Gone from earth too soon

Gone from earth too soon 

She was young she as beautiful and she was taken from her earth family too soon
I remember the day I held her hand in the mortuary to take her finger print. I had spoken to her mother the day before and it was just not fair just not fair at all. It is never fair when someone is gone so young. Cancer is  hideous and does not discriminate 

 I think this extract from an email I received from her mother explains so much of this young ladies story and fight

"No words can ever express the loss and pain, over 14 yrs from the age of 7 to have over 150 operations,  to be the first so many times in the world for so many different reasons and for herself to re-write medical history over and over and then still hold down 3 jobs right to the end, a fully qualified Hairdresser, youngest representative in Q.L.D consulting Loraine Lea Linen and a Wedding Planner and still having a huge smile everyday with an extremely positive attitude, it is just not fair."

 This family does not live far from me so I have got to know them well especially after visiting their home and seeing so many photos of this young lady and the beautiful way they have continued to remember and memorialize her in their home. From statues of Angels with photos of her, photos everywhere her hand cast and one of my favorites is an amazing glass top table filled with personal keepsakes and I was privileged enough to not only be shown this precious piece of furniture but was aloud to photograph it 

Her family have chosen to remember in jewellery as well and have her with them every day 

Memory balls in solid 9ct gold and sterling silver with photos of her inside from baby to adult capturing those special moments and personality 
Then there are Angel wings with her fingerprint in the back in solid 9ct gold and fine silver along with a set of Angel wings with her hair inside and print engraved on the back 

It was an honour and privilege yet again to be trusted to make such precious jewellery for this family 

Rest in Peace beautiful Angel I know your will be watching over your family and smiling down on them with your beautiful smile xx  

Jewellery collection remembering their Angel 

Angel wing 9ct gold 
Solid 9ct yellow gold Angel wing with print in the back 

  Solid 9ct yellow gold wings pendant with hair inside and print engraved on the back 

Her Mum wearing a memory ball and wing with print 
9ct yellow gold

 Two photos of the beautiful memorial table this family have in their home 
very very special keepsakes inside

Love and light to this family always 
and kisses to Heaven to their beautiful Angel 

Links to jewellery like this are below just click 


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