Melting down your old Gold

Melting down your Old Gold

The Gold you have melted down can be either 9ct or 18ct gold of any colour. The idea of melting down and reusing gold really does save you allot of money and can also be very significant to people if you happen to use Gold that maybe you were given by a special loved one, maybe you no longer wear this jewellery but would wear it again as a memorial piece with their ashes safe inside. This I understand my sound upsetting to some, however I see it could be significant to others as the jewellery they melt down could be very special. I am always open to anything that may be meaningful to anyone.

What would need to happen is to weigh your old gold then in the process of manufacture you loose about 10% of the weight, sometimes more if the gold is very old and depending on its quality and any impurities in it. This is sent to the manufacture where the gold is melted down and used to make your special piece of jewellery. I can get more gold added to your gold if it does not cover the weight needed for you special piece. The Gold added would be charged at that days gold price. Then a manufacturing fee is added this can average from $150 to $200 depending on how complex the piece of jewellery is to make

The average weight of a solid gold memorial piece of jewellery is between 6 and 8 grams I can however have your jewellery made to most weights you would like.

Ideas for jewellery that can be made are memorial jewellery pieces that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The most popular shapes are round balls, Hearts both puff and slide and crosses. Please email me if you have a shape in mind you would like and we can have this handmade for you some shapes will require an extra charge if unusual as a template will need to be created. However using your old gold will still significantly help keep the cost to you down.

As well as memorial pendants for ashes and hair you could have flat engraving discs make that can have hand or footprints or a face diamond etched on.

Some Gold images and samples are below. If you like any of the styles on this blog that are sterling silver in the memorial jewellery range these are all available on request in solid gold.

14mm Solid 9ct yellow gold ball that hair or ashes can be placed inside by me or sent to you and you can fill yourself as the bail on the top unscrews

Heart in Rose Gold all gold colours can be used and yellow can be made into white gold you will just pay a little more in the manufacturing cost

18mm solid gold puff heart that you can place ashes or hair in yourself or you can register post your ashes or hair to me and I will fill and seal for you
also available in smaller sizes

This Heart has the fingerprint of a husband lost and the gold was from his wedding ring 
Very special indeed

Hand made heart with baby feet prints engraved on the front
this heart can hold hair or ashes

Gold Tear Drop a stunning and special way to remember a loved one lost 
can hold hair or ashes

Discs for engraving can me made to your specifications

A round 9ct yellow gold engraving disc that can be engraved with hand or footprints

This over $700 gold heart could be yours for $200 if you have enough gold of your own
Solid 9ct gold Eternal slide heart to hold ashes or hair approx weight 8 grams

remember we can make most shapes that you would like. Gold can NOT be used to make lockets that hold photos only pendants that are handmade

always feel free to email me

Love and light


Unknown said...

Do the angel balls come in gold?

Carly Marie said...

How beautiful Sue!

Sue said...

Yes Holly Angel balls do come in gold and now you can not use old gold to save on the cost of them. The link to Angel balls is down the right side of this blog xx email me any questions if you like

AllGood said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sue said...

I have chosen to delete your comment whoever you are as your negativity is not wanted on my blog. You choose to judge me on my spelling that could even be as simple as a typo or anything to be honest. There is a lot more to me and my jewellery then spelling. you also choose to do this "unknown" if you had the guts to use your name I may have left it, I love that people on social media that choose to judge do it without using their name. My jewellery helps heal those that have lost loved ones and if you do not like my spelling then please do not chose to follow or read my posts. Have a lovely day and if your life is so shallow that making comments like this makes you feel good then please go and do this somewhere else . I will now go about my day and help people rather than criticizes simple spelling errors in a public forum

Hanesha said...

I would like a locket made for photos how do I go about doing that

Sue said...

Hi Hanesha I sadly cannot melt down old gold to make lockets for photo only pendants as you see in this post. if you want photos in lockets in gold I have to buy them in ready made. email me and I can send you to a link to look at styles and my email is

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