Locket Ideas

Locket Ideas

Lockets are some of the most personal jewellery pieces a person can ever wear. They can hold the most precious of memories and keepsakes. It is your choice if you wish to open it and share it with the world or keep it closed and private.

Lockets for the most part have two side and therefore can hold two photos or images of your choice. Lockets are sometimes confused with cremation pendants that can be filled and sealed however these pendants do not open to hold images. Still beautiful and a great choice of jewellery for some. Pendants I will talk about another day. Today I will explain lockets and some ideas that may help.

The standard two sided locket is available in solid 9ct gold or sterling silver. Lockets can hold two images of your choice and under these images I can safely seal for you ashes, soil, flowers or sand from Christians seashore. Hair is often asked to be seen so I place this over the image of choice which is quite often hand or footprints.

Your locket images will be sealed watertight and will still open for you like a normal locket. Below are some ideas that may help you when choosing your special memories to go inside.

If you already have a locket special to yourself it may be able to be used
Please click on this link to find out more 
Using a locket you already have 

A Pendant no images
Locket that opens for images


Lockets would have ashes sealed under images inside.
Pendant unscrews at the top and
ashes or hair can be placed and
sealed inside

Rectangle locket not available
other shapes in gold are email me for options 

A locket that holds two CarlyMarie images

Sand from Christians Seashore is safely sealed under the images
Average price of silver lockets $145
on bracelets prices from $185

Angel Baby feet reduced in size and placed on one side
Sterling silver lockets can be placed on to bracelets

(Gold lockets are not recommended for bracelets however Solid Gold Pendants for Ashes are available and suitable to be worn on bracelets)

Images of special places can go into locket. I have placed images of all sorts of things into lockets. Everything from sporting teams to favorite Teddy Bears. If it was special to your loved one and we can get an image of it. I will put it into your locket.

This locket has an image of Mt Everest and a very special man will be taking this to the top of Mt Everest later this year and placing this locket up there to stay on top of the world forever in memory of his sister.

Remembering Anika

Sadly Anika passed at only 18 weeks gestation in this special 4 way locket that flips down we have a beautiful series of images from CarlyMarie. A recognition of life, an Angel candle image remembering Anika always, A letter from her mother, Anika's name in the sand.
Words to a loved one can be so important and powerful I encourage people to write.

Lockets can be used on special occasions such as Weddings to have love one with you on the most special of days or occasions

This locket has words to a much loved mum that was lost not long before her daughters wedding. The bride walked down the isle with her mother in this beautiful locket wrapped around her bouquet. Other lockets I have filled have been worn by Brides on neck chains to have loved ones with them on their special day.
See Weddings for more ideas

Larger lockets prices start from $150

A locket with hair
(Rectangle style currently not available in gold this is and example only of inside options)

This is my locket. Something special for myself with Marks image on one side and what he loves to do more than anything is to water ski, so over an image of him skiing I placed some of his hair.

Below a locket has been fully personalize to have a star placed on the front a lower case "d" is on the back and under the image of this young man is his ashes safely sealed. On the other side is a daisy flower that has been dried and sealed and is one of the flowers from his funeral. Thank you to his family for allowing me to share this image and ideas they used to personalize their lockets

Prices from $150 for silver

Idea for a Widow
In Loving memory of a wonderful husband Wal ♥
The idea for this locket came from a widow that could not bare to be without her late husbands wedding ring. She did not want it melted down and used as I can with gold (click here to see melting down gold) and she did not want to wear it on a traditional chain as over the years it had become quite fragile and worn. So together we came up with a silver locket a butterfly soldered on the front and an image of her husband on side and his ring set on the other, Set so it is safe but not set enough that she can not still feel it. She has given permission for this idea and image to be shared as it may help someone else in the future xx
Prices start at $150 for sterling silver

Images such as feet or hands can be engraved on the front of lockets

Lockets are available in solid 9ct Gold of all colours and many styles

 Once wait list is open I will email you links to lockets you can choose from

As well as bracelets sterling silver lockets can go on single sterling silver bangles prices start at $185 or Russian bangles as pictures prices for Russian Bangles start from $285

Two images in these lockets and can hold hair or ashes 

Lockets in sterling silver of many styles and sizes are available

  Once wait list is open I will email you links to lockets you can choose from 

For more information on sending hair and ashes click here to visit FAQ&A

Please email me to purchase or organize the personalization or your special locket

email: sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Many locket styles available I will work with you to find the perfect one to suit you. Once you decide a locket is for you I email you to links of my suppliers to pick the locket of your choice

Although locket images are sealed water tight no jewellery should ever be worn in water it is just not good for the metals to know more click on
Care instructions 

Fill yourself heart photo locket
sterling silver 2cm front engraved "Together Forever" (come like this can not be changed)
Matt back finish look plain so can be engraved with your words flat rate $25
Comes with instructions on how to fill yourself once plate clipped in it can not be removed and hair or ashes are safe
Instructions on fitting your image are included 
Price just the locket $60
With a 50cm curb chain $75
If you would like me to fit and seal image that you email leaving only ashes or hair sealing at your end additional cost of $45

email to order sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

So Many styles are available and I can send you to links to see what suits your taste
New ones I want to share are for Dad and a new one for Mum

sterling silver 3cm x 1.8cm

sterling silver mother and child locket
2.1cm x 1.6cm

the gold look is HGP
explained at the bottom of this post with images or round clear lockets

Solid Gold chains available
please click on the link below
Solid gold chains for sale

For those of you that like gold but do not like the price. I have found these "locket" style pendants in stainless steel and the colours of gold Yellow, White and Rose. they have a perspex front and unscrew so you can place something special inside and see it (3.2cm diameter so they are big) CZ's surround the outside. Pendants will hold colour for up to and over 2 yeas with proper care . Notes from manufacture I will place below. Pendants are $55 if you want to fill and seal yourself. If you would like me to fit images or seal valuables then there will be an additional $60 charge. Let me know colour and address for postage and invoicing. sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Regarding the colour on the stainless steel, this is lron Plating, which is the same method used

for colouring the stainless steel on watches.

316L is the grade of stainless steel used in the jewellery. This is surgical grade stainless steel which is the correct grade to be used for earrings, piercings and other jewellery close to the body.

lt has a lower carbon composition than 316 grade stainless steel and should not oxidise or turn black with regular care.

IP colour coating normaill lasts 1-2 years or more under good managment

The breakdown for the materials in the lon Plating on stainless steel is:

lP Pink: The material contains 60% 18K gold and 40% titanium nitride.

lP Black: The material contains 80% carbon nitride and 40% titanium nitride.

lP Gold: The material conlains 60% 18K gold and 40% titanium.

IP plating process includes a titanium nitride layer and IP colour coating.

IP colour coating includes gold, rose, and black.

IP colour coating thickness normally 0.2 micro.



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