Away on Holidays back in 2016

Holiday Time 

Back in 2016

It is that time of year again when I take myself away from my office and work room and let me heart heal. So many of you share such sad stories with me throughout the year and each of them does indeed break my heart just that little more so by this time of year it is time for me to have a break and do what is best for me and time away helps 

Sending love to you all and I hope Christmas and the holidays is not too unkind to those that are grieving, especially if this is your first Christmas without that very special loved one.

Stay safe over the New Year

I will not be taking orders over the holidays it just gets too hard and confusing and only brings my heart back to a place of sadness. I am sure you will all understand that I need some time to myself and with my husband and Chillie 


I will return to work on the 12th of January 2016 and will be able to help families again then 

Please feel free to explore the website as much as you like and click on links everywhere expecially down the sides left and right. So many of your questions will be answered there.

Love and Light 

Wait list Items closed for 2015

Wait list Items are closed for 2015

Sorry I am unable to take any more personalized or handmade jewellery orders for 2015
unless I have it in stock as a standard non wait list item and you live in Australia I will have to help you next year.
Love and light
Sue xx 

Today for the first time in a long time I have closed my "wait list" items. I have woken up this morning to more orders for personalized jewellery than I will be able to fill and get done in time for Christmas. I will be able to post to Australia any non wait list item if I have it in stock but anything personalized or hand made will not be possible. To know more on what is personalized or handmade please read this link. Hugs to all♥

Love Light and Blessing 

to all for a safe and happy 


Christmas order closing dates

Christmas Order Closing dates 2015

Christmas and the holiday season is fast approaching

This means that the mail man starts to go really slow and suppliers and my jeweler get supper busy and wait times longer 

So please note anything with a normal wait time of 2 weeks will now be 3 min and if you require handmade items and you are overseas (not in Australia) then your orders must be finalized by next Friday the 13th of November 2013 

If ordering something not handmade or personalized that I do have in stock then you will need to finalize overseas orders by 27th November 2015

Australian handmade orders will need to be finalized by the 27th of November 2015 and for in stock not personalized orders they will have to be completed by Friday 18th December 2015

Orders just will not make it in time Christmas and the holidays are just so slow with post and crazy with making orders so please get in quick if you would like something. 
Some lines are in limited supply so email me if you require anything  


 This morning 12/11/15 while looking up and tracking an international order I have become aware that customs in Australia are taking "industrial action" sorry do not know what it is all about I just know that this is adding to freight times even more now than the usual hold ups so please add at least an additional week

Christmas Angel balls are available  
Please be quick these sell out fast 
click on link below to know more 


Melting down her Dads old gold chain

She melted down her Dads old gold chain 

 A few weeks ago I received an email from a lady who had lost her beloved father over 10 years ago she had worn his solid gold chain from that day on

Over time this chain wore out as they can with continual wear as all gold chains can and it was beyond repair

The solution we came up with was to melt down to make it into a solid gold Angel wing for her to wear

Over the years I have made many many special pieces of jewellery using old gold that either was broken and was not worth repairing or things as special as this chain or wedding rings that belonged  to loved ones past

Her Wing as it is now on a chain she owned

Old gold can be melted down and made in to Angel wings like this or some may choose to have memorial pendants made to hold ashes or hair from lost loved ones 
you will loose about 10% of weight from the gold you have in the melting process. the cost to have a new peice created from your old gold starts at $170 
If you require more gold it will be added at the daily gold price and this can range from $55 a gram to $65 a gram based on prices when this blog post written Sept 2015
The most important thing to remember when dealing in gold is weight is so important to cost 

Other ideas for jewellery from old gold 
Press on images and links below

 The print above was made from a husbands wedding ring 
very special indeed

 Gold in all three colours available 

Even available for your pets 
Love and light

Gone from earth too soon

Gone from earth too soon 

She was young she as beautiful and she was taken from her earth family too soon
I remember the day I held her hand in the mortuary to take her finger print. I had spoken to her mother the day before and it was just not fair just not fair at all. It is never fair when someone is gone so young. Cancer is  hideous and does not discriminate 

 I think this extract from an email I received from her mother explains so much of this young ladies story and fight

"No words can ever express the loss and pain, over 14 yrs from the age of 7 to have over 150 operations,  to be the first so many times in the world for so many different reasons and for herself to re-write medical history over and over and then still hold down 3 jobs right to the end, a fully qualified Hairdresser, youngest representative in Q.L.D consulting Loraine Lea Linen and a Wedding Planner and still having a huge smile everyday with an extremely positive attitude, it is just not fair."

