Using a Locket you already have

Using a Locket you already have 

Quite often when a loved one passes someone close to you may buy a locket for you to hold special photos or as it was thoughout the History of Lockets to hold hair or Ashes.

Sadly as special as these lockets are to families they find it difficult to impossible to fit and seal images themselves. Even more difficult is to seal in ashes or hair

I do understand that these locket are very special and hold sentimental value and in a lot of cases I can fill and seal these for you

What you will need to do is email me a photo of the front of the locket and in some cases the inside of the locket open. From these emailed images I will be able to assess and tell you what is possible for this locket. In some cases it may be that that lockets is only suitable to be sealed so that it can not be opened yet the precious contents is safe inside. In other cases the locket my be perfectly suitable to hold images with ashes or hair inside and also still be able to be opened. If this is the case look back at this blog post for locket ideas for your locket 

The sealing of lockets is quite difficult and I wish it as a perfect science. I have been sealing lockets for over 5 years now and oh how I wish it worked first time everytime.

If you have a locket that holds sesentimental value and you would like it sealed to honour a loved one just email me 

Email me ideas of what you would like alone with a photo of your locket and we can go from there. If I am going to work with your locket you will need to register post the locket to me 

Sue-Ella Signatures
P O Box 122
Jimboomba Q 4280

The cost of filling and sealing your locket will depend on what you would like inside and how many images you would like, whether you would like the locket to still open or not

Prices for sealing and personalizing you current locket will start at $70

 Sterling silver lockets are generaly easier to fill and seal 

 Gold lockets can be more difficult to seal, just email me an image of yours 

 My Grandmothers locket passed down to me and something that holds great sentimental value to me 

I placed inside this very old and very special locket an image of my Grandmother. Now sealed nice and safe 

For any questions of how to use a locket you have just email me a photo of you locket and and idea of what you would like inside 



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