Melting down her Dads old gold chain

She melted down her Dads old gold chain 

 A few weeks ago I received an email from a lady who had lost her beloved father over 10 years ago she had worn his solid gold chain from that day on

Over time this chain wore out as they can with continual wear as all gold chains can and it was beyond repair

The solution we came up with was to melt down to make it into a solid gold Angel wing for her to wear

Over the years I have made many many special pieces of jewellery using old gold that either was broken and was not worth repairing or things as special as this chain or wedding rings that belonged  to loved ones past

Her Wing as it is now on a chain she owned

Old gold can be melted down and made in to Angel wings like this or some may choose to have memorial pendants made to hold ashes or hair from lost loved ones 
you will loose about 10% of weight from the gold you have in the melting process. the cost to have a new peice created from your old gold starts at $170 
If you require more gold it will be added at the daily gold price and this can range from $55 a gram to $65 a gram based on prices when this blog post written Sept 2015
The most important thing to remember when dealing in gold is weight is so important to cost 

Other ideas for jewellery from old gold 
Press on images and links below

 The print above was made from a husbands wedding ring 
very special indeed

 Gold in all three colours available 

Even available for your pets 
Love and light