Sue is now back from Holidays

Sue is back from Holidays and wait list is 
Open again 

I had an awesome time on the ski slopes of 
New Zealand with my husband 

Yes I am on holidays and a very much needed one with my beautiful husband. I will be back refreshed and ready to help you with your personalized jewellery on the 11th of September 2013.

I know you may have many questions and most of the answers to these can be found through this website so please feel free to explore as much as you like. Yes I personalize your jewellery so this blog site is a quite to what can be done and your jeweller is then personalized to suit you. This is done via email or phone consolations.
For those of you with Ashes or hair on the way for me to start your jewellery when I return. As per my email my mum has a house on my property and she will be collecting mail and looking after your loved ones until I return 
Best link to start exploring is this one that shows you most jewellery categories available
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Please explore as much as you like so many more things to see withing these pages and most posts have links to more just click on them 

Love and light to all 

Angel Letter Pendants Sterling Silver

Angel Letter Pendants

Due to the overwhelming response the these little Angel Letter/Initial Pendants the easiest way to purchase them while stocks last is Via Pay Pal Most letter/initials are still available but selling very fast

These are perfect to remember an Angel or to celebrate the arrival of a rainbow and have them protected by their Angel in Heaven

If you letter,Initial is no longer available then a full refund will be given. Once inicials are sold out I will place a message on Facebook and this Blog

Price for 2cm high sterling silver pendants is $20 chains available for $15 chains are 50cm in length

Gold initials are  $180 and will take two weeks to complete if the letter you want is still available. To order gold pendant you will need to email me and an invoice will be sent

If you do not have a pay pal account then please email me your address and the letter you would like and an invoice will be emailed to you. Gold pendants must be paid for in advance prior to me ordering them.

Postage on Pay Pal is set at $5 this will be registered in Australia  and regular non traceable overseas. Registered freight over is $25 and the extra $10 can be added if you wish to know more about overseas freight see and click on this link Freight click here

my email is: 

This is not a good photo of all the initials as it comes from the old catalogue, it will give you an idea anyway. So pretty in real life