New Postal Address April 2016

Postal address update

I have had to change my P O Box number 

as of 1st April 2016 it is now 

P O Box 122
Jimboomba Qld 4280

I know this address appears throughout this website and blog I have ammened as many as I could find and the currect address is on Facebook and on the right hands side with the international freight information
Most people email me before posting 

Love and light 

A Natural Stone will Choose you

Does a Natural Stone choose you?

 I know many people believe if you sit with a litter of puppies that your new family member will choose you and I know in the case of our dog Chillie this is true. We went to look for our new puppy thinking we were getting the black and white one and if anyone follows me at all knows Chillie is caramel and white. She was going home with us she decided she was not going to miss out of all the fun we have 
 I know many people believe this of their children that your child chooses to come into the world with you as their parent 
I feel the same way about natural stones and I have blogged about this before and I will put more links at the end of this post 
Natural stones are amazing no two are ever the same, just as not two lives are the same. For many different stone types carry different energies and different healing powers or meanings 

This week the stone above chose a family very special to me. They had lost a father, grandfather and great grandfather. This stone is for his wife to wear with his image in the back. I was talking to his daughter and after much going back and forth with ideas. Moonstone NO, Green No Blue Yes I wanted green turquoise  she wanted a blue stone so we settled on blue turquoise even though I still wanted green. At least the one thing we did agree on was oval

So I emailed my supplier to send me photos of Blue turquoise in oval 

Then this little tear drop made its way into the images they sent me 

OMG it was perfect I wish this photo of it could do it justice it is stunning and the most amazing blues and greens you could ever see and when you hold it the stone has the most amazing energy
This little stone chose us and this family and now has the image of a very special man sealed in the back of it 

I now many of you sometime have and "exact" image or plan in your head of what you want when it comes to your jewellery 

I say sometimes it is better to let the universe work out what it is that you are wanting and if you leave your heart and mind open to this in every part of your life I know you will experience fulfillment like you have never known before  

Other links to stones I have blogged 

 Image sealed in the back of stone xx
 Love and Light 

No two stones are ever the same so any stones you see of this website already have families all I can do is ask for similar or styles and stone types please do not ask me to get "that" stone as it is not possible open your heart and mind for what is yours not what is for others xx