3D Hand and Footprints

3 Dimensional Hand and Footprint

A couple of weeks ago I called for a couple of volunteers that had paper copies of Angel Baby hand or footprints there were happy to email me and share with the followers of my FB Page and Blog. I had a new idea and I wanted to make something and see how they worked out. If I have to make samples I would rather make something for a family that is going to love and treasure the piece of jewellery than make something for myself as goodness I have enough jewellery and I love to give things away.

Messaging with Jodie one of the volunteers yesterday reminded me of a little Angel girl. She was lost at 36 weeks gestation and I went to the mortuary and took her prints for her family. I remember what she looked like and what she was wearing but I don't remember at the time thinking her hands where anything other than normal. I took the moulds and came home and made the pendants. While making the pendants I discovered this little girl had really odd looking hands and very strange shaped fingers, they were really square. I had never seen hands like it before. I started to stress had I done something wrong had I failed to take the prints properly I was so worried but made the pendant anyway as that was the print this little Angel had given me.

I delivered the pendant to her dad a few days later. I nervously handed over the pendant. Her father held it in his hand and started to cry through his tears he softly and staring at the pendant "She had my hands" I then immediately looked at his hands and there they were only adult sized this little Angels hands her dad's hands were the same kind of odd and with very square fingers. What a special gift I had given him and I had worried so much. Yes I cried too and have never shared this story until yesterday.

Taking a paper copy of a hand or footprint that is emailed to me I can now help more families with this unique form of jewellery. I take the print through a series of processes of cast and mould making and eventually after loosing four what are called generations I am able to create a three dimensional hand for footprint piece of jewellery of your Angels hand or footprint.

The jewellery I create from these casts or moulds can be anything from pendants to charms for mum's or dad's and even ear rings known as "Evan is Waving ear rings" have been created using this method. I can make the jewellery in fine silver, sterling silver or gold in both 9ct and 18ct in all three gold colours. Only the fine silver versions of these pieces of jewellery will be able to hold ashes and I must place them in as part of the making process.

The piece of jewellery that is created is an exact replication of the print I am send and therefore no two are ever the same. The end result will always depend therefore on the quality of the original sent. This is no more obvious with little Zak's hand print that I worked with. The hospital took his print and his little finger was basically missing from the print and therefore is very hard to see in the final product. In the case of Xavier's print it has worked beautifully as it was a good strong clear print to start with.

All I know is I love the fact that they are all different and truly a copy of the print sent. I know this from reactions I get from families I make the jewellery for. Yesterday I got a message from the lovely Jodie and she was so happy with her pendant as it shows her little boys print perfectly and it reminder her that even at such a young age with regards to gestation her little man had her feet and second toe. Jodie's pendant could not be any more different to the one made for Ron using Xavier's print and this show how different we all really are.

Baby Xavier's print in a pendant for his Granddad Ron

Priced from $140
email to purchase sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Ear Rings of a Baby's hand in sterling silver and 18ct Gold
Ear rings of this style are know as
"Evan is Waving" Ear rings in honour of this little boy sadly lost too early

I am so in love with the detail that came out in these little hands when these ear rings are so small
Priced from $140 for silver to $250 for gold
to purchase email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Jodie's Little Angles print paired with a Dolphin an important part of his and her story

To have your story told in jewellery visit story jewellery on this blog

A closer look at the detail in the "Even is Waving" hand print ear rings
priced from $140 in silver and from $250 in gold the bigger the gold piece the more expensive due to amount and weight of gold used
to purchase email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Little Miss G's hand print as a Pandora bead

Big Brother Zak's hand print as a Pandora bead
Pandora style with 3D from $140
The same time and process required and made more difficult due to small size
to purchase email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Triplet boys prints. lost at 1 hour, 10 days and 58 days. To honour their time on earth and their fight to stay each foot is a different size.
can be made in gold and to order just email

Beautiful Baby Amalia's footprint for her dad

To know more about how Amalia's family is helping other families that suffer the loss of a child please visit Amalia's Lockets

Taken a couple of years ago using a different method that was only available to families in my home town, these are still some of my most favorite pieces I have ever created. Beautiful twin girls lost too early
This Dog Tag was for Dad

Little Angel toes for Mum in a heart

To purchase and order your 3 dimensional hand or footprint jewellery please email me

Prices for fine silver from $140 as it is such a very involved making process
Prices for gold will start at $240 due to the current price of gold and again the very involved process to make this style of jewellery

Other style of finger hand and footprint jewellery can be found on this blog
Finger Hand and Footprint jewellery
Colour Hand and Footprint Jewellery

If you already have a pendant made by someone else and would like it copied and made in solid 9 or 18ct gold click on link below

Turning your pendant from silver to gold 

Love and light


Lia said...

Hello I am the mother of baby Evan, our beautiful son who was very sadly stillborn at 38 weeks on May 8th 2011. After nearly four months of contemplating how I wanted to use my son's precious prints in jewellery, I contacted Sue to ask her to create something she had never done before. And so Evan's handprint was developed into the beautiful 18 ct gold hand earring that Sue has shown on this page and FB. It is truly incredible. I call the earring 'Evan is waving', as he is to the world from his special place. Sue has done a wonderful job in making this piece of jewellery - especially when she had not previously used this technique. She was also just so easy and efficient to deal with, from start to finish.
I am thrilled that my earring (and of course Evan) has inspired her to continue creating more jewellery of this style. Thank you Sue, and I hope that the jewellery Evan has inspired brings other clients great happiness in a time of terrible aching sorrow - just as it brought me.

Sophie said...

They are just beautiful Sue. I love the pandora bead with the hand especially. xx

Sending love to the families and their angels. xx

Sue said...

Thank you Sophie I know the families really appriciate and can feel your love and kindest of thoughts xxxx

Button And Bean said...

I really like the pearl version!

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