Colour Hand and Footprints into jewellery

Colour Hand and Footprints into Jewellery

Adding to more options to be able to have your loved ones hand and footprints to jewellery. These options show your colour images you email me sealed into jewellery. I will edit re size and seal them for you. My personal favorite is the Angel Wing Below.

To see other options go to post
Finger, Hand and Footprints into Jewellery

Print sealed into the back of an Angel Wing
Prices from $110

Prints placed inside lockets can go on necklaces or bracelets in Silver or Gold lockets for necklaces prices will range depending on locket chosen
Prices will start at an average of $135 for sterling silver
Gold locket prices start at $150

Prints can be sealed into the back of pendants this one is sterling silver. Natural stones are available and very popular along with a small range of 9ct gold pendants.

email me to purchase your colour hand or footprint jewellery and we can work together on style that will suit you most

Finger, Hand or Footprints into Jewellery

Finger, Hand or Footprints into Jewellery

No wait list for these items but please read blog carefully as your questions are probably answered here or at FAQ&A. Please read and once you have an idea of what you would like you can email me order

No two fingerprints are the same nor are little hand and footprints. No two lives or stories are the same. Anyone that has followed my jewellery for any time now would know that creating jewellery that is unique and one off is my passion.

Capturing finger, hand or footprints into your jewellery is available is so many ways. I will now try to explain the different options available.

If possible and you live within Australia I like to take a rubber mould. To do this I will send you a DVD and send you the material to take the print. This of course is not possible in allot of cases. Not to worry if you have a paper copy of finger, hand or footprints I will still be able to create something special and as one off as your loved ones print.

All you will need to do is scan then email me your loved ones prints. I will then replicate this into my computer and have it pressed or diamond etched into your choice of 9ct gold, fine silver, sterling silver or stainless steel. Many shapes and sizes are available and via email we can go though what is best for your taste. Diamond etched is a "Cleaner" flatter finish and will suit some. Where as fine silver or pressed in prints are more "Earthy" and "Organic" in the way they appear and it is up the individual as to what will suit them best.

Your colour copies of loved ones prints can also be used and placed into lockets or the back of pendants. I will explain and show samples of this in another post.

The following are some samples of the different types of prints
to see prints in colour in jewellery see post

Lots of different shapes and styles available this is just a look at the basics

Colour hand and footprints in jewellery

Or 3D Hand and Footprint Jewellery

NB: engraving on any jewellery is no longer available all jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel and can be engraved by others if you wish. I am just unable to offer this anymore

Personal favorite An Angel Wing

Angel Wing with Fingerprint on the back, hand or footprints can be pressed in or colour copies can also be placed in the back
prices from $135 email me with your prints to purchase
Sold 9ct Gold available prices start at $700

sold 9ct gold made to order from $700

Baby's Actual footprints re sized and pressed into the back on an Angel wing
To order email
Available to be made in gold and price will vary on the price of gold that day
Ave cost in 9ct gold $660
pendant is 3.5cm x 1cm

 (Single Angel wings in solid 9ct cannot contain ashes or hair but can have prints in the back based on gold prices June 2015 wing is $660)

If you have a silver pendant from somewhere else and you would like it to be gold we can duplicate it for you click here to know more

Solid 9ct gold baby footprints these prints are taken from your emailed copy of prints and then pressed into the gold or fine silver
Prices in Gold start at $350 for small charm or pendants. Larger pendants from $480

Solid gold with prints start from $350 for small charm or pendants. Larger pendants from $480

A few styles and options to wear prints in hearts 
solid gold options start from $350 for small charm or pendants. Larger pendants from $480

prices start from $350for small charm or pendants. Larger pendants from $480

  and solid 9ct gold
white rose or yellow

Lockets can also have hand, foot or fingerprint engraved on them 
price will depend on locket see locket ideas for more 

9ct Yellow gold fingerprint Prices start from $350 price will depend on size of pendant and weight as gold prices can change daily
Different shaped pendants are available
The print in this image is very special as it is in 18ct gold made for a lady with her late husbands fingerprint using the gold from his wedding ring. Very special indeed and a honour to have been trusted enough to make this

