Good bye 2016

Good bye from 2016

Its that time of year again where I say good bye and retreat with my hubby our dogs and friends to a very special place on a river. 

My heart always needs a rest from the jewellery as you know and this year has been no exception. 

This year has also brought me amazing news of miracle babies for some of the mum's I have helped over the years with the saddest of jewellery and now the most joyous celebration jewellery and I know of a few more miracles due next year and this truly makes me so happy 

Sending love light and blessing to all for the Holiday season however you celebrate and may your New Year be safe and happy. 

Love and kisses to Heaven to those that cannot be with us on earth xx

See you in 2017 I will be back mid January sometime and again only part time now as I continue to do less of my jewellery and work more with Mark in our property business.