Away on Holidays back in 2016

Holiday Time 

Back in 2016

It is that time of year again when I take myself away from my office and work room and let me heart heal. So many of you share such sad stories with me throughout the year and each of them does indeed break my heart just that little more so by this time of year it is time for me to have a break and do what is best for me and time away helps 

Sending love to you all and I hope Christmas and the holidays is not too unkind to those that are grieving, especially if this is your first Christmas without that very special loved one.

Stay safe over the New Year

I will not be taking orders over the holidays it just gets too hard and confusing and only brings my heart back to a place of sadness. I am sure you will all understand that I need some time to myself and with my husband and Chillie 


I will return to work on the 12th of January 2016 and will be able to help families again then 

Please feel free to explore the website as much as you like and click on links everywhere expecially down the sides left and right. So many of your questions will be answered there.

Love and Light