 This family does not live far from me so I have got to know them well especially after visiting their home and seeing so many photos of this young lady and the beautiful way they have continued to remember and memorialize her in their home. From statues of Angels with photos of her, photos everywhere her hand cast and one of my favorites is an amazing glass top table filled with personal keepsakes and I was privileged enough to not only be shown this precious piece of furniture but was aloud to photograph it 

Her family have chosen to remember in jewellery as well and have her with them every day 

Memory balls in solid 9ct gold and sterling silver with photos of her inside from baby to adult capturing those special moments and personality 
Then there are Angel wings with her fingerprint in the back in solid 9ct gold and fine silver along with a set of Angel wings with her hair inside and print engraved on the back 

It was an honour and privilege yet again to be trusted to make such precious jewellery for this family 

Rest in Peace beautiful Angel I know your will be watching over your family and smiling down on them with your beautiful smile xx  

Jewellery collection remembering their Angel 

Angel wing 9ct gold 
Solid 9ct yellow gold Angel wing with print in the back 

  Solid 9ct yellow gold wings pendant with hair inside and print engraved on the back 

Her Mum wearing a memory ball and wing with print 
9ct yellow gold

 Two photos of the beautiful memorial table this family have in their home 
very very special keepsakes inside

Love and light to this family always 
and kisses to Heaven to their beautiful Angel 

Links to jewellery like this are below just click 

Remembering a Mother

Remembering a Mother 

I remember the day I took the phone call. I was helping my Hubby with a renovation we were working on a house and I was sitting on the back deck stairs.

He had lost his wife and his daughter her mother. He was desperate to help his daughter find something truly special and unique to remember this amazing kind lady, something for his daughter to hold some of her ashes in.

His daughter has walked what had seemed hundreds of miles and so many jewellery stores trying to find that truly special piece and had had no luck.

He was so concerted for his daughter and I knew I had to do what I could to come up with something for them. I also remember the conversation as Mothers day was not far away and knew this lady would be missing her mother so much 

Talking on the phone it was established that even though not Canadian the Maple Leaf was very significant as her mother had once painted Maple Leaves falling and this painting was very special to them all. 

So a Maple leaf it was, in 9ct yellow gold "falling" just as it did in the painting. It was wrapped round a small silver pendant where her mothers ashes are safely sealed. 

I just love this pendant for so many reasons, making something special and one off taking something like a special painting and translating that to jeweller has been an honour 

I know you are watching over your husband and daughter 
Sending love and hugs to you all x

The Painting that inspired a very special piece of jewellery  

One families story translated into Jewellery 
what an honour I say again to be trusted to do this 

The Pendant created as a one off to hold the ashes of a much loved and missed Mother
solid 9ct gold on sterling silver 
 an honour to be trusted to make this 

Love and light 


Gold Price Increase

Gold Price Increase 
April 2015

 Sadly today I have had to put up the prices of gold pendants and chains on my site. I tried to put this off as long as I could, with recent drops in the Aussie Dollar to the US Dollar gold prices have risen in Australia. I try to keep everything as affordable for families as possible and the prices on site as up to date as possible 

Stainless Steel Pendants for Ashes or Hair

Stainless Steel Pendants for Ashes or Hair

This new range has been sent to me as a trial so stock in limited.
As most of you know my business tries to focus on one-off and personalized pieces of memorial jewellery. I was offered to trial these by a supplier and I as so impresses with the quality and price point I realized they may be appreciated by many families

