Early Pregnacy Loss

Jewellery ideas for early Pregnancy loss

Today's blog post will be very similar in ideas to an early post "lost years ago." Similar in the way that you may not have hand or footprints of your baby. No hair locks or even have gotten to the stage that you named your baby. However it was your baby you were pregnant and you want to have something to remember and honour a life sadly lost.

Miscarriage is something many just do not understand on an emotional level unless you have been there. Many would just tell you to forget and move on. Don't let people tell you how to feel or what you should and should not remember. My pregnancy was very much a surprise after years of thinking it was never going to happen seeing those two pink lines I must say was quite a shock, an exciting shock but a shock none the less.

Sadly we lost the baby very early and never got to know the sex nor did we name the baby but we did have a nickname and that was "Bubby" not very original I know but that was who I would talk to everyday.

Ways I remember Bubby are that I have a name in the sand. A butterfly from butterfly beach. These are in a locket. I taped one of the pregnancy tests to the back of one and it is framed. This may sound strange but no one can see the test. I know it is there and to me it is "Proof of Life" and all I really have. I took another test as my husband just did not believe me. That test is in a beautiful Eddy Bear that sits on our bed. Tracey from Eddy Bear has also put early pregnancy scans into bears again the only proof of life or image of a baby that you may have that sadly left too soon.

The Birthstone from the month of conception can be found in many pieces of jewellery and images from Carly can be placed in the back. Letters to Heaven can help heal. I have many many ideas in my head so if you feel there is something special for you out there I can help you find it. A butterfly, dragonfly, a star, a flower anything that says something to you is special and no one else has to know or understand its significance unless you choose to tell them.

Some ideas and images below as well as in post lost years ago.

I have a sad update to this post. Since writing it my husband and I have lost our second pregnancy one that was much tried for, in fact for over a year,  we called this baby Baby J and I have many pieces of jewellery made in his/her honour. We did get to see a heartbeat and sadly next scan it was gone. Today I have Baby J's positive test in with Bubby's safely in the Eddy Bear as our proof of life. I also have the scan we sore the heartbeat on as one of the images in my memory ball. We had so many hopes and dreams and a due date to look forward to and then it was gone. Love to all those and prayers for you future and ours as we continue in the hope that one day we hold out babies in our arms not just in our heart. 

A Dragonfly on a pearl

A butterfly on a necklace or bracelet (style can vary)

A Mother Child Pendant

One heart or multiple hearts as many people suffer multiple miscarriages

Bubby's images from Carly in a locket. Ultra sound images can also be scanned and resized then fitted into lockets for you.

One of the many images Carly has done for me 
 My Family in one of my three Memory balls with images from Carly and a scan from our second pregnancy that was also lost early. Our Dog Shep on the bottom was also lost many years ago he is so very special to us 
To know about Memory ball click here on

A simple initial with an Angel these are Bubby's and Christians

You can engrave a simple piece of jewellery to remember

One of Carly's butterflies in the back of a Rose Quartz

An Eddy Bear can have your baby's name embroidered on the little feet and if you kept a positive pregnancy test like I did you can place it inside. Maybe an ultrasound image can go inside if you have one.
I took my bear to the Teddy Bears Picnic at the races recently with all my friends children it is a very special bear indeed

Finally a personal favorite and so powerful an Angel Ball

Yes always a good idea an Angel Ball always so simple saying so much. Mine is just simply engraved "Bubby"
Click here to know more about Angel Balls 

You can always contact me for something special for you


Hope Faith Love said...

This is truly beautiful Sue. So many wonderful ideas to honour a precious little life lost too soon. Hugs to you wonderful lady. Thank you for sharing your own beautiful Bubby with us.

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful ideas.
Hugs xxx

Franchesca said...

Sue, I never knew your story on loss, and I just want to say thank you for sharing it. I am so sorry you never got to hold this precious baby. You are doing so so much in your words and in your beautiful jewelry to bring healing to others who have walked this road.

Lots of love to you xxxx

margaret cox said...

Thank you so much for sharing your life,loss&love with everyone! I know you have helped my beautiful niece with her loss! I love all of your awesome butterfly's!

Unknown said...

You are such a special lady sue....I am so sorry both bubby and baby j are not here with you. You are a beautiful mother, always. xxxx Hope

Sue said...

Thanks you so much Hope. Big love and hugs back to you xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue, thank you so much for putting together my little boys memorial necklace. I just love it and it means so much. You were so helpful and kind throughout the hole process. Having his ashes around my neck and close to my heart makes him feel close to me everyday. So thank you again.

Sue said...

Much love and hugs xxx

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