A Bluebird for a Father

A Bluebird For Her Dad

I get an email from a lady asking for a one off piece of jewellery nothing new about that.

It was something special for her to wear in memory of her beloved Dad that had passed. Again nothing new I have honored many Dads for those missing them.

This lady wanted no ashes or hair to go with the piece just a Bluebird on a pretty chain that would sparkle like stars in the night sky 

I thought well you can buy little Bluebirds anywhere and if no need for a conversion to hold ashes or hair then then this lady could simply even click on ebay or the internet anywhere and get one a lot cheaper than having me or my jeweler making her one

So I tried to talk her out of it 

No she insisted it had to be a certain size, shape it had to have the chain hang a certain way, it had to have a diamond for the eye as a diamond in the sky and for April. This bluebird had to be just as special as unique and as one off as her Father 

So this little Bluebird was made. Hand cut and crafted by my jeweller with a diamond in the eye then a searched for the perfect chain to go with it that would sparkle from every angle

I was so happy and blown away with the result I only wish this photo would do it justice. This Bluebird is NOTHING at all like what she could have bought cheaply over the internet. It is what I call and "Adult" Bluebird not a child style you can find everywhere and can not even be recreated even if we wanted to, so rich in colour and so unique it floats and fly's like does not even need its chain

So happy this lady did not listen to me and she was insistent on having this one off made for her it was a lot more expensive than only old Bluebird but then again there is no other Father like her Dad and never will be 

May he fly high in Heaven watching over you forever ♥

Photo from this lady now her Bluebird is home