$49 each 

Price includes 60cm stainless steel chain as pictured and express freight for signature within in Australia. Freight, for overseas is regular freight if you would like a signature for overseas freight $10 can be added to invoice 

Prices will be adjusted if ordering more than 1 pendant and discounts can be offered just email me and I will do what I can to help

Stainless steel is a marvelous and affordable alternative to silver especially for those with allergies and that have problems wearing sterling silver

Pendants can be engraved at a flat rate of $15 per pendant. Be mindful of how much will fit onto pendant I can help you with this when email ordering 

Hand and Feet prints can be engraved onto some of these pendants at a flat rate of $50 per pendant  

All these pendant can hold ashes or hair and can be filled by yourself or someone you trust. If you need me to do this for you then you will need to register post a small portion of the ashes or hair to me

NB: engraving on any jewellery is no longer available all jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel and can be engraved by others if you wish. I am just unable to offer this anymore

All orders via email

Parent and Child
1.5cm x2cm

 3cm x 2cm 

 3cm x 1cm

 Small Butterfly
 2.5cm x 1.5cm (.5cm thick)

Large Butterfly
 4cm x 1cm

with or without black bands as bands can be removed
Out of stock of ones with bands
now only available without bands
 4cm x .8cm


Dog Tag
 3cm x 2cm (.5cm thick)
fantastic for fathers and for engraving of hand and footprints on front

also can be made into key rings 

Eternal Circle
 2.5cm in diameter 
small CZ at base

 Modern Puff Heart
Currently out of Stock 
Currently out of Stock 
2cm x 2cm 

Crescent Moon
 3cm long .5cm thick

 "Music Lover"
 3cm x 1.5cm (.5cm thick)

Rainbow Butterfly
 4cm x 3cm

Red Butterfly
  4cm x 3cm

 Round Disc
 1.5cm in diameter and .4cm thick 

Slide Heart
 2cm x 2cm 

Cancer Ribbon
4cm x 2cm 
Only available in blue at the moment 
Jeweller could swap stones for you to colour you would like for additional $50

Hand or Feet engraving $50 per pendant

For lockets with images inside please see below link 

Solid 9ct and 18ct Gold pendants available 
sterling silver pendnats avaialable 
link is below

For sterling silver or solid 9ct gold pendants please click on link below 

Remember you can always email me with questions and ordering

Love and Light 

The memory of a Lifetime

"The Memory of a Lifetime"

This is the story of a personal friend of mine, I would have met her almost 5 years ago now. I remember the day I met her and I even remember where we were sitting and setting up in the gym that day before the class I can even see what Helen was wearing.

We chatted away as most people at the gym do and Helen asked me what I did for a living, in a brief way I explained what I did with my jewellery and Sue-Ella Signature Designs. 

Then I saw her face change, her eyes changed and I knew I was looking into the face and eyes of a lady that had lost a baby. My heart broke for her and I asked her what her little girls name was. I remember her telling me Soraya, it had been a long time since her loss and a long time since she had told a "stranger" her little girls name. Soraya was born sleeping in a time "back then" when you did not say the name of a baby that had died. 

We hugged I told her how sorry I was for her loss and what a beutiful name her little girl has
I knew we would be friends forever 
This is her story and she wanted me to share 