 Yes you can melt down gold you have to go to your gold jewellery
Click Here to find out more


Pressed in prints  below

Little feet or hands in fine silver taken from your emailed paper copy
prices start from $130 with a chain
Once the first order is placed and should you require more than one pendant using the same mold the next pendants using the same hand or footprint mold reduce in price 
(Basic Pendant shape and sizes)
 The round charm holder in the above image is no longer available if you are after charms then we can work on other ideas this is an example of three things my friend remembers about her Angels

More little feet different shapes available just email me your prints

If you have a silver pendant from somewhere else and you would like it to be gold we can duplicate it for you click here to know more

Little feet or hands in fine silver taken from your emailed paper copy
prices start from $130 with a chain
Once the first order is placed and should you require more than one pendant using the same mold the next pendants using the same hand or footprint mold reduce in price
(Basic Pendant shape and sizes)

Handprints can be emailed and used as charms

Little feet or hands in fine silver taken from your emailed paper copy
prices start from $130 with a chain
Once the first order is placed and should you require more than one pendant using the same mold the next pendants using the same hand or footprint mold reduce in price
(Basic Pendant shape and sizes)

Handprints or footprints if the back on Angel wings for Dad
little hands on his heart forever
handmade from your Angels prints
to order email
(ashes can also be placed inside during the making process)


footprints placed into the back of a snowflake as snowflakes are special to this family
then this charm was placed onto a Pandora bead
Ave price $125


Three dimensional version of a footprint
This is taken from an emailed copy of prints you may have
Every print will vary and differ as every print is different the result may depend on the quality of original print taken. These can be made to hold ashes.
To have your child's actual foot or hand print made into this style please email me
These can be made into pendants, charms or even ear rings and Pandora style beads or clip charms for Thomas Sabo style bracelets
9ct gold also available in this style.
Prices for fine silver start at $140 as this is quite a complex procedure larger pendants this style may start at $165

Please visit 3D hand and footprint blog post


Three dimensional look can also be achieved just email the scanned copies of the hands or feet prints and I can achieve a look like this.$140 starting price in silver
This is an Angel Babies toes set into a heart shape placed on a pear pendant
Available in fine silver or 9ct Gold


Three dimensional look with an Angel Babies hand in a dog tag for Dad
Available in fine silver or 9ct gold (poa) $165 starting price in silver

Fingerprint pressed into fine silver and placed into a locket
prices will depend on style and shape of locket. Gold lockets available. Along with the print you can place a photo on the other side
prices of lockets in silver from $135
Lockets if gold from $350

Men's fine silver dog tag handmade with print pressed in
prices from $110

Solid 9ct yellow gold discs can have prints diamond etched onto them
prices depend on size of pendant and its weight in gold
prices can start at $350


Etched print on men's stainless dog tag
price of single etched tag $90

New Range of stainless engravable jewellery
Stainless and gold look very hard wearing perfect for those that can not wear silver
$90 for single and $130 for double heart
top left images of black dog tag engraves silver great for Dad know as "Jackson Black Beauty" Dog tag with a small CZ in the bass. Top Left heart is the "Jackson Heart" stainless for mum both $90

to order

Fine silver fingerprint on the back of natural stone pendant
prices will vary on stone used can start at $140

To have your loved ones finger, hand or footprint placed in your choice of jewellery and to purchase please email me

If you already have a pendant made by someone else and would like it copied and made in solid 9 or 18ct gold click on link below

Turning your pendant from silver to gold 

Hand and Footprints if Colour in Jewellery

Yes I can do your beloved pets prints
see Pets and click here Pets

Melting down your old Gold

Melting down your Old Gold

The Gold you have melted down can be either 9ct or 18ct gold of any colour. The idea of melting down and reusing gold really does save you allot of money and can also be very significant to people if you happen to use Gold that maybe you were given by a special loved one, maybe you no longer wear this jewellery but would wear it again as a memorial piece with their ashes safe inside. This I understand my sound upsetting to some, however I see it could be significant to others as the jewellery they melt down could be very special. I am always open to anything that may be meaningful to anyone.

