One off Jewellery Creations

One off Jewellery Creations

So often I am asked by families to make special one off creations to honour the life of a special loved one. It is always so special to be chosen to do this and to be trusted to create something that will mean so much to someone.

How his happens is families have ideas send me images or tell me a story of a loved one. From these emails I come up with ideas and inspirations and together a vision I hope comes to be.

Sadly I am hopeless drawing and can only try and describe my ideas in words as trying to draw it is never going to get my vision across. 

I am happy for families to send my ideas from the net that they would like to me use and change for them and even happier if families can sketch for me what they see in their mind

I often send images of ideas similar I have created before and often families let me put things I have made onto my blog and FB page. This is why this site is very much a guide to ideas and things I can make.

I do my best with describing what I see in my head. Sadly I can not create a one off piece for anyone photograph it and then send a  photo for the obvious reason that this would cost me a lot of money in materials and time and just can not be done 

If I do not thing something is possible or if I think the vision is not going to work I will always let people know. 

Jewellery making is an art form and sometimes trust needs to be placed in the artist hands to create something special. I do totally understand that some people need to "touch feel see" something prior to purchase and I am more than happy for ideas to be taken to a Jeweller you can meet in person to help you with this .

As I mentioned my blog site is full of ideas of past things made and feel free to explore these are some of the most valuable links click on them to see more 
All these forms of jeweller are in a way personalized also to be one off 

Below are images of some of my most recent one off pieces I have made in the past month for families
that came to me with ideas 

A four heart bracelet 
A father and husband want to give his wife a special bracelet with the birthstone of each of his children in each heart. Two babies in Heaven and two on Earth so very special 

A Pearl with a Unicorn and Elephant and ashes inside 
 Story of this told in the link 
A Pearl that tells a story 

Heart Pandora Charms to hold ashes
 with a shell on the top means so much
Maybe there is something special to your family that could 
be placed on something like this 
From a sketch supplied 

fingerprints of loved ones on the back 
diamonds supplied from an old ring  

This Ladies story breaks my heart and this is a piece 
that is still so special in my memory 
After an email describing far too many losses and having jewellery from me before I got the saddest of emails saying yet again this family had lost a baby the rainbow they truly believed would arrive 
This lady and her family still have the most amazing strength and faith that is unwavering so I created a rainbow dragonfly that moves with the words "Waiting on the Lord" engraved around it on a bracelet 
Still sending love and prayers to this lady every time I think of this bracelet 

Add yourself and create your own 
Sometimes I can not find from suppliers or make exactly what families are looking for so for them I suggest searching the net to find exactly what they want  and they can add to their own story. Often I just have the starting piece that can hold the ashes and you can add what you like to necklaces or bracelets you do not have to get them from me I can be your "start"

With this one I just helped 
a young lady already owned this special heart 

 "This might be an unusual request?" I hear this a bit and get constant emails for one off pieces to be created and today this story goes home. A young lady came to me after the tragic loss of her fiance and she wanted to desperately use a little heart she had been given by him. A little something he once found out on a walk he gave it to her and said "I give you my heart". She wanted his ashes in this special heart so she brought it to me. As it turns out this little heart is solid plastic but just means so much. So my amazing jeweller Jason drilled a hole in the back hollowed out what he could and made a screw. I teamed it with a stainless chain to match the colour it is now going. Today we filled and sealed this little heart in my kitchen and it is now home forever where it belongs around a young lady's neck Some of you are reading this and you know who you are that have sent me "unusual" requests. Love and Hugs to you all xx

I hope this blog post has help some of you understand why it is impossible to always send an image of a one off design 
If only I could photograph the inside of my mind or even draw but sadly I can not 

I can help all I can and please explore this blog and I am only an email away 

love and light 


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