Jewellery for Children and Siblings

Children and Siblings

Far to often I am sadly asked to help families find special jewellery for Children. The jewellery could be for a surviving twin, or a sibling that has lost a big brother or sister prior to their birth or maybe a little bother or sister, in Heaven sometime born sleeping or has passed too early.

Children who have lost Parents, Grandparents or a significant loved one can also find healing in special memorial jewellery.

Many people have asked me if I think that children are too young for such special jewellery. All I can say is that from all the families of children I have made jewellery for I get nothing but good and positive feedback about how much the jewellery has helped the child. How it has calmed a child and that they totally understand the importance of the piece and it is treated with so much love and care. Email after email comes into my office with beautiful stories of the words that have come out of a child's mouth in relation to their special piece of jewellery.

Pieces for Children can be as simple as An Angel Ball or as Personal and individualized as a Locket. Most adult sized jewellery can be found in smaller versions for children. Dog tags can be engraved or etched. Lockets can be personalized. Small stone pendants can have images of loved ones, or hand and footprints placed into the back. Natural stones are often better than lockets as they do not open, the child can see the image by simply turning the stone over. Lockets I would only recommend to a slightly older child as lockets can be delicate and a small child will often open them too far and can break the hinges.

Always feel free to contact me for more ideas that may suit your family situation

A Bracelet for a surviving twin

This is an Adult size bracelet that is clicked back to make it the size that will fit a child then held back with a small butterfly clip pendant to represent a sister lost. As the child grows the bracelet is just not pined back as far. This is a piece the child can then, with proper care have for life. Always having something to honour a sibling with them as they grow.

An Angel Ball So simple so beautiful
click here to find out why

Hand or footprints of siblings in gold or silver any size available

silver or 9ct gold hand or footprints

Engraving or etching available Tags can be made in a size to suit a child

Simply engraving names or etching photos is lovely for a child

Lockets are available in sizes suitable for children
they can be personalized in the same way
Please click here to see Locket ideas

Natural stones also available in sizes suitable for children and can be personalized
click here to find out more about Natural stones

Please email me to purchase or go through ideas that may help a child in your life

Love and light

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Hi Sue,
If I do not get one Xmas Present this Xmas, you have given me the best presents of all. 2 Memorial Necklaces for my daughters in Memory of there Brother (Scott). The presntation is outstanding. I "Thank you"

Sue said...

Big Love and Hugs to you all Mary I hope Christmas is kind to your heart. xxxxx

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