Remembering a Mother

Remembering a Mother 

I remember the day I took the phone call. I was helping my Hubby with a renovation we were working on a house and I was sitting on the back deck stairs.

He had lost his wife and his daughter her mother. He was desperate to help his daughter find something truly special and unique to remember this amazing kind lady, something for his daughter to hold some of her ashes in.

His daughter has walked what had seemed hundreds of miles and so many jewellery stores trying to find that truly special piece and had had no luck.

He was so concerted for his daughter and I knew I had to do what I could to come up with something for them. I also remember the conversation as Mothers day was not far away and knew this lady would be missing her mother so much 

Talking on the phone it was established that even though not Canadian the Maple Leaf was very significant as her mother had once painted Maple Leaves falling and this painting was very special to them all. 

So a Maple leaf it was, in 9ct yellow gold "falling" just as it did in the painting. It was wrapped round a small silver pendant where her mothers ashes are safely sealed. 

I just love this pendant for so many reasons, making something special and one off taking something like a special painting and translating that to jeweller has been an honour 

I know you are watching over your husband and daughter 
Sending love and hugs to you all x

The Painting that inspired a very special piece of jewellery  

One families story translated into Jewellery 
what an honour I say again to be trusted to do this 

The Pendant created as a one off to hold the ashes of a much loved and missed Mother
solid 9ct gold on sterling silver 
 an honour to be trusted to make this 

Love and light 



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