Christmas Cut off dates for orders 2016

Christmas cut off dates for orders 2016

As most of you would know I no longer dedicate myself full time to my jewellery.
I will always help those that find me and need me, it just takes a little longer now days that it use to 

With December and Christmas fast approaching the usual is happening. Australia Post is starting to get slower and my suppliers of items I buy in are starting to run out of stock and I have very limited time to work on any one off or personalize items 

Therefore I will be unable to process any jewellery required for Christmas after the 1st of December 2016. For orders outside Australia any one off or personalized items will not be able to be ordered now until 2017

Items I have in stock or that are easily ordered in that do not require fully personalizing for overseas an be ordered up until 1st December 2016 
For Australia in stock items can be ordered until 14th December 2016

Wishing everyone love and light over the holiday season may we all have an amazing 2017