Freight Information and Charges

Freight Information and Charges 
Yes I deliver world wide and have sent meaningful jewellery to most parts of the world, it even surprises me sometimes the destinations
 As Pal Pal only allows one option for freight I have it set at average regular international prices and regular express within Australia prices. Once you place your order you will be given the option by me via email to pay for the safer registered post if you choose to. 
All postage times are also based on from the date of postage. Your personalized jewellery will take time for me to create and I will keep you updated via email as it goes and when it is posted  
Postage to Me
The procedure for posting ashes or hair to me is best to have a small portion in a plastic zip lock bag. Please have a family member or trusted friend do this for you if you are unable to do it yourself. 
Then register post to me as it is safest,as it can be tracked and has to be signed for .
Post to 
Sue-Ella Signatures
P O Box122
Jimboomba Qld 4280

Return Freight Charges
For Postage within Australia I like to send platinum express at a cost of  $15 this is overnight to most parts of Australia and has to be signed for and is track-able and by far the safest way for your precious jewellery to travel and can carry insurance by Australia post if not delivered 
You can also choose for your jewellery to go at the cheaper $11 plain express freight this is also to most areas an overnight service however the parcel is not signed for so if the jewellery goes missing I can not be help responsible for it as Aust Post will not insure this form of freight as it is not singed for. Or normal parcel post untracked and unsigned for is $8 again if you chose this option I can not be responsible for the item if Aust Post does not deliver the item to you 

International Freight Charges 
Below is average times for delivery as it may depend on customs wanting to open your parcel and have a look. There is nothing I can do about this and it is just part of buying things from overseas. Customs can hold it up by about 5 days and happens very rarely but you must be made aware of this. The times will vary the closer you are to Australia say in New Zealand your frieght will be a little quicker if you are in Canada then of all the country's I have delivered to you will be the slowest, The Canadians know this to be true and always agree with me with the slow postal service they have so I hope I have not offended any of my Canadian friends 
More information regarding International freight as mentioned Customs may choose to inspect your item and I have not control over this. Also parcels going into some countries may be held by Customs, the ingoing countries Government or Post Office for collection of Taxes. These are set by each country and I have no control over this so please be aware of any taxes your country may have on incoming goods from overseas prior to ordering.

Times and costs international 
Regular international freight $15 takes two weeks can not be tracked and is not singed for, if you chose this option of freight I am sorry I can not be responsible for replacement of jewellery if it is not delivered 
Registered International Freight $30 takes two weeks can be tracked and has to be singed for and we can claim against Aust Post insurance if Jewellery in not delivered or signed for 
Express International Courier $75 and takes from 5 to 10 days  can be tracked and has to be singed for and we can claim against Aust Post insurance if Jewellery in not delivered or signed for 
Many other questions you may have may be answered with in the pages and posts of this blog or at 

NB:In recent months I have had issues with the international freight been caught in customs as it seems the express couriers all must be checked. These hold ups often cause the "express" to now take longer than regular registered International. Just adding this note if you are considering the what was once express service and now I feel is not worth the money but it is up to you the customer to decided 
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