Welome 2016

I am back for 2016

Today I am back in my office and work room for 2016 and this is going to be an amazing year, sending love and blessing to you all for the same 

This is where I woke up most mornings of my break a very special place for both myself and my husband, a place we go to every year to "refresh" our body minds and spirits with good friends and this much loved river 

My wait list is now open and I am working on all handmade one off jewellery again. My jeweller is away until the end of January 2016 so some items may still take some time to put together. His daughter is on hand helping me and as you know a lot of the items I do myself so it will depend on what you have ordered
As a lot of you know I now work more full time with my husband in our property investment business and from time to time I will be away working with him renovating houses and such. The jewellery and your stories take a lot out of me emotionally and as the years go on I will be moving more and more away from my jewellery business and more into our property one. I will always be here to help families that do need me for those special handmade one off peices of memorial jewellery I could never let anyone down, it just may be that wait times get a little longer 
My email remains the same so for those one off peices please email me 


Please exploure the site it is very much a guide to what can be done as most of my jewellery is personalized for you 

Please read as most of your questions will be answered in the pages of the site or look at this link 

Love and light 

Some photos of our summer holiday 

Most morning I would be on the boat too. This day I watched from the bank drank coffee and took in this spot in all its beauty

 We call her "Captain Chillie" as she loves to and always does sit at the front of the boat

 Mark doing what he loves and renewing his spirit

 Our boat and Mark out doing what he loves to do 
                                                       helping people learn to ski.
His passion and he loves to share it 

Love and light