Jewellery Care Instructions

Jewellery Care

I get asked so often and totally understand that people what to wear and have there loved ones with them 24/7. I am asked is the jewellery is watertight and can it be worn in water.

To answer this question is complex and the answer is Yes and No.

I try to think of it like this. If you have a sports car that can go over 200km/hr  it may be able to do this but it is not recommended

With the exception of Memory Balls and Four Way lockets your jewellery will be watertight and sealed in a way to keep all hair and ashes safe and dry. 

However the issue is NO jewellery should ever be worn 24/7. No jeweller or jewellery manufacture will ever recommend jewellery to never be taken off. Not even chains and to a great degree especially chains as they can tangle and wear far faster while you sleep as they tangle and rub. Sue-Ella Signatures can not be held responsible for damage caused to jewellery if worn to bed or in water.
Jewellery is also subject to general wear and tear so please keep an eye on clasps and jump rings especially if you feel a "tug" on it at any time, like taking off jumpers this often causes stress on jewellery.

Jewellery is made from a metal. A precious metal and should be treated with care as it is jewellery and delicate. Metals react with metals and chemicals so your hair spray, perfume and especially mineral make ups will react with the metal in some cases. Jewellery can also be effected by medications some people has as it seeps through your skin.

If you are a smoker you may need to clean your jewellery more often as nicotine though your skin and sweat will always effect the jewellery and leave a residue and mark

If you choose to wear your jewellery 24/7 please take the time to have it professional checked and looked at say once a year to make sure the most important jump rings near the clasp and the clap itself are in good condition as these are the parts that will wear fastest

If you are wearing you jewellery in pools or spas be aware that the chemicals in these can effect the metal in your jewellery.

If you choose to wear your jewellery in showers or baths your shampoo and soaps can also effect the metal and also leave a "film" of residue on it that can build up.

When it comes to two way lockets with images sealed inside or pendants with stones. If worn is showers or warm water such as a spa the metal with expand and contract as it heats and cools therefore you can risk breaking the seal as the seal will not react as the metal does. the metal will move and the sealer will not. Therefore jewellery with images in it should NEVER be worn in a shower or bath and should be treated like a water resistant watch

I hope this helps some of you understand and complexities of my position. I do understand your desire to never take your loved one off but if you choose to do so please take extra time to wipe down your jewellery with a jewellery cleaning cloth and keep a good eye on it.I believe the best way to have your loved ones next to you at night is on a special place next to you on a bedside table not getting tangled up in sheets. I have many many customers that never take there jewellery off and they are aware of this. Also be careful when removing clothing when wearing your jewellery as it can get caught.
Your loved one is precious and so is your jewellery.
Love and Light 


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