellery should ever be worn in water it is just not good for the metals to know more click on
Care instructions 

New gold chains available to suit your pendants
click on link below to know more
Solid Gold Chains for sale

For any inquiries please email Sue at

NB: engraving on any jewellery is no longer available all jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel and can be engraved by others if you wish. I am just unable to offer this anymore

Supply your own pendant for conversion 

 Many years ago a lovely lady was given this hollow heart by her mother. Sadly she recently lost her mother and this heart has become even more special. Last week we were able to convert it for her to now hold a small portion of ashes of her beloved mother. We also added a little butterfly flying in the direction of her heart. I know her mum is watching over her daily and this jewellery is just another way of having her close. I am guessing from the email she loves it. This photo does not do the heart justice, if you have something special given to you from a love one past, don't forget to ask you never know we may be able to do something special with it. Sending love and hugs to this family xx This is the email I received this always makes my day. I have removed her name she has give permission to share as this idea may help others and permission to share an image of her precious jewellery
THANK YOU SO MUCH SUE, you have been amazing,your a very caring person
Wishing you Lots of Love & Sunshine xox

Love and light