How to Order

How to Order

Sue-Ella Signatures prides its self on unique and more one off jewellery, whether to remember and honour the life of a loved one lost or a special keepsake piece for a friend or special occasion. My specialty is Fingerprint, hand and footprint jewellery and locket personalization using images that you email me and I place into a locket. These lockets can have ashes or hair safely sealed inside.
Most of my jewellery options can be made to hold ashes or hair 

As so much of my jewellery is a one off and every life is different most of my orders come via email consultation or discussions over the phone if you are in Australia I am happy to talk you through.

I do not have cataloques as such as we work together on ideas and concepts you may have. I can email you links to my locket suppliers prior to personalizing a locket for you to get an idea of size and style for your taste

So to order is simple just email me what you would like and we go from there.


Once a piece is settled on I email you an invoice for payment to my account or Pay Pal then I can start to make and personalize your very special jewellery for you

Please feel free to explore my blog so many of your questions will be answered there and I can direct you to posts if you can not find the answers 

Most popular posts are below so please click on these to find out more 


 NB: engraving on any jewellery is no longer available all jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel and can be engraved by others if you wish. I am just unable to offer this anymore
Don't forget it is not always about memorials with my jewellery I love nothing more than to make something really special for any occasion so just email me your request and if I can not help I may able to find someone that can.
Love and Light 

Personalized gift certificates available

Personalized Gift certificates Available 

So often at a time of loss, a friend or family member may have no idea what to say or do or how to help. I so often communicate with "Best Friends" to help find that perfect piece of jewellery to ofter comfort and let someone know they are loved

If you are unsure of what someone would like but you want them to know how much you care I do offer personalized gift certificates. Each of these are written to the person that is to receive it . Some people choose to say they are offering a give of an Angel wing, Angel ball or Story Bracelet as below or it can just be a gift of jewellery from you to them. I can place a "Value in Dollars" in the certificate for you but I think at times of grief often it is difficult for people to want to think there is a value to a loved ones life on earth that has sadly ended. For this reason I often keep the value of the certificate hidden from the person that receives it. This is kept private between me and the person that purchases it. All I do is lead the person to a piece of jewellery in the price range I have and do what I can to make something special fit that price. If things work out that it is a lot more or less than the gift them we work together to work all the details out. The most important thing is that receiver of the gift certificate gets something special.

To purchase a gift certificate for a friend please email me 

All gift certificates records are kept in and numbered individually below is an example of a personalized certificate