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I spend a lot of my day helping families via email or over the phone. I know you have allot of questions and I know how important the piece of jewellery you choose is and that it must be just "right"

I think even harder than choosing sometimes is the posting of ashes, I think all of you that do post me small portions are so brave and I thank you for trusting me so much to make the jewellery that will honour our loved one. It is a true privilege to help.

I just want to cover a few regular questions today and finish the blog with a copy of the FAQ&A from my website.

Yes I post overseas I had received and posted back ashes and hair from all corners of the world.

Best mailing procedure

All ashes and hair are sent registered mail so must be signed for. The average postage time is two weeks. If you want express courier services it is more expensive but will get to and from in less than 5 days

The best way to post ashes is in a small plastic zip lock bag. Only about a teaspoon is required or not even that depending on the piece of jewellery and I will return to you what is not used.

I recommend you do not handle the ashes yourself please have a family member or trusted Friend do this for you.

Postal address is
Sue-Ella Signatures
P O Box 122
Jimboomba Qld 4280

Postage in Australia express is $9.90 Platinum express to sign for $15.00

International options 

Normal post not signature or tracking $10 takes 2 to 3 weeks 
Registered international post can be tracked and has to be signed for $25 and will take 2 to 3 weeks 
International express courier can be tracked and has to be signed for $55 and takes 7 to 10 days 

Yes I do have some pieces that you can fill yourself. However all lockets and handmade pieces I must seal for you.

Fingerprint, Hand and footprint jewellery is also available world wide we can work together on options that suit you. I will post more about these options soon.

Most recently I have started working with the most talented jeweller's I could find, so more of the one off creations available that were once only available in fine silver are now also available in 9ct yellow gold, prices will depend on the weight and size of the jewellery

Yes jewellery can be payed off in a lay by type style all I do is email you an invoice for pay pal or with my account details and you can pay as you can. I must hold onto the jewellery until payments are complete but I know this system can help families ♥

Below is the FAQ&A's from my Website

Please always feel free to email me

Love and Light


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