A Pearl that tells a story

A Pearl that tells a story
Pearls no longer available these could be substituted for silver or gold balls only
For so very long people had asked me to be able to alter the dragonfly and pearl pendant, so they could put hair or ashes inside and I did finally work out a way of doing this with my jeweller Jason. It is extremely delicate work but we can do it and seal it for families. 

I have also received may emails from families asking for the original pearls to be changed to have butterflies or bee's rather than dragonflies and my answer was sadly always no as the cost to do this was too high due to the delicate nature of the work. (the pearls come to me with dragonflies on them already this is why they are the most affordable of options)

Then I gave in

I received a beautiful email one day from a lady saying she had found my site loved the pearl and knew it was for her to honour her grandmother. However she wanted a unicorn and an elephant on it instead. Again I said NO. Then she said she was happy to pay whatever it would cost to have this done for her. She had to have a unicorn for herself and the elephant for her grandmother that collected elephants.
This was a problem in two parts. Firstly I believed there would be too much going on and make the piece look too "busy" and also having so much with it would scratch the pearl. 
So my mission started, first I found the perfect unicorn to go and wrap round the front of the pearl and after a lot of thinking I came up with the idea of having the elephant as part of the bail sitting on the top to represent her grandmother always watching over her. 
Today this Pearl is now home and photo taken below is from the lady that now wears it. Her grandmothers ashes are also safely sealed inside and now with her always.
I thank her very much for her persistence and patience as this pearl took a while to come together for her and I thank her for letting me share her story. 
Her grandmother had live a very large and colorful life  what a lovely way to honour her

Prices to have pearl altered and personalized to this degree start at $280
email sue@sueellasignatures.com.au

Pearls no longer available can be substituted for gold or silver balls and priced accordingly

Pearls are extremely delicate and sensitive so must not be worn in water
if you loved ones ashes or hair are sealed inside they are perfectly safe it is the pearl itself that does not like water 


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