My Plans for 2015

My Plans for 2015

I think today as I turned over my calendar it could not have been more appropriate and I guess, yes very much a sign 

After taking a bit of time over the last week and a bit and talking to so many of you via emails, phone calls and texts I have decided to not let one person ruin my passion to help families 

I will be returning to my Jewellery after the 10th of January 2015

However it will be in on a smaller scale and it may take a little longer to have things made for you as I very much will be taking on a bigger more active roll in my husbands business 

Anyone that truly knows me knows that I would not ever let anyone down that needs me and over the past days I have received so much love and support. Countless comments and emails of how much my jewellery has meant to people especially this time of year. Phone calls, Texts, people so upset that they have been saving up to buy something from me (this broke my heart I must say). I even had a lady fly up from Sydney and stay with family and friends for 5 days while Jason and I worked on something for her. Wow dedication to my work 

I truly have been overwhelmed with all your love and I return that love to you all now with this post 

So for now from the Jordan's we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and for so many we know it is not an easy time of year and hope that it is not too unkind to your hearts 

Have a safe New Year 

See you in 2015