Handmade Fine Silver Seashells

Below is my signature collection of handmade fine silver seashells.
All shells can be made to hold ashes or sand from Christian's Seashore.

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Handmade Fine Silver Pandora Charm $95

Handmade Fine Silver Shell Charm $45
Charm size suitable for a bracelet on a jump ring

Handmade Fine Silver Shell Pendant On Sterling Silver Chain $110
Made to hold ashes (ashes must be sent and be placed inside as part of the making process)

Handmade Fine Silver Seashell $85
(Cast from a seashell found on Pottsville Beach, Queensland, Australia)

This Mermaid Coin was sent from a family in SA and I have made it into a pendant for them as the shell was special to them and I filled it with Sand from Christians Seashore another significant place for them

Above is a Mermaid Coin shell from Christian's Seashore. The shell was taken from the beach a mould is made and the turned to fine silver. Inside the shell is Sand from Christian's beach and on the back of the shell is this littl Angel girls footprints as sadly she did not ever get a chance to walk there with her family. She is loved and rmembered by us all xxxx

(Oxidised version of Mermaid Coins)

These shells are cast from shells I found on Christians Sea Shore and can have ashes or sand from Christian's Sea Shore placed inside. They are known as "Shiva Shell's" Carly and her Girls like to call them "Mermaid Coins" an expression or name that I think matches there beauty and spirit.

Charms size only $45
Necklace and Pendant Size $110
Pandora or clip charm $95

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