Lost Years Ago

Lost Years Ago

Over the past week I have had the privilege and honour to help 3 lovely lady's who all lost babies many many years ago. In fact these losses were decades ago. For these ladies it is still like it was yesterday. Their stories were all so touching and so sad and made even sadder because in years past they where not offered the help and support that can be found by us all today.

No help at the hospital no support groups or gifts of hope, photos taken by Heartfelt or something - anything you could take home. No hand or foot prints taken. Just cruel words like "go home, forget it happened" "You have more children at home be grateful and forget about this one"

Well these ladies did not forget the children they never go to see. Never given the chance to hold as that was not the "done thing" in one case it took over 30 years to find where twin baby boys had been laid to rest.

I don't want this post to be about what should have happened as we all know so much help is out there now. I want this post to be simply about ideas of what you can do to still capture something special in jewellery or a keepsake and how I have helped families that sadly could not get help before.

If you have not hair locks, No hand or footprints, No photographs you did not even get to hold or cuddle your baby. For you I send love now. I send thanks and am grateful to all the wonderful organizations out there that now offer help. I am thankful also to organizations like SANDS that have support groups for people that have suffered losses years ago and would like some help now.

Below I will try and offer some ideas of how I can help create a special keepsake piece of jewellery for you.

Firstly to create a special image that is will honour your baby, a unique moment in time that is yours and your baby's moment and that is to get a name in the sand from the beautiful CarlyMarie. Or a personalised butterfly from Butterfly beach from there we can place these images into lockets for you.

Under these images I can place soil from grave sites or images of the graves if that would bring you comfort. I have known and actually done this for a lady that lived interstate. I went to the cemetery photographed the plot then stood there and looked around and picked the first flower I saw. This flower was then placed under a photo in a locket along with a small amount of soil.

You can use a combinations of images from CarlyMarie and letters to you loved one like in the four way locket below. A recognition of life certificate, Angel images, A letter to this baby from her mother and a name in the sand.

You may prefer just something simple like just engraving special words onto a piece of jewellery

Write a letter the power of word can not be measured. Write it down and if you do not want a traditional locket we can seal the scaled down letter into this sterling silver envelope. I call these Letters to Heaven.

Last idea for this Blog and Angel ball this simple ball is so simple yet can say so much. To find out more about Angel Balls please read Blog post Healing power of Angel Balls

For more ideas or help please never hesitate to contact me

♥Love and light ♥


Debbie said...

Thankyou so much...my heart and eyes have been opened even more...you are a beautiful soul...x with love from one of the above mums...Debbie

The Rowlinsons said...

Thank you once again for helping out my wonderful friend 'have somthing of her babies'. I know this locket will mean the world.

Anonymous said...

I can understand how they feel. It has been 33 years since I lost my angel baby. I was a young newlywed. My husband and I still talk about our angel P.J. (we named our angel), and still talk about him almost every single day. As long as we are still breathing he will never be fogotten. I am jus reading this now. I know it is an old post. The ironic thing is the comments (June 30) is the day I lost my baby years ago. Maybe another sign from my P.J. :)

Sue said...

Oh I know it is a sign from PJ this goes hand in hand with the Angel Calendar today. I wish I knew your name Anonymous as I send you love and you will always remember your baby and dont let anyone tell you not to or that time will heal. PJ was your baby and sadly not with you on earth but I know is watching a look for the signs they will be there Love and light ♥

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