It's Not Always Memorial

The bracelet I put together for my friend as a gift 

I had a few things happen last week and this has prompted me to blog I guess it was a sign and you know what happens if you don't pay attention to "Them"

So my week started with a lady coming to my house she wanted a gift for Grandma and we took her children's print to be placed to little pendants what a great gift for a Grandma that apparently "has everything". This lady was told about me by a jeweller of all things I get a bit of that which I find a bit of a compliment to be honest. Anyway we chatted away and she found out that I did predominately memorial jewellery and sadly a lot of babies. She looked at me as if I was from Mars when I told her how many of our precious babies do not make it. She looked at me like she had never heard of such a thing. I think I must have given her an even more strange look back as I thought how beautiful a world she much live in where the thought of a baby dieing does not exist. Oh how I want to live in that world.

So the week goes on and I get asked to make a 60th birthday gift of a memory ball. How perfect I think to myself for this lady to get such a beautiful gift as her family all together in one piece of jewellery. I love doing memory balls for significant birthdays and are kind of my "go to piece" if ever asked for ideas.

So by Thursday last week I was on a roll of what I call "Happy Jewellery" I had made two pieces just for someone to have as a lovely jewellery this was good for my heart as it is broken far too often by the stories I am told by the families I help.

I then had a good friend move away and I wanted to give her something special to remember the FUN we had together so I put together a little starter charm bracelet she can add to over time. It has a little "J" for Jess a little set of Boxing Gloves as we loved to go to the gym and do Boxing Classes together and a little number "2" as Jess was always my first second choice. This is a special joke we share and a special little number to us. Just like a piece of story jewellery I say only her story has not ended and has years to go yet.

So it is not always about memorial. It does not always have to break my heart and bring me to tears as I make jewellery. Last week reminded me that jewellery can mean so much to so many for many many reasons and it was nice to live a week going back to where I started my business. My business started as a keepsake jewellery for gifts and treasures for all.

So please if you have a happy occasion to celebrate like a special birthday or anything else that the gift of jewellery may help. Remember me and let me help you with some "Happy Jewellery" sometime. 

Email me ideas of what you could be looking for and as with my memorial jewellery I will do what I can to help find that perfect personalized piece

Please also look at this link for

One off jewellery Creations  

NB: engraving on any jewellery is no longer available all jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel and can be engraved by others if you wish. I am just unable to offer this anymore

love light and happiness to all 


Debra Masters said...

I'm looking for a pendant I saw that you might be offering that says: courage doesn’t always roar. sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “i will try again, tomorrow.” Is this one of yours, and if so, could you tell me how I can get one? Thank you.

Debra Masters

Sue-Ella said...

Hi Debra, I don't have a pendant that says that but we could always get something made and have those words engraved on for you. email me if you like.

Between You And I said...

How cute! I really want to make my own.

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