I have always had a passion for keepsakes, and in particular - jewellery.

Many years ago I was asked to help a family remember a loved one lost by taking his fingerprint and placing it with his ashes and photo into a locket. This I believed would be my first and only memorial piece. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would make more trips to mortuaries to help families by taking their loved one’s prints.

After seeing the healing effect that my jewellery had on this family, I felt drawn to continue to help others through the art of jewellery. As demand grew from overseas and families not close enough for me to meet their loved one in person, I developed different techniques of taking and using prints. My personalized jewellery range is constantly changing and evolving as I seek to help families find what is the best for them to remember their loved one.

Lockets with images, handmade pieces, and natural stones are among the most popular within the range. Ashes, hair, soil and sand are also very popular and can be placed in most pieces of jewellery.

Your loved one’s story can be told in a simple series of photos, a one piece locket, an angel ball, or you may choose a complete bracelet of charms and keepsakes. I will work with you to find that special and unique way to remember. Natural stones hold a unique energy and symbolism as
every stone is different just as is every life.

I look forward to helping you remember and hold your loved one close every day - in the unique way that only jewellery can.

Love and Light

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