Starting the wind down

Starting the wind down

Today it has become even more obvious to me that I am no longer having the time to do all the things I use to do when it comes to my jewellery business. Anyone that has followed me over these past 7 years knows that over the past year in particular I am focusing more and more on my husbands and my property and building business. The memorial jewellery business takes a toll on me emotionally as I feel peoples grief in every piece I make and there is only so much of that my heart can take.
 Most of the jewellery I make myself and I have less and less time. Some I buy in and some I have to trust others to do. Sadly with less time I am unable to focus as much as I should on what others do for me and been a perfectionist I do not delegate well 

For this reason I am now starting to delete ranges form my blog and will no longer be offering word engraving on any of the jewellery 

All the jewellery is solid sterling silver or solid gold or stainless steel so can be easily engraved by others when you receive it . I have noted this on most of my pages and if I have missed any I do apologize.

I am also slowing going through the blog and deleting lines of jewellery that I am unable to now supply. Some posts or links may be missed and I again apologize for that, this blog has grown so much over the years and has countless links to ideas to help families. As most of the jewellery is ordered via email as it is personalized I will be able to help with replies to what I am able to provide and not provide 

There are so many places to buy memorial jewellery on the internet I know when it does comes time to finish my work totally I know you will be in the good hands of other caring people 

For now I am still making one off designs and placing and sealing images in lockets and memory balls but I know in my heart that my time of giving and doing this work is running out 

Love and light 



Anonymous said...

Sue I am so sad to read this. However I think you have probably helped so many people during the last 7 years that now you deserve to take some time for yourself. Thank you so much for making my beautiful lockets. I will treasure them forever and always remember you for being so kind and compassionate. Good luck for the future. Love and hugs, Sandra (UK)

Sue said...

Thank you Sandra, I have been winding down for a while now spending more and more time away with my husbands and my business renovating etc and I really do not have the time to spend as I should doing this. I will still make jewellery until I have to finish totally but for now some lines and services will have to go, I just cannot give them my full attention and that is not fair on families. Hugs xx

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