Jeweller on the move again

My Jeweller is moving 

Once again my jeweller is on the move and so is his workshop. As most of you that follow my work know both I and my jeweller no longer do this work full time. Over the years it has taken its toll on our hearts as we invest so much of ourselves into every piece we create. 

Your stories all of them break our hearts it a lot to deal with daily 

We will always be here for those that find us but it will take some time to make any one off peices as the workshop will be out of commission for a few weeks 

Orders that are currently placed will be completed however there will be many things we cannot work on until April 2017 

I will be making most of the fine silver fingerprint range, memory balls and personalising of lockets 

No engraving will be available until workshop is moved and set back up 

Please feel free to email me your requests and I will be able to give you a time line 

Love and light