What would need to happen is to weigh your old gold then in the process of manufacture you loose about 10% of the weight, sometimes more if the gold is very old and depending on its quality and any impurities in it. This is sent to the manufacture where the gold is melted down and used to make your special piece of jewellery. I can get more gold added to your gold if it does not cover the weight needed for you special piece. The Gold added would be charged at that days gold price. Then a manufacturing fee is added this can average from $150 to $200 depending on how complex the piece of jewellery is to make

The average weight of a solid gold memorial piece of jewellery is between 6 and 8 grams I can however have your jewellery made to most weights you would like.

Ideas for jewellery that can be made are memorial jewellery pieces that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The most popular shapes are round balls, Hearts both puff and slide and crosses. Please email me if you have a shape in mind you would like and we can have this handmade for you some shapes will require an extra charge if unusual as a template will need to be created. However using your old gold will still significantly help keep the cost to you down.

As well as memorial pendants for ashes and hair you could have flat engraving discs make that can have hand or footprints or a face diamond etched on.

Some Gold images and samples are below. If you like any of the styles on this blog that are sterling silver in the memorial jewellery range these are all available on request in solid gold.

14mm Solid 9ct yellow gold ball that hair or ashes can be placed inside by me or sent to you and you can fill yourself as the bail on the top unscrews

Heart in Rose Gold all gold colours can be used and yellow can be made into white gold you will just pay a little more in the manufacturing cost

18mm solid gold puff heart that you can place ashes or hair in yourself or you can register post your ashes or hair to me and I will fill and seal for you
also available in smaller sizes

This Heart has the fingerprint of a husband lost and the gold was from his wedding ring 
Very special indeed

Hand made heart with baby feet prints engraved on the front
this heart can hold hair or ashes

Gold Tear Drop a stunning and special way to remember a loved one lost 
can hold hair or ashes

Discs for engraving can me made to your specifications

A round 9ct yellow gold engraving disc that can be engraved with hand or footprints

This over $700 gold heart could be yours for $200 if you have enough gold of your own
Solid 9ct gold Eternal slide heart to hold ashes or hair approx weight 8 grams

remember we can make most shapes that you would like. Gold can NOT be used to make lockets that hold photos only pendants that are handmade

always feel free to email me

Love and light


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

I spend a lot of my day helping families via email or over the phone. I know you have allot of questions and I know how important the piece of jewellery you choose is and that it must be just "right"

I think even harder than choosing sometimes is the posting of ashes, I think all of you that do post me small portions are so brave and I thank you for trusting me so much to make the jewellery that will honour our loved one. It is a true privilege to help.

I just want to cover a few regular questions today and finish the blog with a copy of the FAQ&A from my website.

Yes I post overseas I had received and posted back ashes and hair from all corners of the world.

Best mailing procedure

All ashes and hair are sent registered mail so must be signed for. The average postage time is two weeks. If you want express courier services it is more expensive but will get to and from in less than 5 days

The best way to post ashes is in a small plastic zip lock bag. Only about a teaspoon is required or not even that depending on the piece of jewellery and I will return to you what is not used.

I recommend you do not handle the ashes yourself please have a family member or trusted Friend do this for you.

Postal address is
Sue-Ella Signatures
P O Box 122
Jimboomba Qld 4280

Postage in Australia express is $9.90 Platinum express to sign for $15.00

International options 

Normal post not signature or tracking $10 takes 2 to 3 weeks 
Registered international post can be tracked and has to be signed for $25 and will take 2 to 3 weeks 
International express courier can be tracked and has to be signed for $55 and takes 7 to 10 days 

Yes I do have some pieces that you can fill yourself. However all lockets and handmade pieces I must seal for you.

Fingerprint, Hand and footprint jewellery is also available world wide we can work together on options that suit you. I will post more about these options soon.

Most recently I have started working with the most talented jeweller's I could find, so more of the one off creations available that were once only available in fine silver are now also available in 9ct yellow gold, prices will depend on the weight and size of the jewellery

Yes jewellery can be payed off in a lay by type style all I do is email you an invoice for pay pal or with my account details and you can pay as you can. I must hold onto the jewellery until payments are complete but I know this system can help families ♥

Below is the FAQ&A's from my Website

Please always feel free to email me

Love and Light