"Imaginary Friends?"

"Imaginary Friends?"

I was organizing dinner and watching TV the other day and we have this quiz show in Australia called Millionaires Hot Seat. Not a show I normally watch but it was on anyway. This show has a host called Eddie lets not get into our opinion of him as that is not what this post is about.

Anyway Eddie the host was talking to one of the contestants and it was all a big joke as they talked about the contestants "imaginary Friend" he had as a kid, she was a fairy and her name was Glenda (don't remember the name I am drawing from Wizard of OZ for this one) it is not relevant anyway what her name was. What is relevant is they proceeded to go on and laugh at "imaginary friends" and how all kids seem to have them and that we grow out of them. Joke Joke Joke.

Well I don't find anything funny at all about imaginary Friends in fact I envy the children that have the innocence to see them and talk and play with them. It is only as we grow older that we are taught and told they are not real by ignorant people. Who is to say that these "friends" are not our guides our lost family members from years ago or our Guardian Angels who for a short few years relish in the love that they are truly able to be seen and heard by us. I have known too many children that imaginary friends bare striking similarities and names to lost family members that they would never have met or known about. Make a place for them in your home and heart and if need be at the dinner table.

I think too many dreams of children are squashed by those that "know better than them". We can all, if we listen hard enough even as adults hear our old friends the ones we knew as children trying to contact and talk to us. Some of us call it "intuition" or "Gut feelings" we know we need to trust and listen more.

All this got me to remembering my favorite book of all time. A book that is of few words has many lovely images and only takes about 5 minutes to read, however it's contents will stay with you a lifetime. I have it on a stand in my lounge room and when I have really had a bad day and need some reminding that I am never alone I read this book. It is called "Peace Angels" by Antoniette Sampson please if you would like one just Google or look in your favorite on line book store you will find it. I have given it as a gift to so many and you should truly give it as a gift to yourself and your soul.

To sum it up briefly as I do not want to take away from its beauty when you read it. Oh and if you do have tissue ready. I will now do some brief quotes from it.

It starts at your birth

"When I came here the landing was very soft. I remember you were there with me, I opened my eyes hello"

"I always saw you, you and your friends"

"I was giddy with the light, I could climb mountains, I could fly, I was a King"

Then as you get older in this book and age a little

"Where did you go?"

"I had teacher now, teachers I could see, they told me you only existed in books"

"That real people knew better than to believe in fantasy"

Then later in this Little book as you journey though life and you learn to listen within yourself again it goes onto say

"Oh I missed you so much. But I was always here I never went away. who made the slippery rocks dry, who made the waves softer,who stopped the car"

"you are never alone"

"I have never left you, I will never leave you, we are together always every step, every breath, until the last, and when you leave I will come with you, on another adventure"

I will finish with a quote from the inside cover of this beautiful book

"I believe that peace
begins in your mind,
in your heart, and
lives all around you.
Remeber, Peace is on your lips and in your
hands" Antoinettet Sampson

Love and Light and Happy Listening


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post Sue. So true.
I also have this book. It was given to me when Zak died. Its a BEAUTIFUL book.
Hugs xxx

Jen said...

Thank you Sue. I believe!!

Kylie Symons said...

Thankyou for sharing Sue!! I will be looking for this book right now!! Xoxo love and light

4ravens - Megan Warren said...

What a beautiful post - love it! Don't get me started about Eddie! Will have to look out a copy of this book. xxxx

Nika M. said...

I love listening to my little cousins tell me about their imaginary friends and their adventures. :-)

Melissa said...

Finn is turning 4 on Tuesday and he has had an imaginary friend called 'Josh' since his Dad died last September. Josh comes and goes, I think, as Finn needs him. Josh is very much a part of our daily routine as and when he is around. Finn also links quite strongly to his Dad in spirit and will blow my mind by announcing how he needs to go to sleep now because his Dad is coming to visit him and they will go and sit on the roof and watch the stars. The other morning I asked if he had had a good adventure with his Dad the previous night while sleeping and he looked quite sad saying that no he didnt get to see him as Daddy was busy with the other angels. One last bit to share was when I took Finn out the bath last Sunday evening, he looks towards the bathroom and starts laughing, a real belly laugh...so I asked what was so funny and he says 'Look Mommmy,' pointing to the bathroom, 'Daddy has taken all the toilet paper off the roll and put it on his head!!!!'...... I looked over to the bathroom sheepishly wishing to see him too, but instead found myself saying to Finn, 'tell him to pick it all up off the floor when he is done!'....

Sue said...

Melissa this is about the third time I had read your comment and still all I get is rivers of tears it is just so beautiful that Finn is connecting and seeing his Dad I hope and pray it continues forever

Sophie said...

Beautiful. xx

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