The Memory of a Lifetime
By Helen Desic
My gorgeous memory ball represents the most important things in my heart. My husband, Frank, and I met at the end of 1991. By January 1992 we were engaged and married in March 1993. He’s my soulmate and best friend on this planet. On 15 January 1995 our son, Liam, was born. We had very little to our name but this bouncing baby boy was a joy like no other. He was a miniature Frank, playing drums by the time he was 18 months and we he was the absolute light of our lives. In the midst of buying our land and Frank building our house, another Desic baby was on the way and due in October 2000.
I found out my second baby was a girl at the 18-week scan and Soraya’s pregnancy was as normal as they come. The due date was 21st October. We were thrilled….a pigeon pair! A gorgeous son already and now a daughter to finish our family, what more could we ask for? October was upon us and I was attending the Beaudesert Hospital for check-ups. On the 25th October, 4 days overdue, I attended a hospital appointment for a ‘strip-and-stretch’. The doctor advised me to return to the hospital in the afternoon for induction the next day. I was prepared for the hospital so I arrived and was admitted as the only patient in the maternity ward.
Thursday, 26th October, 40 weeks 5 days pregnant, started early, with the nurses checking on the baby and myself. I telephoned Frank about 8am and advised that the doctor would be in around 9am to break my waters so you and Bec, my sister who was attending the birth, can mosey on down in the next few hours. The nurses came in to check my vitals and returned soon after to check the baby’s heartbeat. I was sitting on the chair and the midwife put the Doppler on my stomach and there was a slow beating sound and I noticed a ‘45’ on the screen of the Doppler. The midwife laughed and said, “I’ve never heard anything like that before”. Another try and there was no sound. She told me to get on to the bed and went to get another midwife and another Doppler. A few minutes later I had two midwives over me with two Dopplers on my full-blown belly. Nothing. No sound. Nothing. One of them said that I needed a scan. At this stage I was confused and didn’t know what to think. I was taken to the x-ray room. In the meantime, Frank and Bec arrived and joined me in the x-ray room. Our baby was gone. There was no heartbeat. She left. The following hours were a nightmare. Social workers, informing family, difficult decisions and the hardest of all - telling Liam her little sister had died. After a traumatic experience, Soraya Rayne Desic was born at 2:28pm on Thursday, 26th October, 2000. She left this life as perfect and innocent as she entered it. She was 8 pound and not a mark on her, absolutely perfect. We spent time with her before she was taken. Her funeral was the following Monday, the day my milk came in. Still in shock and disbelief, I somehow continued on for my family. I was a mother to two children but I only had one in my arms. The months ahead were very difficult. I fell pregnant 7 months later and our second daughter, Kate, was born in February 2002. She was a delight and another absolutely beautiful Desic baby. Frank and I felt we were hadn’t finished our family so Lara was born in April 2006 to finish our family.
The memory ball that Sue created is so precious because it holds all the photos of the people that are embedded in my soul and are more valuable to me than life itself.  Thank you Sue. 

 Thank you for sharing Helen

Back To School

Back To School
"This time of Year" so hard for so many

This week for most of Australia was "Back to School" week 

My news feed on FB has been filled with smiling faces of my friends beautiful children heading off to "first days" of everything from Prep to "last first day of school" for those entering grade 12.

Wow how fast they have all grown it is hard to keep up and I wish you all the best for the coming school year

Some of these georgeos kids I love so much and many of them are rainbows so very exciting times indeed for families 

As exciting as the new school year is for many my mind always turns to many of my friends this year that are in pain and find this time of year very difficult, as news feeds will up and the TV news continually has "Back to School" stories and tears from young ones as well as mum's and dad's 

Sadly many of my friends have tears of another kind. Painful tears as their children that should be starting school never got to live long enough to go. They miss out on this time and I know it hurts and I wanted to blog today to say I am thinking of you all and sending love and peace to your hearts 

Some of my friends have Rainbows and will one day all too soon get that "first day of school" photo and that is fantastic I look farward to that day very much. 

Sadly some of my friends are like us and will never get to take that "first day photo" ever. It is one of those dreams that will never come true one of the many hopes and dreams you have for a child when you first find out you are pregnant 

For these friends I can not find words of comfort I just wanted you to all know how much I do think of you this time of year. How much I know it is just not fair and it will never make sense to me how many of you, all of you so beautiful and who have such loving homes that sadly may remain empty of earth children. To you all I send so much love.

This came up on a friends news feed today and I had already planed to write this post and I guess this was a reminder from my Angels to make sure I did 

We all have hopes and dreams for our children from that day we see those two pink lines or the little stick that says "Positive". To me it does not mater how long you carry your baby for me it was not long for either of them but our dreams were the same.

Love and Light